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Weekly Sale Item: Seed

We’ve got another great sale item for you this week, Ma Ja Le and James Johnson’s wonderful collaboration, “Seed,” low-priced at just $5.99 through March 2nd.


A sonic melding of the minimalist overtones and organic synth work of James Johnson & the ethno-tribal-atmospheric sounds of ambient duo Ma Ja Le. The sonic tapestry is as lush, emotive and transportive as it gets. A Spiraling journey to the deepest depths of ethereal ambience and back.


“This is a stunning collaboration by three of the most gifted artists in the ambient genre, Christopher Short, Paul Vnuk Jr.,and James Johnson. Together with one vision they have created a sound world of rich textures and beauty that transports the listener to a different space and time. The sound flows effortlessly as the interplay between these artists conjures up the concept of all life originating from some type of seed. The production on this disc is awesome with a perfect balance ,blending guitar ,synthesizer ,percussion,flute, piano,effects and much more into a magical sonic garden. Yaquona [part 1] sets the stage with a swirling introduction, a collage of synth, guitartronics, percussion and effects. A tribal rhythm starts and marks the smooth transition into Yaquona [Part 2], a stately procession of intriguing sound. Up next is “Methane Sea”, eighteen minutes of beautiful flowing and drifting chords,with some nice guitar. Some snaky flute sounds and percussion entice the listener into the next track, the slightly oriental sounding and intoxicating “Outside In”. The fifth track “Hibiscus Ceremony” features some lovely piano work by James Johnson. Finally the last track “Seed” takes the listener on a long voyage through distant galaxies to the ends of time.

This is one of the very best ambient works and is highly recommended! It is space music of the highest order and a must for any electronic music lover’s collection. Hypnos Recordings has added another masterpiece to it’s catalog of high quality ambient releases.” –Dodds Wiley

“Seed is such an amazing recording. I have never heard anything like it by anyone… ever. This is the newest sounding “ambient” recording I have heard in many years. Just delightful, mysterious, straight ahead at times, and a great depth.” –John Pemble, Sonic Flow, KTPR radio


Weekly Sale Item: Thermal Transfer

This week’s sale item, Vir Unis & Saul Stokes’ “Thermal Transfer” from our Binary sublabel, is low-priced at just $5.99 through February 23rd.

The third Binary release, first ever collaboration between Vir Unis and Stokes, THERMAL TRANSFER is also the most uptempo, high energy recording yet released by Hypnos or its related labels. In fact, truth be told, this recording is the very reason that the Binary label was created — so Hypnos could bring you excellent electronic music, even if the style in question was too “hyperactive” for the Hypnos label.

“I have to say Thermal Transfer now is one of my favorite hypnos family releases. Very cool production and a very nice synthesis/blending of the pair’s (Vir Unis & Saul Stokes) individual styles. Recomended!” –Dave Fulton (Hypnos and Binary artist, member of Dweller at the Threshold)

Listen to MP3 clips and purchase HERE.

Weekly Sale Item: New Eyes on the Universe

Our sale item for this week is Dave Tollefson’s “New Eyes on the Universe,” available for the extremely low price of just $4.99 through February 16th.


Debut recording by half of Hypnos Recordings duo Viridian Sun. Tollefson explores the use of treated electric guitar as a sound source for unusual ambient textures and rich sonic atmospheres.

“Extremely high quality guitar ambience from one half of Portland’s Viridian Sun, David Tollefson. ‘Empyrean’ has a tentative, threatening air, a kind of looped and progressively virulent agitation that fades away before possible violence; ‘Phase (Travel)’ is a somber, swirling ride through the Milky Way; the title track also cruises the heavens, the intermittent subterranean machinery pulse of the engines drawing focus from the stars to the tenuous confines of the space ship; ‘Painted Sky’ has an anxious, subdued turbulence quality–Van Gogh’s Starry Night (on Mars). My favorite track, ‘Palomar,’ flows from dark crystals reverberating by sunlight, to winking stars shimmering by moonlight, to clouds of lightly distorted, ominous radiance that pass in front of both–an amazingly textured stream of consciousness journey that holds within it’s multifaceted layers: wariness and wonder, caution and awe. What really makes this work is the use of the guitar as a conduit for David’s broad sonic trek through the heavens, through the deceptively gentle, seemingly familiar, to the subtly unearthly; in that respect, there are only a few moments on this disc where it is noticeably a guitar creating the music. Not unlike Maeror Tri, though the songs are shorter, more compact. Well worth your attention!”
–John C. Smith / Outburn Magazine

“An exquisite collection of moody, minimal and very effective pieces, beautifully sequenced and with the right pace of movement and choice of soundcolors. Excellent.”
–Vidna Obmana


Weekly Sale Item: Opium – Algorithms

Here’s our latest sale item of the week, specially priced at $8.99 (marked down from $13.99) though February 9th.


A stunning offering by Opium. Classically elegant and extremely refined ambient music. Multi-dimensional sounds that are warm and enveloping. An emotional travelogue, starting dramatically, then taking the listener down a slower path, comfortably easing you into a long and fascinating sonic trip, where the sounds grow wide and large, and finally crumble inward, then regenerate, returning for another phase. A new sonic alchemy, and an entirely new world of soothing sounds for the adventurous listener to visit.


Weekly Sale Items From First Fallen Star

This week’s sale includes four items from the “First Fallen Star” label, which we’ve marked down from $12.99 to just $7.99 through February 2nd. Grab ‘em while supplies last!

Forged in 2009, First Fallen Star’s focus is to release music on the dark end of the ambient / experimental spectrum. That being said, the first sale item we have for you this week is:


Format: CD in a DVD case

“Karsten crafts desolate dark ambient sound structures, ornamented by sampled sounds and experimental textures. The end result of this process is an experience categorized perhaps too simply as dark ambient, though it more closely resembles a dark soundtrack to a movie, or to a life – as seen through the eyes of a stranger… Presented in a DVD case with professionally pressed CD and professionally printed artwork, limited to 1,000 copies. The first 500 copies are presented in a 2-disc DVD case with a professionally pressed bonus DVD (PAL format), also titled “Through the Eyes of a Stranger,” that takes the viewer on a visual journey of imagery used for live performances.” –First Fallen Star

“Hamre delivers with some of the best dark ambient soundscapes I’ve heard this year. The album is full of big, dark passages which purvey a mood not unlike walking through an endless field, moist after the rain, which is shrouded in dense fog and lit only by the soft glow of the unseen moon somewhere far overhead. Beyond the field you will travel through dungeons, withered ruins of antique castles, and perhaps even venture outside the terrestrial. The dark, subtly evolving drones are supplemented nicely with a plethora of distant sound effects and weird, almost uneasy textures; both of which help immensely to define atmosphere and take the listener to some place beyond this sphere.” — Dan Barrett/

Our next sale item is:


“Building upon a solid foundation of dark ambient, Dense Vision Shrine also employs sampled sounds and sparse rhythm to carefully design the listening experience of a realm where time itself has stopped, of a blackened voyage into oblivion.

Presented in a DVD case with professionally pressed CD and professionally printed artwork, limited to 1,000 copies. The first 500 copies are presented in a 2 disc DVD case with a professionally pressed bonus DVD (PAL format), also titled “Time Lost in Oblivion,” that takes the viewer on a visual journey of imagery used for live performances.” –First Fallen Star

REVIEW:“The CD holds almost an hour’s worth of nature-inspired ambient with a darkened overtone – or vice versa. The music is calm and in a way very simple; the songs’ backgrounds are built from usual synth-ambience with a (industrial) neo-classical feel, but their amount of different layers and the good-quality source sounds make them very pleasing to the ear. The songs have a lot of variation between them, and they hold a surprising amount of content and vivid movement despite their peaceful outlook. Some are topped with field-recorded metal beats (either modified to form a rhythm or left as-is), some with softer industrial-beats, some have birds chirping, and so forth. The reversed sounds in “Through Fjords…” are a pleasingly eerie add, and the melody in “Through Eternity” that sounds like raindrops is just amazing. The thing that fascinates me the most with this album is its atmosphere. It has a really calm and even serene feel, but it’s constantly clouded by ominous, formless darkness that kept me wondering how I feel about it, and how I’m supposed to (from the artist’s perspective). “Time Lost in Oblivion” feels desolate and made me think about different kinds of abandoned or otherwise lifeless and quiet surroundings. Even so, the small glimmer of hope shines through the darkened void every now and then, keeping my thoughts from becoming monotone while listening to the album. It clearly has a lot to give.” –

Next up, we have:


“Intended to capture in sound the immense fear, but also the great hope, of those hiding indoors during this time, Innfallen offers their vision of the Catholic prophecy of “Three Days of Darkness.” Consisting of veteran Doyle Finley (of Invercauld) and talented newcomer Kevin Scala, Innfallen has composed a rich, illustrative tapestry of multi-layered soundscapes that is undeniably the soundtrack to this frightening prophecy.” –First Fallen Star

The album delivers on its promises, and you’re treated to a surprisingly precise and vivid portrayal of the events the music is trying to cover. Even without looking at titles, with just a brief knowledge of the concept, you’ll know with fair certainty which phase you’re in while listening. The artists never seem to drift away or allow themselves too much freedom on the narrative side of things. They’ve set out to depict a certain story from the get-go and they do it to the best of their ability – which is very well, I have to admit. It’s like an ecranisation of the story, but deprived of sensual qualities, focusing on the feeling itself. The listener is transposed into the story, and while not directly threatened, the experience of the events is very much first-hand. You’ll hear and feel the torrent of demons on a killing spree, the rampaging destructive forces of nature, the wailing muffled cries in the distance, and the sombre aftermath of it all, where the few left standing wander around in despair wondering if the returning light is salvation or just another form of punishment, showing them how little there’s left to scavenge of their world.” –

And finally:

outer gates

“Ambient and dark ambient soundscapes alike are deftly populated by neo-classical elements, occasionally with an experimental twist! There are no comparisons to other musicians or albums, as this album and the journey within are distinctly those of Mystified! Dare you join Thomas on his spiritual journey? Or do you fear to leave this world behind?”

Mystified`s “Passing Through the Outer Gates” is presented in an A5 digipak with silver foil-embossed lettering and a specially die-cut cover whose coffin-shaped hole reveals only a hint of the true album cover artwork underneath! Featuring David Demaret`s “Burning Souls” painting, with additional graphics and layout by Eclipse Media. –First Fallen Star

(Limited to 500 copies.)

“There are some genuinely interesting elements at play here: calm, dark, minimal drones, various melodic elements, and even some well-crafted tribal-esque percussion. Only some of the tracks contain beats, which is nice if you also enjoy more droning soundscapes. The melodic stuff is typically good as well; each track has some type of melody, whether it is a highly reverbed flute or distant synth line. I find that these melodies add a sad, cinematic and almost ancient/medieval tinge to the work, which I quite enjoy. Another positive aspect of this album is that it remains tranquil and serene throughout its duration, providing an enjoyable, relaxing listening experience through its shadowed corridors. –Dan Barrett/

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