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Announcements of new items and re-stocks added to the Hypnos Online Store.

Periphery Label – Two New Items

Late this summer we received a couple new items from the Periphery label which deserve a feature here.

Autumn of Communion – Autumn of Communion 2
(Periphery label)

(Price: $14.99) Silver manufactured CD. Limited collectors art edition housed in a lustrous, hinged rectangular tin containing two-panel insert.

“A sequel to the final release on the late Pete Namlook’s legendary Fax label, this finds erstwhile UK collaborators Lee Norris (Metamatics, Norken, Nacht Plank, etc.) & Michael Gainford (Mick Chillage) on an exploration into the space between your ears, where silence and motion assume grand proportions, rhythms arise, pulse, then dissipate, and tranquility is found at the murky intersections of shadow and substance. More of a headrush than its predecessor, an aural snapshot recalling the pioneering early 90s heyday of ambient dub and IDM hybrids, “Autumn of Communion 2″ does both its creators and Namlook’s legacy proud.”  -…


Within Reason – Transient Broadcasts
(Periphery label)

(Price: $14.99) Silver manufactured CD. Limited collectors art edition housed in a lustrous, hinged rectangular tin containing two-panel insert.

“Within Reason, aka longtime aural mystifier Gregory Kyryluk, forges a bond between 70s Euro space fantasias, the skanking digital substreams of Basic Channel, and contemporary slo-mo rhythmic auteurs such as Bvdub, Vladislav Delay, and Wolfgang Voigt’s Gas project. “Transient Broadcasts” embraces a variety of mood-states and tonal dualities but it’s Kyryluk’s skillful arrangements that rearrange conceivably familiar tropes into a chilly otherness, as rubbery beats sink into foggy embankments and pulsations ebb in thickening concentric circles. Most current practitioners of what is nominally known as dubtech or ambient techno or any other pat genre shorthand are content with the tried-and-truisms of reverb and delay; Kyryluk’s fascination with sound processing reflects an omnivorous interest in electronica’s last 40 years of experimentative zeal.”  -…


Robert Rich – Trances & Drones (2cd)

Artist: Robert Rich
Title: Trances & Drones
Label: Hypnos/Soundscape (digipak+booklet 2CD)

Robert Rich - Trances & Drones (2cd)

2013. Hypnos is pleased to collaborate with Robert Rich on this deluxe reissue of Rich’s out of print classic ambient drone work.

Originally released on cassette individually three decades ago, Trances and Drones were later released together on double-CD by Extreme (1994) and Release (2000). Our new edition, designed to be the ultimate archival version of an essential ambient/drone classic, includes a beautiful 6-panel digipak with 8-page full-color booklet insert.

Robert Rich - Trances & Drones (2CD) - exterior

Robert Rich - Trances & Drones (2CD) - interior

Track listing (with MP3 sample clips):
1. Cave Paintings (23:54)
2. Hayagriva (25:13)
3. Sunyata (Emptiness) (22:50)

1. Seascape (29:59)
2. Wheel of Earth (27:58)
3. Resonance (12:17)

Purchase 2CD for $14.99 on Hypnos Online Store

Glacial Movements Label – Five New Items In Store

We’ve just received a nice batch of Glacial Movements label items, newly added to the Hypnos store.

Aidan Baker – Aneira
(Glacial Movements category)
(Price: $14.99 digipak)
Aneira (Welsh for ‘snow’) is one long, slowly changing piece created using only a 12-string acoustic guitar, manipulated and played with different tools, as a sound source in order to make sounds resembling that of ice moving or breaking
and of wind or snowstorms. Aidan Baker also wrote a poem about Aneira, that will be inside the digipack….(MORE/BUY)

Celer – Without Retrospect, the Morning
(Glacial Movements category)
(Price: $14.99 digipak)
Holdings of Electronic Lifts [3:33] /
A Small Rush into Exile [5:14] /
Dry and Disconsolate [10:38] /
Variorum of Hierophany [4:31] /
A Landscape Once Uniformly White [7:38] /
Distance and Mortality [7:33] /
With Some Effort, the Sunset [13:10] … (MORE/BUY)

Pjusk – Tele
(Glacial Movements category)
(Price: $14.99 digipak)
Pjusk is Rune Sagevik and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik from the west coast of Norway – both from small villages close to nature. The sound of Pjusk is inspired by the harsh Norwegian weather and wild landscape. At the center point of the collaboration between the two is an old cabin high up in the mountains. This is where most of the music of Pjusk is made – framed by snowy peaks and the sound of cold streams. The album “Tele” (the Norwegian word describing frozen underground water) is a natural progression from the album SVAL released on the US label 12k in 2010. Inspired by the arctic wilderness, Tele is a journey of snow, ice and cold…. (MORE/BUY)

Bvdub – I Remember (Translations of Morketid)
(Glacial Movements category)
(Price: $14.99 digipak)
1. This Place Has Only Known Sadness (16:08) /
2. We Said Forever (14:40) /
3. The Promise (reprise) Feat. David Williams (14:40) /
4. Would It Be The Same (13:28) /
5. There Was Nothing But Beauty In My Heart (13:20) /
6. A Taste Of Your Own Medicine (06:25)… (MORE/BUY)

RETINA.IT – Descending into Crevasse
(Glacial Movements category)
(Price: $14.99 digipak)
“‘Descending into Crevasse’ is a sort of metaphor. An ipotetic journey between the gorges of eternal ices, such as a travel inside ourself researching reassuring corners. A flux of muffled and confused memories, frosted in a wave moving like an algorithm…. (MORE/BUY)

Three New Dataobscura Discs Just Arrived

Another batch of new items just landed in the Hypnos Store, this time from the Dataobscura label.

Pleq+Philippe Lamy – Momentum (cdr)
(Dataobscura section)
(Price: $13.99 CDR)
Momentum constructs immersive worlds from microsounds, noise fields, glitches, mutated drones and field recordings. The result is rich, fascinating, unpredictable and endlessly absorbing. Includes remixes by Machinefabriek, mise_en_scene, and Yukitomo Hamasaki…. (MORE/BUY)

Robert Davies – Arboreal (cdr)
(Dataobscura section)
(Price: $13.99 CDR)
Arboreal spins a gossamer web of natural field recordings and delicate synthesiser pads that will both entrance and transport the listener to a secluded earthly sanctuary … a sonic Eden. Ambient at its very best…

The Circular Ruins and Mystified – Fantastic Journey (cdr)
(Dataobscura section)
(Price: $13.99 CDR)
Fantastic Journey is an homage to writers such as Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, and other pioneers from the early age of science fantasy.
Expect something a little different…. (MORE/BUY)

Resonant Drift’s Full Circle Now Available

We’ve just received the latest new release from Resonant Drift, entitled Full Circle.

Resonant Drift – Full Circle (Resonant Drift section)
(Price: $11.99)

Resonant Drift return, bearing new worlds of sound that vary from wide, windswept desert-ambient vistas and hushed, cloud-shrouded meditation chambers to uncertain, grit-choked places better left unnamed. Tone and texture chart the course on Full Circle, a journey that goes as far inward as it does out, making it a trip worth taking over and over…. (MORE/BUY)