Weekly Sale Item: Cold Spring

We’ve got some great COLD SPRING items on sale for you this week, and we’ve marked them all down by $4-$5 through October 26th!

NORDVARGER – PYRRHULA $5.99 (marked down from $9.99)

“Partly based on an old Swedish folktale, Pyrrhula (“doomlord”) is a pitch black journey into utter darkness. This is a tale of foreboding doom… a portent of dark times to come… a blight on the face of this earth. These eight Black Ambient / Doom / Droneworks were brought forth from the abyss of Villa Bohult exclusively for Cold Spring and contain the malevolent vocals of Lord Nordvargr himself! “Beware the small creatures of light, they only bring misery and death upon the enlightened ones. For they will paint their breast with blood and reap your unborn angels.” -Cold Spring

MACHINEFABREIK – DAAS $5.99 (marked down from $9.99)

“The tracks on “Daas” have been carefully picked to form a provoking, haunting journey. What the tracks have in common is a sense of nostalgic graininess. As with the music of Philip Jeck, The Caretaker or William Basinski, these tracks are full of degrading melodies and dusty ambience. ‘Daas’ is the previously unreleased opening track of the album, and features contributions by the great Richard Skelton. ‘Flotter’, ‘Koploop’ and ‘Grom’ were previously available on small run self released EPs, while ‘Onkruid’ was a track previously released on ‘A Room Forever’, as an expensive and extremely limited 12″ boxset. All are now brought to a wider audience. Presented in a laminate digipak.” -Cold Spring

INADE – ALDERBARAN $5.99 (marked down from $9.99)

“Debut CD from the masters of Black Ambient, available again after 6 years! “Aldebaran” is the black sun of the secret knowledge. This work focuses on the German Vril society myths of ‘Aldebaran’, from which universal spirituality is said to originate. One hour of immense walls of dark, brooding atmospherics, pulsating anthems of the universal power, mixed with themes of heritage and history. The ultimate document of deep and cavernous dark ambient.” -Cold Spring

Z’EV – SUM THINGS $5.99 (marked down from $9.99)

“These six pieces endeavor to transport the listener deep into their long forgotten memories of the primal forces at the dawn of creation. Each piece is based on a single sound source. Absolutely no effects of any kind, not even equalization, were applied to the source recordings. Instead, Z’EV relied solely on the stretching of the duration and pitch of the samples and then edited and mixed the results down into the heart of space.” -Cold Spring

SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY – DEEP FRIEZE $8.99 (marked down from $13.99)
deep frieze

Jewelcase with foldout map booklet.

“Ultra deep, glacial Dark Ambient, based around Antarctic co-ordinates. The polar regions are awe-inspiring environments of inhospitable minimalism, and at the same time there’s a beautiful serenity to be found in their uncharted bleakness. There’s a powerful purity and a timelessness to be found there; snow which has lain un-trampled for millennia and ice which formed eons ago; mountain ranges and deserts and rivers to be found if you look. ‘Deep Frieze’ is SRF’s second album for Cold Spring and here deep, resonant, abyss-like drones shine forth from icy chasms below.” -Cold Spring


“The debut album from AHTTG – a joint collaboration between Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk (MZ.412, Toroidh, Folkstorm etc) and Tim Bertilsson (Fear Falls Burning, Switchblade). The Swedish duo have created arguably one of the most haunting drone-dark-ambient-industrial works in recent years, invoking the spirits of old Nordvargr, meets the sludge-doom vibe of Tim’s hellish guitar. “…truly the most scary music I have recorded” (Nordvargr). An icy chill down your spine… a cold hand on your shoulder… you are never alone in the darkness.” -Cold Spring

Steve Brand Items

Hey everyone, the latest Steve Brand CD has just arrived at the Hypnos online store, as well as a few restocks!

steve brand

“A lifelong artist and musician, Steve Brand originally recorded and released in the experimental realm under the name “Augur,” with more than 20 limited edition releases on various independent labels. In 2003, Steve began creating in the “ambient” genre under his own name. He describes this change in moniker and musical expression as “Part of the process of moving out of my head and more into my heart.” Since then, Brand has issued a number of self-released disks, as well as a number of solo and collaborative releases on the esteemed U.S. labels, Hypnos and AtmoWorks, the Spanish label, alteraOrbe, and the Italian label, Afe. Instruments used in Brand’s music include keyboards, field recordings, various flutes, whistles, zither, ocarina, voice, medicine drum, shakers and rattles, various bells, kalimba, prayer bowls, kora, gongs.”


Full color bi-fold digipack and professional CDr, shrink-wrapped

“The initial tracks for “The Space Between” were begun in early 2011 and work continued on the four tracks until early in 2013. I usually work on several works simultaneously, each one informing and propelling the others along. As “Spaces” began to develop, I felt that I wanted to include the assistance of another artist for this release, and “A Thousand Little Wounds,” seemed just right for the richly textured bass work of Peter James. Peter very kindly agreed to help and supplied me with a lovely addition to that track which deepens the feeling greatly. Instruments used in these songs include: keyboards, voice, gongs, bells, bass, field recordings and flutes. I experienced many losses and many life changes during the making of this album. In a way, creating this music, helped me make it through an extremely difficult time and enabled me to process some very challenging emotions. The title was inspired by a spark of intuition that I recieved: although loved ones, situations and events seem to pass into history and other kinds of existence, the apparent space between us, between us and our lost loved ones, between us and those events, does not actually exist. Past events, loved ones, even the resources we need from all our pasts and futures are there waiting for us…in still, quiet moments. – Steve Brand”


Full color bi-fold digipack and professional CDr

“Ambient music for the thawing season. Misty mountain tops, watery flows, and open skies.” –CD Baby


BACK IN STOCK WITH A NEW LOWER PRICE OF $13.99 (marked down from $16.99)

CDr in 5″x7″ bi-fold booklet, first edition limited to 50, signed, hand-numbered and assembled.

The long form version of Over-soul began as a seed of an idea—a track just over 9 minutes on my 2011 self-released album, “Upwelling.” I was originally inspired by my readings from various esoteric sources, and the idea that although we may see ourselves as separate, isolated and alone, in fact we all are individual expressions of one unifying, all-encompasing source, and therefore linked to that source and ultimately to one another.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve expanded and elaborated on this original idea, the result is this 61 minute long form piece, divided into three seamless expanses of driftscape: i-The Wise Silence; ii-The Collective Heart; iii-Unity—created entirely with keyboards and medicine drum.

Some titles were inspired by these writings from Ralph Waldo Emerson:
“The Supreme Critic on the errors of the past and the present, and the only prophet of that which must be, is that great nature in which we rest, as the earth lies in the soft arms of the atmosphere; that Unity, that Over-soul, within which every man’s particular being is contained and made one with all other; that common heart. “We live in succession, in division, in parts, in particles. Meantime within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence; the universal beauty, to which every part and particle is equally related, the eternal ONE. And this deep power in which we exist and whose beatitude is all accessible to us, is not only self-sufficing and perfect in every hour, but the act of seeing and the thing seen, the seer and the spectacle, the subject and the object, are one. We see the world piece by piece, as the sun, the moon, the animal, the tree; but the whole, of which these are shining parts, is the soul.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“…a haunting drone piece that is awash with sound & texture, a piece that moves and evolves throughout the hour…Steve Brand is a consistently excellent musician and ‘Over-Soul’ is a timely reminder.” -Headphonaught

Visit the Steve Brand/Relaxed Machinery sections of the HYPNOS ONLINE STORE today, and grab your copies of these excellent Steve Brand releases before they’re gone!

Weekly Sale Item: Infraction Label

We’re having a BIG sale this week on more than twenty of our INFRACTION titles! Some items have been discounted by as much as six dollars, so grab ‘em before the prices go back up after October 19th!

Zimiamvian Night – Zimiamvian Night 2  $8.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Milieu – Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars
$8.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Beautumn – Northing
$9.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Beequeen – Music for the Head Ballet
$11.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Andrew Liles – New York Doll (2CD)
$11.99 (marked down from $17.99)

Ultra Milkmaids & Aidan Baker – At home with…
$7.99 (marked down from $12.99)

Koda – Movements $10.99 (marked down from $12.99)

Andrew Liles – All Closed Doors
$8.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Zammuto – Solutiore of Stareau: Disc One
$5.99 (marked down from $9.99)

Kiln – Thermals $10.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Adam Pacione – From Stills to Motion
$8.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Northern – Drawn
$8.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Aloof Proof – Piano Text
$8.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Celer – Discourses of the Withered $8.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Celer – The Everything and the Nothing
$11.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Alio Die & Aglaia – Private History of the Clouds
$12.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Parks – Hidden
$12.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Eluder – The Most Beautiful Blue
$8.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Loren Dent – Anthropology Vol. 1
$8.99 (marked down from $14.99)

Concert Silence
$8.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Concert Silence – Rain Furniture $8.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Ben Fleury-Steiner – Keep a Weather Eye Open
$11.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Celer – Salvaged Violets (2CD)
$7.99 (marked down from $13.99)

Capricornus – Halation $6.99 (marked down from $11.99)

Monos – Age and Transformation / Aged and Transformed (2CD) $11.99 (marked down from $17.99)

Weekly Sale Item – Greytone Label

This week we’ve got some Greytone items on sale for just $5.99 each though October 12th!

SantAAgostino – Operazione Paura

“Operazione Paura is a total turning not just for the band but for dark, ambient music and noise, generally speaking. That’s because santAAgostino is like a meteor crashed onto the Earth disarranging all the balances, rhythmes and cycles. After the crash the planet seems to be perished but, in the inner part, the new fire of life is burning. A brand new energy developed in a new way of living, of thinking and being. Operazione Paura speaks of the filmic and horrorific fear, mind trap “to kill” atavistic thoughts and all those mental factors that trapped the man into a selfmade cage in his own mind, through the mind itself. Operazione Paura is an awl that, slowly but inexorably, drives the listener to a dimension where there is no thought, no images, no more conceptualizing, nothing still exhists: there is just a huge solitary desert now, where sounds spontaneously flow creating new monster beyond space and time. It’s a place where new divine dynasties born, spreading their seed, in order to bear a brand new reign far from the borders that we can’t even imagine.”

-Greytone Records

Trama afonA – Trama afonA

trama afonA

“Trama afonA is gathering suggestions from the contemporary quotidian theatre and at the same time from the past, namely the 19th and early 20th centuries. Paying particular attention to the individual and specific human stories, rather than to History… Focusing on what happens behind the scenes, aside, beneath. Subjects and dynamics less showy, blurred, but not consequently less interesting or worth caring. Opening doors and drawers using the sole curiosity as tool, walking backwards the traces of memory, wandering amid shades and details given by mystery, decadence, abandon, romanticism… Carefully delving into psychological dynamics. Openly denouncing the social plagues, but often humbly providing just visual and sound suggestions.”

-Greytone Records

Taphephobia – Access to a World of Pain


“The music Taphephobia makes is mostly based on manipulated guitars (except house of memories that is mostly based on sounds). Taphephobia try to get out the feelings he has at the moment when Ketil compose the music. The idea is to create a atmosphere that is sometimes scary, and sometimes beautiful, like for example a good thriller drama movie. Taphephobia is very skilled to create a cinematic atmosphere combined with personal feelings like fear, hope, hate, regrets etc… The main goal is to make the listener able to dream away with the music.”

-Greytone Records

Moljebka Pvlse – Zojo


“The Moljebka Pvlse album Zojo was recorded during the Mathias studies at the Royal Institute of Art. He was inspired by the longest night of the year in Stockholm, the day when there is almost no daylight. His ambition was to make an acoustic album of minimal music without any musical instruments. Moljebka Pvlse setup long nylon strings across his entire studio at school, which he then plucked and bowed and recorded with his favorite contact microphones on that very night. These recordings became the fundament of the album and set the tone for the rest of the work.”

-Greytone Records

Check out the Greytone section of the Hypnos store for this week’s sale items.

Newly Arrived: Jeff Pearce – With Evening Above

It’s great to see Jeff Pearce recording ambient guitar music again, and we’re pleased to have his new album available on the Hypnos Store.

Jeff Pearce – With Evening Above
(Miscellaneous category)
(Price: $12.99)
With Evening Above is the first ambient guitar album from Jeff Pearce since his Bleed album in 2002. Inspired by many summer nights of stargazing, the music on With Evening Above covers the styles that Jeff has become known for in the past 21 years- the gentle rhythms of the title track, the slow-motion beauty of The Same Stars, the meditative ambient drift of After Dark- all created with only electric guitar and complex signal processing.

1. With Evening Above 03:56
2. The Same Stars 05:20
3. A Clear Night 03:58
4. After Dark 07:49
5. Ghosts of Summers Past 02:41
6. Cloudfall 05:45
7. A Closed Circle (Farewell) 02:49
8. No Matter How Far 21:41… (MORE/BUY)