Recent Airplay on Star’s End Radio

It’s great to get radio airplay for our music. Star’s End Radio, based out of WXPN in Philadelphia, has been playing some of our latest stuff on recent shows. Our thanks to Chuck van Zyl!

STAR’S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 25 January 2015
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia|99.7fmWXPH HarrisburgPA|90.5fmWKHS
Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2014 – Year in Review Part Four *


SubtractiveLAD – Static Kinetic.The Front – First Steps (self-released)
Alpha Wave Movement – Shanti – Horizons (harmonic resonance)
M Akers – Side A (excerpt) – Bayern (self-released)
Cliff Martinez – Aortic Aneurysm Junior – The Knick (milan)
B Ashra – Uranus – Active Agent of Sound II (klangwirkstoff)
Taylor/Grosse – Jenis Kilat Panas – Tourbillon Solo (palace of lights)
Palancar – Harmonic Motion – Counting Raindrops (earth mantra)
Steve Roach/Jorge Reyes – Temple of Dust – The Ancestor Circle (projekt)

AirSculpture – excerpt – Graveyard Shift (self-released)
Modulator ESP – Part 1 – Beyond the Event Horizon (ethereal live)

Vic Hennegan – Departure – Live at The Gatherings (self-released)
Dave Fulton – Stretched – Of Things Left Unsaid (hypnos)
Berlin Heritage – Somewhere In Between – Phoenix (self-released)
SubtractiveLAD – The Sum of All Parts – Paths (self-released)
Antonio Testa/Michael Toglia – Through the Fire – Forget the Past (hypnos)
K Leimer – Increment – The Grey Catalog (palace of lights)
Tapes and Topographies – Skyway to Terminal – Tapes and Topographies
Janneh – Humajataritee – In Acoustics (self-released)
Ocoeur – Red – A Parallel Life (n5md)

Andrew Heath – Still Point – The Silent Cartographer (disco geko)
Michael Jon Fink – Exit – From a Folio (cold blue)
John Luther Adams – Become Ocean – Become Ocean (cantaloupe)
Thomas Newman/Rick Cox – Ashland Schine – 35 Whirlpools Below Sound (cold

Perceptual Defence/Synromeda – Fear of the Emptiness Space   Fear of the
Emptiness Space (syngate)
Forrest Smithson – Windtap – OOTI (self-released)



Also, here’s the December Top 20 Airplay list:

STAR’S END 1-6AM SatNite/SunMorn 88.5FM WXPN Philadelphia, PA
Top 25 for December 2014 (alphabetical) Compiled by Chuck van Zyl


M Akers – Bayern – (self-released)
Brother Saturn – Tales of Space Exploration 25-34 (We Are All Ghosts)
Mick Chillage – Tales From the Igloo [Retold] (Psychonavigation)
The Circular Ruins – Full Circle (dataObscura)
Dave Fulton – Of Things Left Unsaid (Hypnos)
David Harrow – On Forever Gone (Psychonavigation)
Vic Hennegan – Live at The Gatherings (self-released)
Janneh – In Acoustics (self-released)
Janneh – Padmospheres (Free Floating Music)
loscil – Sea Island (Kranky)
K Markov – The Mist (self-released)
Shane Morris – The Full Moon Series (self-released)
Motionfield – Quiet is the New Loud (Autoload)
Ocoeur – A Parallel Life (n5md)
Palancar – Counting Raindrops (Earth Mantra)
Jeff Pearce – December: Solitude (self-released)
Steve Roach/Jorge Reyes – The Ancestor Circle (Projekt)
Dirk Serries – The Origin Reversal (Projekt)
Skoulaman – Dreaming of the Future Reflecting the Past (self-released)
Simon Slator – Spero (We Are All Ghosts)
Tapes and Topographies – Tapes and Topographies (Simulacra)
A Testa/M Toglia – Forget the Past (Hypnos)
Chuck van Zyl – Rituals (Synkronos Music)
Phillip Wilkerson/Chris Russell – Vague Traces (Spotted Peccary)
Various Artists – BFW Christmas 2014 (BFW)


STAR’S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 14 December 2014
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia|99.7fmWXPH HarrisburgPA|90.5fmWKHS
Host: Chuck van Zyl


Vic Hennegan – Departure – Live at The Gatherings (self-released)
Dave Fulton – Stretched – Of Things Left Unsaid (hypnos)
Berlin Heritage – Somewhere In Between – Phoenix (self-released)
SubtractiveLAD – The Sum of All Parts – Paths (self-released)
Antonio Testa/Michael Toglia – Through the Fire – Forget the Past (hypnos)
K Leimer – Increment – The Grey Catalog (palace of lights)
Tapes and Topographies – Skyway to Terminal – Tapes and Topographies
Janneh – Humajataritee – In Acoustics (self-released)
Ocoeur – Red – A Parallel Life (n5md)

Motionfield – Part 2 – Quiet is the New Loud (autoload)
Palancar – Counting Raindrops – Counting Raindrops (earth mantra)
loscil – Sea Island Murders – Sea Island (kranky)
Reznor/Ross – Empty Places.The Way He Looks at Me – Gone Girl (columbia
Brendan Pollard – Space Junk – Collection vol 3 (acoustic wave)

K Markov – Over the Mist – The Mist (self-released)
Perry Frank – The Dawning – Soundscape Box 1 (tranquillo/psychonavigation)
Frank Klare – Dream – Transcendental Medicine (green tree)

Coemgin Cuil – There Was No Gravity – Murmurations (ambient5)
Chuck van Zyl – Ars Moriendi – Rituals (synkronos music)
Torn Curtain – Dawn – Torn Curtain (ventricle)
Skoulaman – Voices of an Analog – Dreaming of the Future Reflecting the
Past (self-released)

Craig Padilla/Zero Ohms – Dream Travel.Terraforming – When the Earth is
Far Away (lotuspike)
Hollan Holmes – The Farthest Fringes.Earthshine – The Farthest Fringes
A Winged Victory for the Sullen – VIII – Atmos (kranky)
Dirk Serries – Remission              –   The Origin Reversal (projekt)


Hypnos Music on Hearts of Space Radio

We’ve fallen a bit behind on posting about some of the airplay received by Hypnos CDs. Recently the syndicated Hearts of Space radio show has played quite a bit of stuff. Here’s the most recent playlist, which includes 2 tracks by A Produce from Smile on the Void, and 1 track from Jeff Greinke’s album Lost Terrain.

Sincere thanks to Steve Davis and Stephen Hill of HOS Radio!



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:  454 Las Gallinas #333
:  San Rafael, CA 94903-6812
:  U.S.A.

:  Phone: 415-499-9901 x28 studio
:  Fax:   415-499-9903

:  Website:

PGM NOTE : a nocturnal winter journey
FEED DATE : 2-06-15

“The Moor” (edited) < 0:00->3:27 >
: LOST TERRAIN; Hypnos hyp1916; 1999
originally released by Silent Records [SR9219], 1992
: Info:;
“The Other Side of Twilight” (conclusion) < 3:27->12:21 >
: NUMENA + GEOMETRY; Fathom 11077-2; 1997
original LP release: NUMENA; Multimood MRC 005; Sweden 1987
: Info:;

“The Big Sleep” < 12:21->21:20 >
: SMILE ON THE VOID; Hypnos/Trance Port hyp2129; 2001
: Info:

“Season of Nights” < 21:20->31:35 >
“Calm World” (part) < 31:35->37:23 >
“Last Light” (edited) < 37:23->42:14 >
: THE LONG NIGHT; Projekt PRO297; 2014
: Info:;;

“Cirrus” < 42:14->48:59 >
: WAVE MANTRA; self-published [no catalog #]; 2000
: Info & Downloads:

“This Infinite Night” (part) < 48:59->51:53 >
: ONE THOUSAND DREAMS; DataObscura DOCD 042; Canada 2009
: Info:;

“Inner Sanctum” (part) < 51:53->58:59 >
: SMILE ON THE VOID; Hypnos/Trance Port hyp2129; 2001
: Info:

(c) 2014-2015 Hearts of Space

Weekly Sale Item: Latest Three Hypnos Releases

This week we’ve got the three latest  HYPNOS  digipak releases marked down for you, and the sale prices will be good through February 22nd.

FORGET THE PAST –Was $12.99, right now just $8.99
forget the past

Antonio Testa ( may be best known for his ethno-ambient collaborations with Alio Die, but he has also released a diverse variety of solo ambient music on such labels as Hic Sunt Leones, Faria and Emit. Testa’s collaborator Michel Moglia, credited here with fire organ, flute and drones, will be a new name to most.

Often ambient recordings pursue a single sub-genre or niche — dark ambient, ethno ambient or drone, for example — and stick faithfully to it. Forget the Past exhibits a pleasing diversity, with plenty of gently atmospheric stretches, rthythms that sometimes fade out and at other times build to a wicked trance churn. The sound is clean, yet derives from a full list of natural and organic sound source, and a diverse set of field recordings.

One track lays gritty, hallucinogenic flute lines over a slow-swooping psychedelic rhythm mechanism and incantatory female whispers and recitations like an overheard magic spell. Another mixes bird sounds and subtle electronic atmosphere with distantly echoing percussion, creating something like a soundtrack to a lost film by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Percussion with a tribal or ethno flavor is used in an unusual way, not to fake a specific brand of exoticism, but to create a sense of something both intuitively familiar and also strangely foreign.

Forget The Past covers a lot of sonic ground and a broad range of moods, but it’s always unpredictible and fresh, while remaining smooth, introspective and restrained.


ICE DIVING –Was $12.99, right now just $8.99
ice diving

Subradial is the musical alias of Tomasz Szatewicz, who was born in the small Polish town of Mragowo. He’s been creating electronic music for twenty years, and has previously released the albums Bioloophorm 1, Bioloophorm 2 and Biorephorm on labels such as dataObscura and AtmoWoroks. His more recent work combines drones, subtle rhythmic loops and textures into churning, visually evocative soundworlds.

Of his inspirations and approach, Tomasz AKA Subradial says: “I was always inspired by listening to the sounds of the environment… I use everything that sounds interesting and what I can further process to create the imagined soundscape, a vision of some place, express my emotions or moods connected with particular times or places, either existing in real life or just imagined/dreamed.”

Ice Diving, his first release for Hypnos Recordings, is an album composed around a theme suggested by the title: a soundtrack to an underwater journey. Like the title, the cover photo (from an actual ice diving expedition in Antarctica) gives a sense of the sound worlds evoked by Subradial’s music. Many ambient recording artists apply titles to their music intending to suggest a theme, but here the effect is especially strong.

Ice Diving is an extraordinarily visual and immersive sound journey, with a wonderful balance between atmospheric/drone elements, and more musical or rhythmic components.


OF THOSE THINGS LEFT UNSAID –Was $12.99, right now just $8.99
things left unsaid

Of Those Things Left Unsaid is the first new solo release in over a decade from Dave Fulton, former member of electronic group Dweller at the Threshold (who released Ouroborus on Hypnos sublabel Binary in 2001. Fulton also released The Range, a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Giles Reaves, on Binary in 2007, and two collaborations with Hypnos founder M. Griffin, The Most Distant Point Known and Imprint.

Incorporating a blend of rich analog and modular electronics along with digital synthesizers, plus piano and guitar, Of Those Things Left Unsaid evolved over the course of thirteen years’ creation. Composed and recorded by Dave Fulton, with contributions from Jamie Haggerty and Giles Reaves, a completely organic approach to recording was taken, using a variety of vintage electronic synthesizers and early 8 & 12 bit samplers. While much modern electronic music is primarily sequence-driven and quantized to a degree that renders the music more robotic than human, Fulton tried to use computers only as recording the performances, not driving them.

Perhaps Fulton’s most emotive and personal work, Of Those Things Left Unsaid should not only appeal to existing fans of Fulton’s earlier solo and collaborative works, but also those listeners seeking a blend of retro and modern electronic sounds with a smooth musicality.

Listen to MP3 samples and purchase HERE in the Hypnos Recordings section of the Hypnos Online Store.

Weekly Blowout Item: Antonio Testa – Inframundis

This week’s blowout item is Antonio Testa’s INFRAMUNDIS, and we’ve low-priced it at just $4.99 through February 15th.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 10.36.20 AM

Composer, Musician, Percussionist and Producer Antonio Testa specializes in organic sound and the creation of musical atmospheres through the use of a vast array of mostly native and shamanic instruments, together with his own creations made from organic and recycled materials.

Antonio has been active in the field of contemporary music since early 80’s working as a percussionist specializing in tribal and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, ethno-ambient and world music. An artist who is constantly working to expand his knowledge of ethnomusicology and the curative powers of sound, his music (both performed live and recorded) is used widely for healing and various types of therapy sessions, as well as also being used for documentaries, films, exhibitions, TV ads and dance-theatre plays.

Antonio’s versatility as an artist has meant that despite being essentially an organic ambient artist he has, through the course of his career, also performed regularly with artists within the contemporary, ethno-ambient and dance music scene to create memorable synergies of organic and electronic.


“Inframundis (inland universe, latin) is a research of stalagmites and stalagtites sounds mixed with textures and drones; It’s a meditative record and it creates a balance between biosphere and technosphere. The cd gets free all its energies, its little/big sounds, its hidden atmospheres, and microharmonies. The sounds, music, make us come back to the past, offering us the view of a World. The sound evokes angelical moments between the imperceptible evolution of the sound of the sky and the ethnic roots, natural instrumental sounds creating atmospheres which evoke in our imaginary visions and images of the most far places. It is an alchemic project of ancestral sounds. Deeply rooted in our unconscious.”
-Faria Records

Listen to the title track from this album HERE on Antonio Testa’s Soundcloud.

Weekly Sale Item: A Produce

We’ve got two items by A PRODUCE on sale for you this week, and the low prices will be good through February 15th.

WHITE SANDS –Was $9.99, right now just $6.99

“A Produce has done it again with his best work ever, White Sands. This is one of those recordings that gets better with each listening. Is it because it’s timeless, trance inducing, yet ‘alert’ music? That rare moment of clarity when one is quiet yet very ‘alive’? Or is it a reflective, sonic snapshot of an at peace artist? A Produce, I feel, is on to something.”
–Dwight Loop, Santa Fe Sun

“This is a contemplative, diverse mix of slow ambient synthesizer places that compare favorably with similar works by Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Aphex Twin and Sati. The CD flows well even though it contains a considerable variety of sounds, and merits a serious listen. There is something here for every New Age/ambient/space music enthusiast– electronic New Age, tribal techno, meditative, ambient and sombient pieces, as well as works falling between definable genres, making this one of my favorite recent releases of ambient music by a single artist.”
–New Age Voice

“A Produce has consistently turned out albums of highly evocative and frequently very beautiful music which has on occasion been referred to as ‘trance’ music but would more accurately be described as ‘sound paintings.’ Each place evokes a place, a natural environment, a state of being. The composer is subtle in his use of eclectic resources that span the techno-tribal spectrum…. The White Sands anthology is a perfect introduction to this talented artist’s oeuvre.”
–P-Form Magazine

Listen to the track “Clear Pools” from this album HERE on Youtube.


REFLECT LIKE A MIRROR, RESPOND LIKE AN ECHO –Was $9.99, right now just $6.99

Special edition (remastered, with extra tracks) version of 1992 release.

“Absolutely entrancing and mood-seducing, this is active ambient music, and, although electronically derived and motivated, results in an abundancy of lush, warm sounds that invite, beckon and entice. Keyboardist Ruben Garcia assists on the title track and the achingly beautiful “Clear Pools,” where the dark hues of A Produce’s electronics mesh seamlessly with Garcia’s striking digital chords. Captivating.”
–i/e Magazine

“This fascinating CD combines the best of Eno, Budd, Hassell, Roach, Rich, and Borden. The result is a meditative trance journey the like of which I haven’t heard since Michael Stearns’ Planetary Unfolding…. an utterly sublime tour of outer and inner space….. This CD covers a lot of ground and will cross many listening genre boundaries, as is evidenced by its reviews in all the other alternative music publications.”

Follow the link to read more and listen to MP3 samples.