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Price Cut: New Eyes on the Universe $6.99

Here’s another price cut on the Hypnos Online Store.

Artist: David Tollefson
Title: New Eyes on the Universe
Label: Hypnos Recordings

Debut recording by half of Hypnos Recordings duo Viridian Sun.
Tollefson explores the use of treated electric guitar as a sound source for unusual ambient textures and rich sonic atmospheres.

Tracks listing (with new MP3 sample clips):
01 Palomar
02 Painted Sky
03 Some Light from the Heavens
04 Phase (Travel)
05 Tempel
06 Empyrean
07 Vanishing Lines 1
08 You Are Almost There
09 Vanishing Lines 2
10 Voien
11 Planetal
12 Mandala
13 Movement Within a Frame
14 Imminent Departure
15 New Eyes on the Universe

CD now $6.99, was $8.99

Price Cut: The Other World (2CD) $9.99

Here’s another price cut on the Hypnos Online Store.

Artist: Various
Title: The Other World (2CD)
Label: Hypnos Recordings

This first compilation on Hypnos brings together 19 of today’s most talented and visionary artists, including
Vidna Obmana, A Produce, Jeff Greinke, Ron Boots, Jeff Pearce and many others. All 19 tracks are exclusive.


Disc One:
Vidna Obmana “Approaching the Glaze”
Ruben Garcia and A Produce “Rhyolite”
Thomas Ronkin “The Gates of Sleep”
Saul Stokes “(Never Ending) Halogen Sparrows”
A Produce “Midnight Pond”
Jeff Greinke “Humid”
Ron Boots “Among the Stars”
M. Griffin “Dyslerium”
David Tollefson “Exqoor (Illusive mix)”
Egghatcher “Sweep”

Disc Two:

Larry Kucharz “1976 no. 5a”
Meg Bowles “Adrift in the Arms of Morpheus”
Exit “Sleep 1 (Lucid Mix)”
Alpha Wave Movement “Subterranean (Unknown Depth Mix)”
Robert Scott Thompson “Curvature”
Viridian Sun “Interia Sol”
Jeff Pearce “The Sacred Descent”
Katsuya Hironaka “Entrance”
Richard Bone “Via Mycropia”

2CD now $9.99, was $12.99

CD Sale: Foundry Label Category

The Size of the Hypnos Store

Just an item of interest, as I mentioned trying to cut down the number of items we move over to the new online store. I checked the store database and there’s a total of 1,587 items in the product database. Many of these are inactive (no longer in stock), but actually there have been several items we have completely deleted from the database when we closed them out — so the actual number of items we have ever had for sale is probably more near 2,000. Wow!

In the old days of Hypnos mail order, I printed a catalog on paper, folded and stapled it, and mailed it to people with an order form they could fill out and mail in with a check. At first, there were so few items sold this way that I included a cover image (black and white, laser printed, but it was something) of every single CD in the catalog. A little while later, the “hot sellers” and Hypnos label items still had cover images, but the rest were just text summaries.

It’s incredible to think there have been so many different items for sale through the Hypnos store through the years! I certainly don’t want to move 1,587 items over to the new store.

Increased Shipping Charges Effective Jan 27, 2013

The US Postal Service, the carrier Hypnos uses for 100% of mail order shipments, has announced significant increases to postal rates effective Sunday, January 27, 2013. More detail can be found HERE. There are small, routine increases for domestic shipping, but the costs to ship outside the US are approximately double!

This escalation in shipping costs is going to radically change the environment for everyone involved in international mail order.

A European customer can now order 2-3 CDs from Hypnos and pay $6 total shipping. We will now need to charge at least $10-11 for this.

In the past, the same European customer could order 10 or 20 CDs from us and pay $11 maximum shipping per order. We set it up this way to encourage people to order more CDs, even though it would cost us more to ship them than $11. We’ll have to change this. Now, if someone in Europe ordered 20 CDs it would cost us $60 to send them! We can’t charge only $11 for shipping, if it’s going to cost us $49 more than that to ship! The money we make from an order of 20 CDs is obviously not enough to cover this huge loss on shipping cost.

I’m afraid the days of our “flat rate” or simple “split-rate” shipping are over. We’ll have to change our overseas shipping rate to something not only more expensive, but more complicated. We have always been willing to lose a little bit of money on shipping charges in order to make the order process more convenient for our customers. We trust our customers will understand the reason we must increase rates soon, but we’re aware it will become less cost effective for our overseas customers to obtain music from Hypnos because of this increase.

The specifics of the new postage rate plan for the Hypnos Online Store will be announced this weekend, but in the mean time, we encourage our international customers to today or tomorrow to get the lower shipping rates.