Weekly Sale Item: Dark Duck

We’ve got some great titles on sale this week from Stephen Philips and other artists on DARK DUCK RECORDS!

“Multi-instrumentalist Stephen Philips has been a musician for more than 30 years. He founded Dark Duck Records in the late 80’s as a way to expose his musical endeavors to the general public. His music has been played on many radio stations around the world and has been featured on such radio programs as Stars End and Inner Space, EMUSIC, and many others. His music has also been reviewed and well received by many respected ambient and electronic magazines, including Deep Listenings, E.E.R., and Wind and Wire.” -Dark Duck Records

CAVE OF THE WIND Was $9.99 – now $5.99
cave of the wind

Here’s a very nice “deep” ambient recording, one of the latest from the Dark Duck label. It’s a collaboration between Dark Duck founder Stephen Philips (whose collaboration with James Johnson LOST AT DUNN’S LAKE was one of the most popular items here in the past year), and relative newcomer Isomorph. I think this will go over quite well with Hypnos listeners.

“Wow, this is such a cool journey into deep, dark ambient. I saw another reviewer describe it as the sound of traveling through the blackness of space. Man, I hate it when I read I review with a great line like that before I’ve written mine, because that is a great description of this music. As with a lot of dark ambient, it really defies the term “music,” because it is totally amorphous. It is practically the embodiment of darkness or emptiness, and yet there is warmth and depth to it. This nearly 70-minute long piece is not static, though fans of melody will certainly want to avoid it at all costs. There is an almost constant churning of low rumblings, surprisingly active for this style of music, and it is a wonder to explore and experience. Call it glorified white noise, or perhaps black noise would be more appropriate. Passages start to shimmer a little more brightly, for example for a couple of minutes around the 38:00 mark. But just past 40:00, it turns to the blackest of night again. Transitions are effortless and yet sometimes quite dramatic, creating a plethora of jaw-dropping moments. Imagine a hybrid between Tangerine Dream’s Zeit and the Robert Rich/Lustmord collaboration Stalker. For pure drone or dark ambient purists, this is nirvana.” –Phil Derby, Expose

MICRONIZED Was $9.99 – now $5.99

Experimental variations on the “X Series” releases from Dark Duck.

“The first in a line of NEW X-Series special releases. This one is called “Micronized” featuring subtle micronized textures, ambient thematics and lots of heavy drone. Fans of the X-Series will be right at home with this one. Newcomers need not be familiar with the X-Series to appreciate the subtle connections to the X-Series as well as the ebb and flow of this extremely chilled release.” –darkduck.net

IXOHOXI/Stephen Philips – Simulated Universe
Was $12.99 – now $6.99

“IXOHOXI meets Stephen Philips for this fascinating blending of ambient drone and textured tribal. So much going on here, it’s hard to describe. The blending of sounds is so seamless, it defies description.” –darkduck.net

From the Vaults, Volumes: TWO Was $9.99 – now $5.99
vaults 2

and THREE Was $9.99 – now $5.99
vaults 3

“A few years ago, Stephen began digging through the vast vaults here at Dark Duck Records and listening through hours of archive recordings of distant memories and forgotten lands. Among some of these recordings he has found some amazing soundworlds long forgotten. Being inspired by this material, he started developing a new series of recordings called “From The Vaults.” Offered up here is the second in the series, aptly named, Volume 2. If features some material originally recorded in 1993, 1994, and 1998. Stephen then began doing some re-mastering on the material from the original source analog tapes. The end result is quite good. Stephen has begun sculpting this series, which features ambient, drone, and some subtle spacemusic themes. This timeless music sounds as fresh today as it was back when it was originally recorded more then a decade ago.” –Dark Duck Records

SunDummy – Final Thaw Was $9.99 – now $5.99

“Composed and performed by SunDummy with nothing but guitars and processors…ambient themes, experimental textures, and much much more. This CD manages to capture the essence of winter through the use of stark drones and thematic textures.” –Dissonance Records

Isomorph – The Black Chasm
Was $9.99 – now $5.99

“The Black Chasm is more enigmatic dark minimalism from one of the new practitioners of the craft – Isomorph, nee Bill Kendall….. the real treat and beauty here is the music. this is total darkness and a complete vacuum. There is no saving grace.” –Dark Duck Records

Stephen Philips & Numina – Descent of the Falcon
Was $9.99 – now $5.99

“On 10 May 2008, Stephen Philips went to Denver Colorado, entered the Mysterium, and embarked on yet another massive improvised jam with friend and talented ambient artist Numina (Jesse Sola). The approximately 6 hour jam revealed a variety of interesting things as these artists began to musically mind-meld. They ran the gamut of sounds and styles over these 6 hours and explored some new territory at the same time.” –Dark Duck Records

Fugue States, Volumes: ONE Was $9.99 – now $5.99
fugue 1

and TWO Was $9.99 – now $5.99
fugue 2

“Revolves around the idea of the Fugue State. Fugue, in this sense, not resembling the musical fugue, but rather the fugue state, being defined as: A neurological state in which a person denies memory of activities for a period of hours to weeks; to external appearances these activities were either completely normal or the person disappeared and traveled extensively; most are functional In other words, he has created music with a jarring sense of disorientation through the use of experimental themes, exotic textures, and ambient music.”

Visit the DARK DUCK section of the Hypnos Online Store for great deals on these and other titles before the prices go back up after December 7th!

Weekly Blowout Item: Ghost Sounds

Hey, everyone!
From now on, in addition to our regular weekly sale items, we’re also going to be posting at least one EXTREMELY bargain-priced blowout item. This week we’re bringing you some items by Ghost Sounds:

Relapxych.O/Quantec/Deer – Shapes and Phases of Ambience Was $10.99 – right now just $4.99!

1 Quantec – Absent-mindedness 7:01
2 Relapxych.0 – City Nightlights 13:20
3 Deer (2) – Live In Manchester (Relapxych.0 Remix) 4:51
Mixed By – Anders Peterson
Remix – Relapxych.0
4 Deer (2) – The Reflective Place 5:38
5 Quantec – Endless Sacrifice 8:53
6 Deer (2) – Breakhunting 5:42
7 Relapxych.00* – Hallucinogenitaliencryption (Edit) 8:17
8 Quantec – Kry 10:36
9 Deer (2) – Intertwined 4:10
10 Relapxych.0 – Ripples On The Surface Of Time And Space (Edit)

“Ghost Sounds present a luxurious and submersive compilation featuring the work of three artists, Quantec, Deer and Relapxych.O. The concept of “Shapes and Phases of Ambience” is to present different sides of ambience — everyday sounds constantly surrounding us, outdoor sounds, workplace atmospheres, musical instruments, synthesizers or equipment used in studios, whatever it might be, the two most basic elements being drone and rhythm. Locating and extracting rhythms from within ambience, rhythms within drones drones within rhythm, deconstructing and reconstructing, alone or combined, unlimited.” -bookmat.com


relapxych.O – Ripples on the Surface of Time & Space / Last Industrial Estate Vol. 1 Was $10.99 – right now $4.99
last estae 1

(Split album)

Pt. 1 relapxych.O – Ripples on the Surface of Time and Space

Pt. 2 Last Industrial Estate – Last Industrial Estates Vol. 1


Relapxych.0 – City Nightlights Was $11.99 – right now $4.99
city nightlights

“‘City Nightlights’ was built upon field recordings from areas around Stockholm central station, Stadshuskajen, Riddarholmen, Tegelbacken and some abandoned and architecturally left-behind areas under and beneath the main central station, imbuing the six tracks with a tangible spectral presence and greatly enhances their organically drifting nature.” -ghostsounds.net

Bai Tian/Relapxych.O/The Loop Orchestra/Shizi – Ya Ji 1
  Was $11.99 – right now $4.99
bai tan

Ya: Elegant, gentle, refined. Ji: Meeting, party, gathering. Ya Ji: A gentle meeting of music, art and intellect.

CD comes in an envelope sleeve, with a 4-part foldout paper insert inside with information about all tracks and participants, written in both English and Chinese.

1 Bai Tian / Anders Peterson / Loop Orchestra, The / Shiz – Ya Ji
Mixed By – Anders Peterson
2 Bai Tian – In
3 Relapxych.0 – Insomniactivity 0-3 Edit
Acoustic Guitar [12-stringed], Guitar [6-string Electric] – Anders Peterson
4 Loop Orchestra, The – Vibraloops
Performer – Emmanuel Gasparinatos , Hamish MacKenzie , John Blades , Patrick Gibson , Richard Fielding , Sheriff Lindo
5 Loop Orchestra, The / Objekt4 – Background Shadows
6 Shiz – EXP

Prices are good through November 23rd, so visit the HYPNOS ONLINE STORE soon to take advantage of these great deals!

Weekly Sale Item: Rapoon

Hey, all, we’ve got some great RAPOON items on sale right now through November 23rd! This is just one of multiple sale posts we’ll be making this week, so be sure to check the blog for lots more bargains!

Rapoon – Rapoon vs. Kinder Atom Was $6.99 – Now $4.99

“Given that the folks in Kinder Atom used to be label-mates with Rapoon back in the DOVe Records days, this collaboration is partially a jam between old friends. However, for fans of Kinder Atom’s playful beats, these tracks may come as a surprise. The disc has very few moments of danceable tempos and tends to favour Rapoon’s slow-building, minimalist aesthetics. The seven tracks thus provide some interesting atmospheres.” -exclaim.ca

Rapoon – Just Say the Faith
Was $13.99 – Now $11.99
just say faith

“‘Just Say The Faith’ was first issued on limited edition vinyl by Soleilmoon in 1998. Now this landmark recording is being made available on Compact disc. While an undeliable impression was left in :zoviet*france:, Robin Storey, a founding member of that seminal group and the man behind Rapoon has continued to leave giant footprints across the landscape of darkambient music. ‘Just Say The Faith’ comes from a very cold and damp place, perhaps inside an ancient abandoned church, where long shadows fall across gnarled tree roots and forgotten voices echo from dusty corners. The colors are black and brown, the elements are Earth and Water, and the season is most certainly Autumn. With each release Rapoon moves farther into a darker, more medieval Europe. The ergot mold grows thicker each year on the rye berries and the ghosts dance their crazed rites, all leading to this strange and mysterious album. ‘Just Say The Faith’ has its roots in noise and music and rhythm and drone, all combining to produce an exquisitely melancholy atmostphere. Along with all the material from the vinyl edition this CD reissue contains two previously unreleased songs, ‘Blue Sanctions’ and ‘Low Touch,’ as well as an extended mix of ‘Missionary Bones.'”

Rapoon – I Am a Foreigner
Was $14.99 – Now $10.99

“Robin Storey, who used to be a part of the ethnic ambient whisper of :zoviet*france:, loses himself in loops. His work as Rapoon has always been an endless pattern that shifts and alters itself upon subsequent iterations like the re-arrangement of sand across the broad back of a line of dunes. “Via” from I Am A Foreigner, for example, crackles with sand ground deep in a vinyl groove while ambient tones spread across a sun-bleached horizon. You fall into his work, get yourself mired in the shifting sand underfoot, and quickly lose all sense of time and space. Vaguely ethnic drum patterns swirl and circle in the mix, building cascading patterns that move like, well, sand. However, with I Am A Foreigner, Storey has become entranced with something new and, as a result, there is a novel cast to the sonic weather eddying on this record.” -igloomag.com

Rapoon & Birds Of Tin – Monomyth
Was $7.99 – Now $4.99

Manifold says:
It’s exciting when you play a record like this for the first time and realize that you’re going to get exactly what you had hoped for. This becomes wonderfully clear by the start of the second track of Monomyth; the driving percussions of Rapoon are woven perfectly with the light, intropective drifts of Birds Of Tin. All the little adornments, touches and unexpected moments are in place, here and there, signposting your journey into a work that stays interesting and even changes, listen after listen. Monomyth manages to sound both tribal and futuristic all at once. A flight over haunted, surreal byways, unfigurable landscapes, the joining point of all spiritual elements and ideas. Those elements become expanded, magnified into something greater than just another Rapoon or Birds Of Tin disc. This record is what all collaborations try to achieve; the best techniques of two artists, melded into something beyond either. Tracks like ‘Lost, Probably’ and ‘Cast The First Stone’ get into these heavy grooves that just shatter any ability the listener has to focus elsewhere. These are the best parts of things like Rapoon’s ‘Kirghiz Light’ or ‘Dream Circle’, but limned with the glowing depth of Birds Of Tin’s dense, drifting waves and flows. Like lava poured out onto the air, these elements shift and move and compete for space, much like the hallucination sequence in the movie ‘Altered States’, or the final trip in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. Nearing the end of this disc, the listener senses an aspect of drastic change and personal elevation. Things are different, and Monomyth has told the story behind that.

Reformed Faction (of Soviet France) – Vota
Was $16.99 – Now $12.99

Reformed Faction is a musical group formed in 2005 by three former members of Zoviet France: Andy Eardley, Mark Spybey and Robin Storey (aka Rapoon). The band’s original name was The Reformed Faction of Soviet France. They played one concert, in Vienna on 10 November 2005, and released a self-titled album on Klanggalerie under that name. In 2006, they announced that they were to continue the project under the name Reformed Faction in order to avoid possible future legal disputes with other former members of Zoviet France. The album has been re-pressed under the Reformed Faction name with the title Vota.

More than a decade after :zoviet*france: members Robin Storey (Rapoon), Mark Spybey (Dead Voices on Air) and Andrew Eardley (Delayer) left the band, the three have teamed up for a new group: Reformed Faction is a 21st century version of this important group with a unique sound that combines the old :zoviet*france: style with modern technology and a fresh wind blowing from the North of England.

Rapoon – Melancholic Songs of the Desert
Was $14.99 – Now $8.99
songs of the desert

“A retreat into the one place that no government has yet found a way into, the free and open spaces of the mind. Spontaneous and mediative reflections looking for an inner peace in a world made ugly by hatred and war.” -Soleilmoon

Weekly Sale Item: DIN

Hey everyone, we’re having a REALLY BIG sale this week on nearly thirty of our DIN titles! You’ll find items by Ian Boddy, Robert Rich, Markus Reuter and many more. All sale items have been marked down by at least four dollars and some by as much as six dollars, so grab ‘em before they fly off the shelves or before the sale ends on November 16th!


Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter – Distant Rituals – Was $11.99, now $6.99

Centrozoon – Blast – Was $11.99, now $6.99

Surface 10 – In Vitro Tide – Was $11.99, now $6.99

Boddy/Reuter/Mullaney – Triptych – Was $11.99, now $6.99

Various – Index01 – Was $8.99, now $4.99

Robert Rich & Ian Boddy – Outpost – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Subsonic Experience – Praposition – Was $11.99, now $6.99

ARC – Blaze – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Ian Boddy – Chiasmata – Was $13.99, now $7.99

dbkaos – Art of Sacrifice – Was $11.99, now $6.99

Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy – Pure – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Ian Boddy & Bernhard Wöstheinrich – Moire – Was $13.99, now $7.99

ARC – Arcturus- Was $13.99, now $7.99

Robert Rich & Ian Boddy – Lithosphere – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Tetsu Inoue – Yolo – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Various – Index02 – Was $8.99, now $4.99

Radio Massacre International – Septentrional – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Surface 10 – Surface Tension – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Ian Boddy – Elemental – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Parallel Worlds – Obsessive Surrealism – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Hoffmann-Hoock & Wostheinrich – Conundrum – Was $13.99, now $7.99

ARC – Fracture – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Robert Rich & Ian Boddy – React – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Ian Boddy – Slide – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Parallel Worlds – Shade – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy – Dervish – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Erik Wollo & Bernhard Wostheinrich – Arcadia Borealis – Was $13.99, now $7.99

Weekly Sale Item: and/OAR

This week we’ve put almost our entire and/OAR category on sale, and the low prices are good through November 9th!

Deupree/Kirschner/Korber/Steinbruchel/Ximm – May 6, 2001 – Was $12.99, now $8.99 
may 6

On the night of Sunday, May 6, 2001, composer Kenneth Kirschner, as part of a series of pieces documenting the sounds of different New York City neighborhoods, took his tape recorder to the Financial District of Lower Manhattan to begin field recordings for a new piece. The resulting low-resolution portrait captured the sounds of a deserted urban landscape: the empty, winding streets of old Dutch New Amsterdam, its modern, towering skyscrapers — and a region of the city that, several months later, would be renamed Ground Zero.

and/OAR is proud to present “May 6, 2001″, a collection of five interpretations by five renowned contemporary composers of the aforementioned field recording portrait.

With excerpts from Kirschner’s original 2001 composition based on the field recording, the CD also includes pieces by Taylor Deupree (USA), Tomas Korber (Switzerland), Ralph Steinbrüchel (Switzerland), and Aaron Ximm (aka Quiet American; USA), all utilizing the 2001 Financial District field recording as their sole source material. The result is a project that obliquely and subtly evokes the source recording and its subsequent meanings, while also standing on its own as an estimable example of each artist’s mastery of his craft.


Mnortham – Automnal 2003 – Was $12.99, now $8.99

Highly indicative of the nomadic life that international sound artist Michael Northam has come to know over the past 5 or so years, this release represents a sonic recollection of his life dispersed across a vast geography, pinpointing three specific locations and moments from his long journey:

– Glacier du Trient, Switzerland / France
– Eagle Creek, Indianapolis
– Ils Grosbois, Montreal

At times, this hypnotic release presents meditative, invigorating, and eerie translations of places and experiences in ways that only Northam can poetically convey.

Dale Lloyd – Semper
 – Was $12.99, now $8.99

Seattle-based composer Dale Lloyd has collaborated in the past with people such as Yannick Dauby and Michael Northam, and has had work released by labels such as Bremsstrahlung Recordings, Staalplaat and Sirr.ecords. For the past 5 years, Lloyd has played a quiet but strong role in bringing new life to the notion of “environmental recordings as sound art” (or “Phonography”) with the highly regarded compilations produced for Phonography.org, as well as other projects and activities.

The first piece entitled “Semper”, is mostly a quiet and contemplative work, yet it contains sprawling builds from near silent ebbs and flows to thunderous crescendos. Also heard are delicate field recordings and found objects transformed and woven into intricate electronic tapestries. The second and shorter piece titled “Magnesian Recumbit” is a slowly building ambient work with a unique sense of melancholy that makes for a perfect ending.

“For me, Semper basically illustrates a series of self-searching questions (with subtle epiphanies) followed by a somewhat enigmatic resolve or ‘answer’, of which I believe we have all encountered in our lives in one way or another.”
(Dale Lloyd)

Surely, it is one of the strongest works to come from both Lloyd and Alluvial.”
(Kevin Wienke – Alluvial Recordings)

John Hudak – Sand or Stars
 – Was $12.99, now $8.99
sand or stars

Comparisons between the sand of the earth with the stars above are many, but comparisons of this release by American composer John Hudak with his previous work are far less to be found.

The first piece of this CD mastered by John’s friend and collaborator Stephan Mathieu (Sirr.ecords, Lucky Kitchen, Hapna, etc), is unlike much of John’s previous work in that it features sharp staccato percussive sounds suddenly dodging in and out, but nevertheless it still has John’s “endless” compositional sense written into it. A subtle sense of humor seems to be inherent in the piece as well, as if some of the sounds hesitate with indecision as to whether or not they should make their presence known or perhaps they are trying to avoid colliding with some of the other sounds. And upon listening to this piece, be careful with volume settings at first listen, because the listener will quickly discover another aspect of this piece that is unlike much of John’s previous work: sudden volume shifts. This seems to suggest that the sounds are also changeable in temperament as well!

The second piece on this CD is perhaps the most meditative of the collection with its muted midrange buzzing that jumps around within the stereo spectrum, perhaps being reminiscent of musical radar signals or sonifications of normally inaudible activity occurring in a planet’s magnetosphere, all the while maintaining a benevolent warmth throughout.

And what could possibly be described as the amplification of rolling ion particle blasts being broadcast via shortwave radio, tells us that we have reached the third and final piece of this collection of what could be considered as being among John Hudak’s finest works.

Afflux (Eric La Casa, Jean-Luc Guionnet & Eric Cordier) – Bordeaux TNT
 – Was $12.99, now $8.99
bordeaux tnt

Long after the first two releases issued by Ground Fault and Edition Ellipsis, and/OAR & Alluvial Recordings are pleased to finally be able to present the final release in a trilogy covering the sonic expeditions of the French location-specific electroacoustic trio Afflux (Eric La Casa, Jean-Luc Guionnet & Eric Cordier).

This release summarises what was initially a 6 hour performance / installation / radio broadcast that occurred at the TNT cultural centre in Bordeaux, France. The TNT centre is situated inside a former shoe manufacturing building. With several hundred meters of cables, the exterior and interior of the building were recorded using several different condenser and contact microphones, modified and mixed in real time on a 32 channel mixing desk. Simultaneously, the live mix was played into the concert hall / space using 8 channels for 8 loudspeakers. While the improvisers were on the upper level, the audience was listening and walking around on the lower level.

The final mix for the CD was edited by Eric La Casa.

Seth Nehil & Matt Marble – Ecllipses
 – Was $12.99, now $8.99

“A dynamic whirlwind tour through states of ellipsis and eclipses, abrupt ruptures, reuniting and igniting. Where nothing is static for too long. Through an invigorating admixture of instruments, field recordings and various found matter, a compelling and mysterious world comes alive to spark the imagination.” -and/OAR


Jason Kahn & Asher – Vista – Was $12.99, now $8.99

“The work on Vista began in the summer of 2006 with recordings made by Asher in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. Walking through the alleys and side streets he recorded the various mechanical rooms, generators, ventilation systems and idling motors which were to be found there. These recordings were processed and sent to Kahn. Later that fall, Kahn sent Asher several pre-dawn recordings he had made on the shores of Zürich Lake. Asher processed these in keeping with the methods he had used with his own location recordings so as to create continuity among the amassing material. Unprocessed wind recordings made by Kahn in the Swiss Alps in the summer of 2007 comprised the final batch of material used on Vista. Asher and Kahn spent the remainder of that year working on a final mix. Addressing the idea of hearing and seeing out and beyond spatial planes, title Vista references both the aural expanses of Asher’s home on a hill in the town of Somerville and Kahn’s trips to the Alps and Zürich Lake. In processing and mixing the discrete details of a landscape, we hear them from a real physical distance. Through the incidental combinations of processed local sounds and sound materials which are entirely foreign to us, an imaginative aural view is created which obscures any relationship to a documentary account of the original locations recorded for Vista.” -and/OAR


Isobel Clouter & Rob Mullender – Myths Of Origin, Sonic Ephemera From East Asia – Was $12.99, now $8.99
sonic ephemera

“The recordings came about as a result of a project instigated in late 1999, which bears witness to a long held fascination with how the environment generates and shapes culture, memory and myth. There was no desire to conduct any scientific or anthropological field work, but to collect a set of recordings which would serve to illustrate how precious the sonic environment can be, and to act as founding materials for a soundscape collection at the British Library Sound Archive. The audio CD also features a PDF of extra photos pertaining to the recordings that can be accessed on a computer, and comes packaged in a four color digipak and a 12 page booklet.” -and/OAR

Sone – Passerelle
 – Was $12.99, now $8.99

“Documented on this CD is a site-specific sound installation / performance given by °Sone (pronounced “osone”), a project of Yannick Dauby, Christophe Havard & Hughes Germain. The only sounds used were from within the walls of the building where the event took place, channeled and recorded using large transducers and then mixed and broadcast back into the main space of the building.” -and/OAR

Richard Garet – Four Malleable (2CD)
 – Was $15.99, now $11.99 
four malleable

“Four Malleable is comprised of what are among Richard’s best compositions from four different years: Imaginative Elements (2004), From Modified Tapes (2005), Sceneries (2006), and Nocturne (2009). Four previously unreleased works that place the mind’s eye inside malleable forms and blurred locations…” -and/OAR

Various Artists/ Yasujiro Ozu – Hitokomakura (2CD)
 Was $15.99, now $11.99

“This release turns its focus upon Yasujiro Ozu’s use of “pillow shots” (i.e. short poetic pauses that appear between the acting segments of his films. The term “pillow shot” was not coined by Ozu himself, but several years after his passing in the early 1960s by a Japanese journalist who was trying to draw a comparison of the intermediate scenes to “pillow words” found in traditional Japanese poetry. This is a double CD release with both CDs featuring audio plus a cross-platform compatible PDF booklet containing pillow shots (courtesy of Criterion Collection) and liner notes.

Each artist who appears on this release was asked to choose one or more “pillow shots” to use as inspiration for their pieces. A link to web pages containing a large assortment of “pillow shots” was provided, and accordingly, the pillow shots were reserved on a first come, first served basis. The artists also watched the films from which the pillow shots came from in order to get a sense of how their chosen pillow shots were employed by Ozu.

The sound work featured represents a wide range of artistic approaches, but as always with these projects, the artists were chosen specifically, based on their previous work and on how it might contribute to the collective whole of each project. -Doug Cummings (Masters Of Cinema and Filmjourney.org) and Dale Lloyd (and/OAR)