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Weekly Sale Items: ARC, Under the Snow, Machinefabriek, etc.

This week we’re bringing you a bunch of extremely price-slashed items, and the low prices are good through January 17th or while supplies last!

Machinefabriek – Dubbeltjes
–Regularly $11.99, right now just $6.99


“This album from Machinefabriek is a collection of tracks released in small editions or in compilations so they were, in some sense, collector’s items. As he write in the press notes the “short playing time formats […] are great to work with” as he can “experiment with and to create really focused, cristalised pieces”. In fact, rather to be a classic compilation, full 3-inch cdr or 7″ are entirely included as they are constructed as a single piece developed in movements; however they are not constructed with a complex structure but with an almost ascetic economy of means so they sound like complex pop songs. The gentle guitar notes of “Huiswerk1″ introduce the listener in a sonic world where electronic is not a synonym for coldness while “Huiswerk2″ is subtler in his use of sparse noises. “Hilary” and “Jeffery” are focused on the manipulation of trombone’s recordings but, while the first is more drone oriented, the second depicts a quiet soundscape. “Ontrafelde Tonen 1″, “Ontrafelde Tonen 2″ and “Ontrafelde Tonen 3″ are mainly focused on voice and field recordings and they reveals a parallel between tones of the voices and the resonances of the recordings. “My Funny Valentine” and “Oh Doctor Jesus” are reinterpretation of jazz classic done with an almost romantic mood. “Ax” and “Eeuw” are soundscapes developed from loops and sparse notes. “Danse Des Loops” closes this release, as the title suggests, with rhythmic knits constructed by the loops and colored by samples.”

Listen to track 12 from this album: “Danse Des Loops” HERE.

Luigi Turra – Enso
–Regularly $11.99, right now just $6.99

“With Enso, Turra has conjured up an organic and contemplative three-track epic, that resonates on subsequent listenings. Infused with Japanese sonic architectures and rigorous reductionist principles, this is a deeply meditative world of gently plucked instruments, and faded atmospherics, peppered with closely focussed tinklings and crystalline shards to add texture. Best appreciated in a solitary environment, these restful pieces will bring calm to an engaged listener. Turra deploys the Japanese instrumentation of Enso with the deft production skills of Kinetix’s Gianluca Becuzzi, and there is a warm ambience to the three tracks, entitled, not surprisingly, Enso 01, 02, and 03. Turra fuses a delicate substrata of drifting tones with elegantly plucked and struck instrumentation, that is never overdriven, and devoid of unessentials. There are no grand, overblown statements here, rather a gracefully nuanced set of pieces, a work that is a striking debut for Small Voices.”

Ekhnatòn – Ricerca Italiana Semplice Numero Uno
–Regularly $11.99, right now just $6.99

“This compilation, originally released in 1984 as a vinyl LP by MULTIPLE CONFIGURATION in collaboration with the legendary ADN label, is finally available again in a completely remastered CD version. “Ekhnaton” collects tracks recorded by the most daring and remarkable bands that were active in the experimental Italian scene during those years. “Simple Italian Research Vol. 1″ was (and still is) the subtitle of an album that includes two tracks from each of the following bands: Maze 1066, Tasaday (whose “Implosione tra le pieghe dell’anima” has recently been reissued by Silentes), Evitaxal – an alias for Roberto Marinelli, also active as Laxative Souls – and the more well-known and active TAC (TOMOGRAFIA ASSIALE COMPUTERIZZATA). Through a valuable and accurate restoration, we’re glad to make available again an unmissable view on the first intuitions and the experimental methodologies that shaped their times, leaving a permanent mark – in Italy and abroad – on the following generations.”


Under The Snow – The Other Room
–Regularly $11.99, right now just $5.99

“Seven ‘rooms’ described through the visual essence of sober and linear photographic black and white images, and through sonorities based on whispered and discrete synthesis, often bordering on silence, violated by occasional harshness, chimes of plucked strings, hissings, cracklings, electrical tensions, gurgles and digital creaks. An intimate and introspective path, through long and deserted corridors, entering spacious and bright rooms surrounded by white large walls, walking on reflective polished floors, cold and aseptic just like the sounds that Gianluca Favaron and Stefano Gentile chose to fill with vibrations of their spaces and architectural forms. Ltd x 300 hand-numbered copies in an outsize 6-panel sleeve, including a unique slide with each copy.”

Listen to the title track from this album HERE.

ARC – Glassine 1
–Regularly $11.99, right now just $6.99

“ARC formed in 2000 at a performance at The Ambient Ping, Toronto’s long-running live experimental music series. ARC’s sound is centered on the melodic loops, texture, and samples provided by heavily effected guitar and other melodic instruments. This is overlaid with tribal rhythms made by various percussive instruments; drum kit, djembe, tabla, wood blocks, and more. With this combination, the trio creates a roiling tapestry of psychedelic drone music simultaneously prim(ev)al and avant-garde.”

Fabio Orsi &Valerio Cosi – We Could For Hours
–Regularly $11.99, right now just $6.99

“‘We Could For Hours’ is the first collaboration album between these two Italian musicians. Here, Fabio ORSI – old keyboards, organs, laptop, old samples – and Valerio COSI – saxoloop, synths, electronics, electric guitar, harp, radio – offer four long instrumental tracks of relaxating ambient music, evolutive, rich in sounds and atmospheres, full of catching melodies,…. a very nice album of ambient music, housed in a textured digifile.”

Listen to Part One of the title track from this album HERE.

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Weekly Sale Item: Storewide Holiday Sale

Hey everyone,
It’s that time of year again, so we’re having our storewide holiday sale! We’re offering two coupons, one for 10% off any size order and one for 15% off any order over $100. Both coupons will be good through December 31st, so visit the HYPNOS ONLINE STORE soon for some really great bargains!

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15DEC10 – 10% off any size order

15DEC15 – 15% off any order over $100

Weekly Sale Item: Various Artists – Mark Mahoney, Dave Fulton, Relapxych.O, etc.

This week we’ve deeply discounted some items by various artists, and the extremely low prices will be good through December 13th or while supplies last!

Wicked Messenger – Dreamer | Redeemer

“‘Dreamer|Redeemer’ is a continuation and a further development of what has been achieved with ‘Officium Nocturnum': an exploration of the realms where the within and the without coincide. The album consists of two movements and an interlude.”

Bai Tian/Relapxych.O/The Loop Orchestra/Shizi – Ya Ji 1
bai tan

Ya: Elegant, gentle, refined. Ji: Meeting, party, gathering. Ya Ji: A gentle meeting of music, art and intellect.

CD comes in an envelope sleeve, with a 4-part foldout paper insert inside with information about all tracks and participants, written in both English and Chinese.

Objekt4 – Her Face Among the Shadows –$4.99

“Anders Peterson offers an interesting take on the dark ambient genre with Her Face Among The Shadows, an Objekt4 release on the Czechoslovakian label, Ravenheart. Peterson takes equal parts Cold Meat Industry-style fascination with haunted factories and Eno-esque washes of ambient drift to make a record that certainly isn’t cheery in its ambient texture, but it isn’t filled with oppressive darkness either.

“Seclusion” shuffles along like a insomniac monk with bells and chimes in his pockets. In the cold stone hallways, the echo of his sandals is a shuffling rhythm, and the minute clatter of the metal in his pockets is both cacophonous and phantasmal. “Among the Shadows” wanders down a dark path, one very much haunted by the sort of insane asylum ghosts you’d find on a Atrium Carceri or a Lithivm record, complete with spectral winds, rattling chains and ominous gusts of sound that can’t be the sound of anything friendly. “Her Face” strays into the light, adopting a downtempo beat, but there is an infection in the beats that causes them to trip and tumble, lending a sickly stumble to the rhythms.

A dark-hop breakdown summons “Foreverneverendeverend,” a looping drone of synthetic noises that moves like a squall line on the horizon. Thunder rhythms ebb and flow within the dark veil of clouds. A human spirit haunts “She Elven,” where a woman’s voice floats in the mix, wordlessly calling to us through a miasma of industrial exhaust; while “Nowhere Everywhere” rises with the break of day, a delicate thermal updraft that starts to uncurl heretofore frozen melodies into faint streams.

Objekt 4’s dark ambience further texturizes the shades of grey that exist between the terror of complete darkness and the new age ephemera of daylight. Her Face Among The Shadows is a walk in the gloom, but there are breaks of sunlight.”
–Reviewed by

Lustmord – [OTHER DUB]

“Dub Remix EP of the LUSTMORD album [ O T H E R ] Featuring Adam Jones of Tool. Total Length: 40:12″

Mark Mahoney & M. Peck – Imprint

Incorporating both analog and digital synthesizers, software based instruments and theremin Mahoney and Peck weave deep space and dark ambient soundscapes to sculpt austere visions derived from sound.

Mark Mahoney and Michael Peck have compiled tracks from their live performances of 2005. It would be hard to pigeon hole the genre of music that these artists produce. A Mahoney and Peck performance takes the listener through a journey with many twists and turns. An uplifting melodic theme may slowly evolve into an abstract and dark world of strange sounds and textures, only to evolve again into a soft heavenly melodic theme.

Mahoney and Peck have performed twice on Chuck van Zyl’s radio show, Stars End. They have also performed at the Electro-Music 2005, 2006, and 2007 festivals in Philadelphia as well as the Midwest Electronic Music Symposium (MEMS) in Indianapolis. They have received many positive reviews of their solo work and their previous project, The Amaranth Signal.

Relapxych.0 – City Nightlights
city nightlights

“‘City Nightlights’ was built upon field recordings from areas around Stockholm central station, Stadshuskajen, Riddarholmen, Tegelbacken and some abandoned and architecturally left-behind areas under and beneath the main central station, imbuing the six tracks with a tangible spectral presence and greatly enhances their organically drifting nature.”

relapxych.O – Ripples on the Surface of Time & Space / Last Industrial Estate Vol. 1
last estae 1

(Split album)

Pt. 1 relapxych.O – Ripples on the Surface of Time and Space

Pt. 2 Last Industrial Estate – Last Industrial Estates Vol. 1

Moljebka Pvlse – Zojo –$5.99

“The Moljebka Pvlse album Zojo was recorded during the Mathias studies at the Royal Institute of Art. He was inspired by the longest night of the year in Stockholm, the day when there is almost no daylight. His ambition was to make an acoustic album of minimal music without any musical instruments. Moljebka Pvlse setup long nylon strings across his entire studio at school, which he then plucked and bowed and recorded with his favorite contact microphones on that very night. These recordings became the fundament of the album and set the tone for the rest of the work.”

-Greytone Records

Dave Fulton & Giles Reaves – The Range
the range

Dave and Giles met at the Different Skies festival at Arizona’s Arcosanti. The two of them hit it off musically and after nearly 4 years of hard work the CD “The Range” was the result. Why did it take 4 years? The answer is as complex as the feelings behind the music. First there was distance, then life. Many of the songs were written during periods of emotional exile, pain and just general muck. Distance provided an interesting fodder for collaboration. Songs would start off as single cells and fly back and forth over the internet until they had grown into complex organisms. The ability to let go of pre-concieved outcomes allowed the true spirit of collaboration to fertilize the ideas. A decision was made from the start to allow any instrument, tool and any feeling to propel the song. The duo’s ability to deal with the technical aspects of a long distance collaboration helped immensely but soon it became necessary to meet again and finish the recordings. In the summer of 2007 life allowed the basic overdubs to be completed in Salt Lake City. Then long distance mixing began. The result is a rich but cohesive collection of songs that range from ambient to progressive rock, and incorporate influences from tribal to electronica to new age.

Description by Chuck VanZyl, Star’s End radio host (WXPN):
“American Electronic Musicians Dave Fulton & Giles Reaves, make their East-Coast concert debut in Philadelphia within the remarkable setting of St. Mary’s Hamilton Village on 21 April 2007 as part of The Gatherings Concert Series. Local spacemusic duo Orbital Decay will open.

Giles Reaves has to his credit several influential albums of innovative electronic music, including the genre defining “Wunjo”. Dreamy, trance-inducing melodic textures figure prominently in his music.

Part mad scientist, part sonic visionary, Dave Fulton’s command of the many custom designed electronics at his disposal is formidable. Currently playing in two underground rock bands, Fulton filters this activity through his years of experience with the Berlin-School inspired ensemble Dweller at the Threshold to realize a new and unique music.

“The Range”, the debut release by The Fulton/Reaves Project, is a diverse but cohesive collection of songs that range from Ambient to Progressive Rock, and incorporate influences from Tribal to Electronica to New Age.”

Faryus and Vadim Bondarenko – Quiet Songs from Misty Places –$5.99

“Frail and delicate ambient atmospheres, clusters of rarefied piano notes lying on discreet drones, soft and evanescent clarinet riffs, suggesting and catching natural sounds… Light and ethereal pastel-colored musical plots… Eight tracks, one hour of suspended and quiet sonic passages.” -Silentes