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So far, all news updates and blog entries here have been written by me — that is, Hypnos founder Mike Griffin. Much of the work of actually running Hypnos, including the handling of mail orders, and adding new CDs to our store, is handled by my wife, Lena Griffin.

We’re going to start involving Lena in even more important functions, first of which will be the posting of updates to this blog. In the past, blog entries here said they were posted by the blog user “hypnos” which was the only login we used.

Now, to differentiate blog posts by myself and by Lena, we’ve created two new user logins. At the bottom of each post, you’ll see “Written by mgriffin” or “Written by lenagriffin” to tell you which is which. This should enable more frequent updates to the blog. We’re also going to get Lena more involved in special deals and offers on the Hypnos Online Store, as well as other activities behind the scenes.

I’ll still be very involved with Hypnos, especially in getting new CDs ready to release, but more and more we realize important things aren’t getting done when they should because of how busy I am. Lena will do a much better job taking care of business!

Reminder About Closeout Sales

We’re running out of more and more items in our store, particularly items in our CLOSEOUT section. Yesterday, we sold our last copies of ten different CDs. We do remove items from stock as they sell out, so if you see something listed in the store there’s a 99% chance that it’s in stock.

Sometimes, though, we have only a single copy left of something, and two or three people order it within a few hours. In a case like that, we have to give the last remaining copy to the first order that arrived, and let the other person or people know that we don’t have any copies left. Of course we refund their money, but they’re disappointed.

This is just another reminder that the point of our CLOSEOUT sale is to get rid of all remaining stock of these items. Some may be restocked in the future (after we move to our new online store), while most will not. If you see something in there and don’t want to miss out, please don’t wait! We hate having to disappoint customers by saying, “Sorry, you just missed out.”

Six Hypnos CDs Running Low

In the middle of all these posts about price reductions in our ongoing effort to get rid of most of the CDs we sell (at least temporarily), here’s a different kind of update.

These six Hypnos CDs are starting to run low, and we know how people hate it when they want a CD and discover it’s out of print. So here’s your warning! If you want any of these — and they include work by some of our most popular artists — snap a copy up before it’s too late. You can browse through the Hypnos section on our store, or access these items directly via the links below.

Viridian Sun – Solar Noise – $9.99
Viridian Sun – Perihelion – $9.99
James Johnson – Entering Twilight – $9.99
Jeff Pearce – The Light Beyond – $11.99
Tom Heasley – Where Earth Meets Sky – $11.99
Oophoi – Athlit $11.99

Don’t forget our two currently-active coupon codes:

SUMMER2013 gives 10% off any purchase, and is valid through the end of July 2013.
15PCT75MIN gives 15% off purchases over $75, but it is only valid through June 28.

The coupon deals can’t be stacked or combined. It’s all happening at the Hypnos Online Store!

Price Cut: New Eyes on the Universe $6.99

Here’s another price cut on the Hypnos Online Store.

Artist: David Tollefson
Title: New Eyes on the Universe
Label: Hypnos Recordings

Debut recording by half of Hypnos Recordings duo Viridian Sun.
Tollefson explores the use of treated electric guitar as a sound source for unusual ambient textures and rich sonic atmospheres.

Tracks listing (with new MP3 sample clips):
01 Palomar
02 Painted Sky
03 Some Light from the Heavens
04 Phase (Travel)
05 Tempel
06 Empyrean
07 Vanishing Lines 1
08 You Are Almost There
09 Vanishing Lines 2
10 Voien
11 Planetal
12 Mandala
13 Movement Within a Frame
14 Imminent Departure
15 New Eyes on the Universe

CD now $6.99, was $8.99

Price Cut: The Other World (2CD) $9.99

Here’s another price cut on the Hypnos Online Store.

Artist: Various
Title: The Other World (2CD)
Label: Hypnos Recordings

This first compilation on Hypnos brings together 19 of today’s most talented and visionary artists, including
Vidna Obmana, A Produce, Jeff Greinke, Ron Boots, Jeff Pearce and many others. All 19 tracks are exclusive.


Disc One:
Vidna Obmana “Approaching the Glaze”
Ruben Garcia and A Produce “Rhyolite”
Thomas Ronkin “The Gates of Sleep”
Saul Stokes “(Never Ending) Halogen Sparrows”
A Produce “Midnight Pond”
Jeff Greinke “Humid”
Ron Boots “Among the Stars”
M. Griffin “Dyslerium”
David Tollefson “Exqoor (Illusive mix)”
Egghatcher “Sweep”

Disc Two:

Larry Kucharz “1976 no. 5a”
Meg Bowles “Adrift in the Arms of Morpheus”
Exit “Sleep 1 (Lucid Mix)”
Alpha Wave Movement “Subterranean (Unknown Depth Mix)”
Robert Scott Thompson “Curvature”
Viridian Sun “Interia Sol”
Jeff Pearce “The Sacred Descent”
Katsuya Hironaka “Entrance”
Richard Bone “Via Mycropia”

2CD now $9.99, was $12.99