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Hello Again!

It’s been months since we’ve updated this News page, and longer than that since we’ve sent an electronic newsletter. Though the Hypnos Soundswim store has remained open and processing orders, we’ve been quiet.

We’re ready to start getting busy again!

When we left off, GDPR was just becoming a thing. Our newsletter signup page has been updated to be compliant for anybody who signed up from mid-2018 onward. If you became part of our electronic newsletter mailing list before that, you can read our Privacy Policy below, and if you like, easily unsubscribe by following a link at the bottom of any of our newsletter emails.

We’ll have more interesting news, such as sale items on the store, and information about upcoming Hypnos CD releases, very soon.


Hypnos and Soundswim Privacy Policy.

  • We never share your data with outside parties! It is used solely by us.
  • We only use your information to send you these newsletters, or to share information about your CD order if you’ve placed an order.
  • We comply, and will continue to comply, with all relevant and current privacy laws.
  • We will make sure it’s easy for people to unsubscribe if they wish not to be contacted in the future.

Hypnos/Soundswim Update

Hello all,

Just wanted to post an announcement informing everyone that the old Hypnos online store is now officially closed for business, at the same time our new Hypnos/Soundswim store SOUNDSWIM.COM is officially up and running!


We’re very excited! This will allow us to now focus all our attention to building up our new SoundSwim store, adding new items (after the inventory at the old store had been “on hold” pending the move for so long). Soon we’ll be bringing you cool new music and great bargains.

Be sure to watch this space for further announcements!

The New Hypnos Store and Special Discounts

When Hypnos first launched an online store almost 20 years ago, we used a shopping cart software called Miva Merchant which we’ve continued using until now. We’re finally ready to launch our new online store utilizing a new software platform, and stored on a separate internet domain.


During a transitional period, we will be leaving the old Hypnos store active, gradually moving items over to the new store and deleting them from the old store. Along the way, there will be times when some items or categories are available on both stores. You’re welcome to order from one or the other, but please be aware that we will be actively deleting things from the old store, so something might be available one minute and gone the next.

The old Hypnos store carried a stock of up to 2,000 items in the past, and we’re looking to not only give the store a nice facelift with improved technology, but also to start carrying a more narrowly focused catalog of items, more like 500 items. For this reason, not every artist, label or CD we previously carried will be moved over to the new store.

To give additional incentives for our customers to help us close out selected stock from the old store, we’re offering these coupon codes for the old Hypnos store.

CODE: 15PCTOFFANY (15% off any size order)

CODE: 25PCTOFF100 (25% off any order over $100)

CODE: 35PCTOFF250 (35% off any order over $250)

These coupon codes are all good through the end of the year, and can be used as many times as you like during that time, though the old Hypnos store will almost certainly be shut down before then!

Again, you are welcome to order at the new or the old store at any time, and many of our newest items have been added only at the new SoundSwim store. Unfortunately we are not able to allow you add items from the new store to orders on the old store, or vice versa. Coupon offers from one store do not apply to the other, and remember, items will be removed from the old store wihout further notice.

We sincerely thank you for two decades of past support through our old Hypnos Online Store! Now, we look forward to continuing to serve the ambient music community for many years to come using our store, and now that it is fully open, we will get back to more actively curating items to offer for sale.

Some News and an Announcement

Hello all,

We’ve been planning for quite a while to switch our online store to a new platform, and that move is finally happening this week! The old Miva Merchant shopping cart software did the job over the past eighteen or so years, but we’re excited to be moving to something more modern and intuitive for our customers.

This week we’ll be moving the majority of our items and categories to the new store, and once it’s activated, we’ll let everyone know. Some of the items we don’t intend to move will remain on in the old store at deep, blow-out discounts.

Once the new storefront is up and running, we’ll resume our weekly sales, and we’ll also resume bringing in new CDs, something we’ve had on hold for quite a while as we relocated our physical headquarters across town. The transition will be a gradual one, and we’ll keep everyone informed of the incremental steps along the way until we’re completely shifted over to the new store, and the old store is shut down.

We’re excited to be completely rebuilding a new online shopping operation from the ground up, and look forward to a more streamlined, user-friendly and functional Hypnos store! And, as always, we thank you for your continued patience and support as we tackle this next big project.

Moving Update

Hello everyone,

After a few months of being stuck in moving limbo, we’ve nearly completed our big relocation and are finally getting settled into our brand new Hypnos headquarters! Our deepest apologies to anyone who’s been stuck waiting for an order this past week while we’ve been in transition, we’ll be getting them sent out to you ASAP. We’ll also be getting back to our weekly sales and special offers again starting next week, so check back soon for details!

We want to thank everyone who’s stuck around and checked in on us during this turbulent time, and we promise that everything will be back to regular business very soon!

-Mike & Lena