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Weekly Sale Item: Infraction Label

We’re having a BIG sale this week on more than twenty of our INFRACTION titles! Some items have been discounted by as much as six dollars, so grab ‘em before the prices go back up after October 19th!

Zimiamvian Night – Zimiamvian Night 2  $8.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Milieu – Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars
$8.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Beautumn – Northing
$9.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Beequeen – Music for the Head Ballet
$11.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Andrew Liles – New York Doll (2CD)
$11.99 (marked down from $17.99)

Ultra Milkmaids & Aidan Baker – At home with…
$7.99 (marked down from $12.99)

Koda – Movements $10.99 (marked down from $12.99)

Andrew Liles – All Closed Doors
$8.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Zammuto – Solutiore of Stareau: Disc One
$5.99 (marked down from $9.99)

Kiln – Thermals $10.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Adam Pacione – From Stills to Motion
$8.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Northern – Drawn
$8.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Aloof Proof – Piano Text
$8.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Celer – Discourses of the Withered $8.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Celer – The Everything and the Nothing
$11.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Alio Die & Aglaia – Private History of the Clouds
$12.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Parks – Hidden
$12.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Eluder – The Most Beautiful Blue
$8.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Loren Dent – Anthropology Vol. 1
$8.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Concert Silence
$8.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Concert Silence – Rain Furniture $8.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Ben Fleury-Steiner – Keep a Weather Eye Open
$11.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Celer – Salvaged Violets (2CD)
$7.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Capricornus – Halation $6.99 (marked down from $11.99)

Monos – Age and Transformation / Aged and Transformed (2CD) $11.99 (marked down from $17.99)

Weekly Sale Item – Greytone Label

This week we’ve got some Greytone items on sale for just $5.99 each though October 12th!

SantAAgostino – Operazione Paura

“Operazione Paura is a total turning not just for the band but for dark, ambient music and noise, generally speaking. That’s because santAAgostino is like a meteor crashed onto the Earth disarranging all the balances, rhythmes and cycles. After the crash the planet seems to be perished but, in the inner part, the new fire of life is burning. A brand new energy developed in a new way of living, of thinking and being. Operazione Paura speaks of the filmic and horrorific fear, mind trap “to kill” atavistic thoughts and all those mental factors that trapped the man into a selfmade cage in his own mind, through the mind itself. Operazione Paura is an awl that, slowly but inexorably, drives the listener to a dimension where there is no thought, no images, no more conceptualizing, nothing still exhists: there is just a huge solitary desert now, where sounds spontaneously flow creating new monster beyond space and time. It’s a place where new divine dynasties born, spreading their seed, in order to bear a brand new reign far from the borders that we can’t even imagine.”

-Greytone Records

Trama afonA – Trama afonA

trama afonA

“Trama afonA is gathering suggestions from the contemporary quotidian theatre and at the same time from the past, namely the 19th and early 20th centuries. Paying particular attention to the individual and specific human stories, rather than to History… Focusing on what happens behind the scenes, aside, beneath. Subjects and dynamics less showy, blurred, but not consequently less interesting or worth caring. Opening doors and drawers using the sole curiosity as tool, walking backwards the traces of memory, wandering amid shades and details given by mystery, decadence, abandon, romanticism… Carefully delving into psychological dynamics. Openly denouncing the social plagues, but often humbly providing just visual and sound suggestions.”

-Greytone Records

Taphephobia – Access to a World of Pain


“The music Taphephobia makes is mostly based on manipulated guitars (except house of memories that is mostly based on sounds). Taphephobia try to get out the feelings he has at the moment when Ketil compose the music. The idea is to create a atmosphere that is sometimes scary, and sometimes beautiful, like for example a good thriller drama movie. Taphephobia is very skilled to create a cinematic atmosphere combined with personal feelings like fear, hope, hate, regrets etc… The main goal is to make the listener able to dream away with the music.”

-Greytone Records

Moljebka Pvlse – Zojo


“The Moljebka Pvlse album Zojo was recorded during the Mathias studies at the Royal Institute of Art. He was inspired by the longest night of the year in Stockholm, the day when there is almost no daylight. His ambition was to make an acoustic album of minimal music without any musical instruments. Moljebka Pvlse setup long nylon strings across his entire studio at school, which he then plucked and bowed and recorded with his favorite contact microphones on that very night. These recordings became the fundament of the album and set the tone for the rest of the work.”

-Greytone Records

Check out the Greytone section of the Hypnos store for this week’s sale items.

Weekly Sale Item: Waterscape

This week we’re putting our Waterscape items on sale – a few regular-sized CDs, plus a bunch of very limited-release minis, just for fun! We’ve price cut the regular CDs to $5.99 and the minis to just $2.99 through October 6th, so follow the links to the Hypnos online store for some major bargains!

Aidan Baker & Jakob Thiesen – A Bout De Souffle (ltd. cd)
“A Bout De Souffle is a 54 min Collaboration between Aidan Baker (who is also known as Nadja together with Leah Buckareff) and Percussionist Jakob Thiesen (who recently joined baker live on stage to play live drums). Aidan baker is famous for his experimental guitar music. This time things are a bit different. You wont find the typical Aidan Baker drone stuff here, but instead both men created an incredible journey through the fields of krautrock, Psychedelic and drone music. The Percussion of Jakob Thiesen adds a certain deepness to Bakers guitar explorations were he also uses bass and acoustic guitar to build an mind blowing album full of surprises and wonderful melodies.” -Waterscape Records

Sean Reardon – A Collection of Origins (ltd. cd)

“A shimmering and glitchy mix of guitar manipulations made between 2007 and 2008.”    -Waterscape Records

Peter Wright – Burning a Hole in the Sun (ltd. 3″ mini-cdr)

hole in sun
“Peter Wright should not be a stranger for those who are into guitar drone music. So its my pleasure to bring you his newest release as a 3″ cd-r. Burning A Hole In The Sun is not what you expect, when you read Peter’s Name. This one is far away from beeing soft and cuddly. Instead, its a slowly progressing guitar drone that starts low in volume and ends on the other side of the peak meter. Really noisy and aggressive stuff on this release. Highly recommended.” -Waterscape Records

Apalusa – Live from the Dry Valley’s (ltd. 3″ mini-cdr)

dry valley's
“Live From The Dry Valley’s is an almost 19 minute long guitar drone. Starting really slow just to catch your attention while it is building more and more until it reaches the climax which is a wonderful mesmerising layer of guitar tones with tremolo effect on it. In some way this could be compared to Fear Falls Burning, just with the exception, that Apalusa is hiking on the bright and warm side of the mighy guitar drone. Highly recommended to all lovers of the guitar drone” -Waterscape Records

True Colour of Blood – The Cave of Knowlege (ltd. 3″ mini-cdr)

“Eric Kesner is the man behind True Colour of Blood. The Cave of Knowledge is a 22 min drone. Kestner perfectly combines dark ambient moments with minutes of pure clarity. Like most of the Waterscape releases this is a pure blessing for headphone trips into a world of shimmering guitar drones and ambient soundscapes.” – Waterscape Records

Jason Sloan – Static (ltd. 3″ mini-cdr)

“STATIC is a 22 min piece that is divided into two movements. The first is comprised of mostly organ sounds with a small amount of guitar, and the second is guitar only, which builds eventually into a wall of pure sound. One may be heavily reminded of Steve Roach’s approach to space music. Highly recommended for space music fans and fans of shoegaze.

-Waterscape Records

Weekly Sale Item: Periphery

Hi all, this week we’ve got some Periphery items for you, and we’ve knocked four whole dollars off the regular price through September 28th!

First up is “Polychromatic Integers” by Richard Lainhart:


“Archival, unreleased gems culled from Richard Lainhart’s prototypical late 80s phase, a continuation and summation of the varied modes of digital expression first actualized on his remarkable debut These Last Days, veering between wayward guitar mesmerics and drone existentialism to offworld tribal process music.”


Next up is The Electric Golem’s “Sky Snails”:


“Sophomore effort by the duo of James Spitznagel (visual and audio artist, owner of the Level Green imprint) and Trevor Pinch (Analog Days author, professor, and Moog devoteé), incorporeal soundsculpting arising from the collision of knob and touchscreen.”


And lastly, we have “Home Patterning,” a One Thousand Pulses Compendium:


“OTP’s first compilation, Home Patterning, highlights some of the series’ finest moments, extracted from a year-and-a-half of unique and special performances. Includes tracks by Robert Rich, Malcolm Cecil & The Electric Golem, Rapoon, Eraldo Bernocchi, Chuck Van Zyl, Tim Motzer, Kevin Kissinger, and more.”

Follow the links to the Hypnos online store for some great bargains!

Weekly Sale Item: Faria

This week we’re putting our entire Faria category on sale through September 21st, and we’ve price cut some items by as much as five dollars! Follow the link to the Faria section of the online store to find artists like Oophoi, Robert Rich, Faryus, Aglaia, and many more, but hurry – some titles are in extremely limited supply!