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Giveaway Winner!

Hey everybody,

Our CD giveaway winner is DAVE GOFF. Congrats, Dave! Shoot us an email with your address to:, and we’ll get your prize in the mail for you.

Thanks to everyone who entered, stay tuned for more contests and other interesting stuff!


Hypnos Contest – Win a Free CD!

Hey everybody, Lena here!

To celebrate my promotion, I thought I’d do a little giveaway contest, so here we go:

“Like” us on Facebook (just click on the Facebook icon here to go to our page) and share this post to your wall to have a chance to win our latest Hypnos release, the beautiful reissue of Robert Rich’s “Trances and Drones.”

tran and dron

Robert Rich – Trances & Drones (2CD)
2013. Hypnos is pleased to collaborate with Robert Rich on this deluxe reissue of Rich’s out of print classic ambient drone work.

Originally released on cassette individually three decades ago, Trances and Drones were later released together on double-CD by Extreme (1994) and Release (2000). Our new edition, designed to be the ultimate archival version of an essential ambient/drone classic, includes a beautiful 6-panel digipak with 8-page full-color booklet insert.

See more and listen to MP3 clips here.

OR, if you’d rather have a different item, you can choose from any of our digipak CDs, (scroll down here to see our ten digipak releases.)

If you’re not on Facebook and would still like to participate, just leave a comment on the blog, and I’ll add your name to our random drawing.

The contest goes through today (Friday, October 18th), and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow, (Saturday, October 19th.)

Thanks for participating, and best of luck!



Hi there! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Lena Griffin, wife of Mike and packager of your CD orders for the past seven years. Up until now, I’ve just been Mike’s behind-the-scenes assistant, taking care of things like the mail order and online store. However, Mike and I have decided that it’s time for me to step up and take over managing more of the business, so you’ll now be seeing me around more often. I have lots of exciting ideas and plans for the future of Hypnos that will hopefully keep you all interested and entertained, and I can’t wait to get started. Stay tuned!


Photo on 10-15-13 at 4.28 PM #4


So far, all news updates and blog entries here have been written by me — that is, Hypnos founder Mike Griffin. Much of the work of actually running Hypnos, including the handling of mail orders, and adding new CDs to our store, is handled by my wife, Lena Griffin.

We’re going to start involving Lena in even more important functions, first of which will be the posting of updates to this blog. In the past, blog entries here said they were posted by the blog user “hypnos” which was the only login we used.

Now, to differentiate blog posts by myself and by Lena, we’ve created two new user logins. At the bottom of each post, you’ll see “Written by mgriffin” or “Written by lenagriffin” to tell you which is which. This should enable more frequent updates to the blog. We’re also going to get Lena more involved in special deals and offers on the Hypnos Online Store, as well as other activities behind the scenes.

I’ll still be very involved with Hypnos, especially in getting new CDs ready to release, but more and more we realize important things aren’t getting done when they should because of how busy I am. Lena will do a much better job taking care of business!

Reminder About Closeout Sales

We’re running out of more and more items in our store, particularly items in our CLOSEOUT section. Yesterday, we sold our last copies of ten different CDs. We do remove items from stock as they sell out, so if you see something listed in the store there’s a 99% chance that it’s in stock.

Sometimes, though, we have only a single copy left of something, and two or three people order it within a few hours. In a case like that, we have to give the last remaining copy to the first order that arrived, and let the other person or people know that we don’t have any copies left. Of course we refund their money, but they’re disappointed.

This is just another reminder that the point of our CLOSEOUT sale is to get rid of all remaining stock of these items. Some may be restocked in the future (after we move to our new online store), while most will not. If you see something in there and don’t want to miss out, please don’t wait! We hate having to disappoint customers by saying, “Sorry, you just missed out.”