Weekly Sale Item: Four by Robert Rich

We’ve got four from ROBERT RICH  on sale for you this week, and the price-cuts will go through March 8th.

TEMPLE OF THE INVISIBLE Was $8.99, right now just $5.99

First new Rich work since Seven Veils, this one uses entirely “natural” and acoustic sound sources to weave an exotic and hypnotic sound tapestry. Features performances by Forrest Fang, Tom Heasley, Sukhawat Ali Khan and others.

Temple of the Invisible finds Robert Rich at his most organic, eschewing the trappings of modernity or stylistic boundaries. Using only simple acoustic instruments, Rich crafts a document from a distant time and place, a lost culture with musical underpinnings that reach from Java to North Africa, from Medieval Europe to the Tibetan Plateau. “A music-scape that oozes with primitive life, as if pulsing from the swamp itself. . . A time traveller searching for the aperture that looks back to Eden.” –San Francisco Chronicle

CALLING DOWN THE SKY Was $11.99, right now just $7.99
calling sky

Robert’s second self-released disc (following last year’s well-received Temple of the Invisible) is a recording of a 2003 Denver concert — ambient and atmospheric Rich sounds, similar to the Humidity release on Hypnos.

From robertrich.com:
This 74 minute live recording documents an entirely improvised concert in Denver CO, on Saturday July 26, 2003, with an intimate audience who came prepared for anything. With a thunderstorm forming outside, breaking to a peak mid-concert, this improvisation referred directly to the recent weather I had experienced on tour that summer. Below are two journal entries that might flesh out the meaning of the cover artwork, visually interpreted by John Bergin.

OPEN WINDOW Was $11.99, right now just $7.99
open window

Piano Solos

While better known for his electronic textures, Robert Rich often includes piano solos during his live concerts. Open Window documents his improvisational approach to acoustic piano, with influences ranging from Alan Hovhannes, G.I. Gurdjieff and Erik Satie to Terry Riley and Keith Jarrett.

Rich chose to record Open Window on his own 1925 vintage A.B. Chase baby grand, an instrument with a more intimate sound than a full-size concert piano. Over a period of two months, he kept a daily schedule of piano improvisation, with microphones set up to record at all times. The pieces selected here reflect special moments during this concentrated period. These were the moments when effort vanished, and the music seemed to write itself.

MUSIC FROM ATLAS DEI Was $13.99, right now just $8.99
atlas dei

Audio CD including music from the recent Atlas Dei video DVD, for those Robert Rich listeners who don’t care for the video content.

Electronic ambient soundtrack to the film: at times floating, melodic, rhythmic, shadowy, deep, flowing and intense. –cdbaby.com

Visit the ROBERT RICH section of the Hypnos online store to read more and purchase.

Blowout Sale Item: Salvaged Violets (2CD)

Our latest blowout item is Celer’s double-CD SALVAGED VIOLETS, low-priced at just $5.99 through March 1st.

Celer is Will Long, who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan, working in publishing, photography, music, and writing. He manages the label Two Acorns, and handles all releases, communication, and distribution of Celer and Chubby Wolf, also performing live regularly as Celer. He began Celer in 2005 with Danielle Baquet-Long, and continues it solo since 2009.


998 copies. Stoughton mini-lp gatefold CD sleeve. 12 art prints and photographs by Peter Lograsso. Mastered by Corey Fuller.

“Long-form, meditative ambient-drone, character of the duo’s ebbing-and-flowing music. Field recordings and/or acoustic and electronic instruments are used as sources, but what comes out the other end is typically a smooth, metallic shimmer where no single instrument sound stands out.” -textura.org


Weekly Sale Item: Four By Numina

This week we’ve got all four of NUMINA’S Hypnos releases on sale, and the low prices will be good through March 1st!

“Jesse Sola is an American keyboardist who goes under the project name Numina. He was born in 1971 into a musical family, and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Jesse began recording music in his twenties while in college. Jesse’s choice of instrumentation is the use of synthesizers and acoustic instruments melded together to create deep, evolving music that ranges from melancholy to mysterious. Currently, Numina has released albums on his own Numinamusic label as well as Gestalt Records, Hypnos Recordings and Dark Duck Records, and been featured several times on the syndicated radio program, ‘Music From The Hearts of Space.’” -Wikipedia

SANCTUARY OF DREAMS –Was $9.99, right now just $5.99


The first release on Hypnos by this up-and-coming ambient artist based in Colorado. Numina, real name Jesse Sola, arrived on the scene following a handful of self-released albums and quickly rose to become one of the most popular new faces in electronic ambient music.


“SANCTUARY OF DREAMS by Numina (a.k.a. Jesse Sola) comes from the same spark as many other soundworld realizations in the field of Spacemusic. Through the subtle manipulation of deep drones, sub-sonic swells, metallic sonorities and the slow spiraling of contrasting chords, Numina provides the listener with a wondrous sonic sanctuary in which to reflect upon their own inner workings. Throughout his music we find an artist trying to identify his relationship with the scale of his work, and the relationship of this work to the environment. The material on SANCTUARY OF DREAMS guides the form in which Numina is working. The 10 tracks are each a storm of color and sound, less representative of the chaos of the unconscious mind than of the enigmatic and ominous world of dreams . . . visions beyond cognition.” –Chuck VanZyl, Star’s End Radio, WXPN, Philadelphia

“Jesse Sola records as Numina. Sanctuary of Dreams, his first release on a major label (Hypnos Recordings), might be his best effort yet. In the past, his CDs have leaned to the darker sides of ambience. While this disc does have some ominous tones, the overall timbres are gentle and soothing. Sola’s style allows the uplifting chords to be the overriding persona of this CD. He combines organic textures with languid atmospheres to create warm and friendly soundscapes. This disc is a friend. It will appeal to fans of Jeff Pearce, Remco Helbers, Markus Reuter, and Zero Ohms.” –All Music Guide, reviewed by Jim Brenholts

EYE OF THE NAUTILUS –Was $9.99, right now just $5.99

The second release by Numina on the Hypnos label, the follow-up to his acclaimed breakthrough Sanctuary of Dreams. Eye of the Nautilus is similar to its predecessor tonally, but also explores some different themes and textures. Evocative electronic percussion is present at times, but overall the feel is one of deep-space ambience.

It is with good reason that Numina is one of the few names in ambient music to so quickly gain in reputation and prominence in this new millennium. His work evolves dramatically with each new release, and by now he has surely made the transition from “new name you should watch” to the status of “established artist.” This is an album full of ideas, with a fresh and varied sound design.

Guest artist Rudy Adrian lends his trademark sound to the second track, “Secrets from the Flame,” and as with Sanctuary of Dreams, R. Chris Fraley provides artwork, and Hypnos founder M. Griffin is responsible for mastering and layout.

SHIFT TO THE GHOST –Was $9.99, right now just $5.99

Numina’s third album on Hypnos Recordings is “Shift to the Ghost,” a long-form continuous piece with indexed track points. Each song is distinctly different in feel, but the songs evolve seamlessly into each other.

Numina himself states that the album “is about the life and death of the physical self,” hence the title. Whatever the concept, this album contains all the elements Numina fans enjoy, from deep and sombre ambient, to twinkling, swirling space music, constantly evolving. It’s a long, fascinating visual journey, and it never grows tired.

“This release from 2006 features 70 minutes of eerie tuneage. Numina is Jesse Sola. Pensive tonalities rise to insinuate a portentous presence into a brooding darkness. It’s a tenuous presence, however; one that exhibits little animation, watching with unseen eyes and subtly influencing its immediate environs. Sighing electronic textures undulate with luxurious determination. Ethereal waves seep across the firmament, occluding silence with a translucent demeanor. A liquid undercurrent aids this vaporous resonance. Buried in the atmospheric flow are hints of violins and drawn cellos, so deeply immersed that they could well be illusionary sounds. Also lurking in the mix are traces of more demonstrative electronics, but pulsations actually surface to calmly dominate the ambience and generate a savory tension. An eerie mien permeates these songs, but there’s nothing ominous or threatening about these sonic ghosts. They are congenial spirits, conveying wisdom and introspection to the listener. Sola’s predilection for seasoning his pure ambience with softly churning activity imbues this music with a seductive quality. The compositions maintain a resolute dedication to a borderland between minimalism and density, producing tuneage that glimmers with implications as it seethes with gossamer vitality. Harmonic passages are tinged with evocative substance.”
–Reviewed by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity, www.soniccuriosity.com

“In crafting a sonic narrative of the journey from life to afterlife, Numina has created a listening experience that is utterly immersive, a set of pieces that pull you in so deeply that trying to find adequate words for them once you’ve surfaced is difficult. This is signature Numina, moving as slowly as sleeping breath, elegant layers laid thickly upon layers with a certain and graceful hand. Sound textures course across the skin and into the spirit, coaxing the listener with warmth, beauty and imagery. This is the sound of the soul departing, and the sense of the journey itself. Rhythms rise only where they’re needed, as in the dramatic push of “Through the Unseen Barrier.” Shift… is heavy with well-realized aural scenery and emotive tones that fully suit Numina’s intent. The slightly serrated drift of “Arrival to Nowhere” points up the disk’s embrace of dark awe, and “Light Travelling” celebrates the upward release from being with some intriguing sonic turbulence. Who knew crossing over felt this good? There’s a distinct sense of the sacred here in hushed hymnal tones and choral whispers. There is the pull of coerced introspection, and a pure, overarching beauty. There’s not a moment on this disk that isn’t eminently listenable, down to the final quiet exhalations of the gorgeous closer, “The Hostless Ghost.” And that’s why Shift to the Ghost is another Hypnagogue Highly Recommended CD from Numina.” –Reviewed by John @ Hypnogogue

“a Great album. calmful and dark beauty, Highly Recommended!” –Parallel Worlds, on the Hypnos Forum

THE DECEPTION OF REALITY (Digipak) –Was $11.99, right now just $7.99

The Deception of Reality is the fourth Numina release on Hypnos, the first since 2007’s Shift to the Ghost. Still present is Numina’s trademark sound, combining abstract deep-space textures with subtle melodic and rhythmic elements, but with a new emphasis on more vivid sonics. Listeners seeking smooth, creamy synthesizer background textures will still find them, here overlaid with more “up front” accents. Extra care has been taken in the mixing and mastering to preserve the separation and placement of individual instruments, and we believe the result is the best pure sound experience Numina has ever come up with.

As with the last Numina album, The Deception of Reality is a continuous, long-form ambient music piece of about 72 minutes, broken into five “tracks” for listening convenience. Unlike much long-form ambient, this sound work is ever-changing, continually evolving in mood and sound texture, bringing in new instruments while fading out old ones. Despite its continuous format, the album is so varied across its duration that most listeners would likely never notice they’re listening to a single unbroken piece.

Numina is vague about the meaning of the title, which could be taken in any of several ways. Some hint may be derived from the Albert Einstein quote within the liner notes: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

We at Hypnos sincerely believe this to be the best Numina work yet, sure to please his existing fans while perhaps engaging with some new listeners as well.


Jan 2015 Airplay on WVKR Radio’s Secret Music

Our music has been seeing a lot of airplay recently on Secret Music on WVKR radio. Our thanks to Scott Raymond, host of Secret Music.

WVKR-FM “Secret Music” Top 20 Playlist
January, 2015

1. V/A – Ambient Music to Heal: an Album for Our Wounded Warriors – Wayfarer
2. Loscil – Sea Island – Kranky
3. Emerald Web – Whispered Visions – Finders Keepers
4. Kaki King – Everybody Glows – Short Stuff
5. Dave Fulton – Of Those Things Left Unsaid – Hypnos Recordings
6. Tom Teasley – The Love of the Nightingale – Self Released
7. Harold Budd – Jane 12-21 – Darla
8. Antonio Testa & Michel Moglia – Forget The Past – Hypnos
9. Subradial – Ice Diving – Hypnos Recordings
10. Gleisberg & Grassow – Ad Lucem – gterma
11. Markus Reuter – 6 Reflections – Iapetus
12. Syndromeda – Connected – Syngate
13. Dave Luxton – Remnants – Wayfarer
14. Loscil & Fieldhead – Fury & Hecta – Gizeh
15. Neil Tatar and David Darling – Where Did The Time Go – Tasker Music and Tatar Associates
16. Urenga – Mu – gterma
17. Steve Brand – The Space Between – Relaxed Machinery
18. Seetyca – Lieder Zum Summen – gterma
19. Chris Russell and Eyes Cast Down – Memory Palace – Self Released
20. Denise Young – Passionata – Dancing Horses Music


Secret Music Playlist, 1/18/2015

Artist            Song            Album

Chris Russell & Eyes Cast Down        Afterimages    Memory Palace

Antonio Testa & Michel Moglia    Ipnolulv        Forget The Past
Dave Fulton        Of That Death, This Is Said    Of Those Things Left Unsaid
Subradial            Alpha            Ice Diving

Nerell, Roach & Oken        Zone Patrol        Analogy Vol.1
Craig Padilla            Improbability Drive    Analogy Vol.2
Synth.NL            Synthology        Analogy Vol.3

Boreal Taiga            Conifer Forest        Ambient Music To Heal
Emerald Web            Jupiter Stone        Whispered Visions
Loscil                Sturgeon Bank        Sea Island

Aloof Proof            The Search        Expo One
Alp                Brug            Out And About With Alp

Arcane                Gather Darkness        Gather Darkness
Arcane       Dr.Wutzke’s Psychedelic Wonder Machine    33 1/3 RPM

Matteo Palmer            Campfire Blues        Unreleased
Kaki King            Waltz For The Alone    Everybody Glows
Harold Budd            Jane 16            Jane 12-21
Angels Of Venice        Sad Lisa        Angels Of Venice
Azam Ali            Exaltation        Lamentation Of Swans
Tom Teasley            Seven Sages        The Love Of The Nightingale

Posted by: “Scott Raymond/WVKR” <newage@secretmusic.net>


Secret Music Playlist, 1/11/2015

Artist            Song            Album

Steve Brand        A Thousand Little Wounds    The Space Between

Gleisberg & Grassow        Ad Lucem        Ad Lucem
Urenga                Pacific Waters        Mu (The Lost Continent)

Antonio Testa & Michel Moglia    Madre Tierra        Forget The Past
Subradial            Ice Diver        Ice Diving
Dave Fulton        Of Those Things Left Unsaid    Of Those Things Left Unsaid

Porya Hatami & Looma        Sound To Colour        Synesthesia
Porya Hatami            Spoon            Unstable
Porya Hatami        Sea (The Green Kingdom)        Land Remixes

Vic Hennegan            Paper Rain Drops    Ambient Music To Heal
Dave Luxton            Artificial Life        Remnants
Emerald Web            Ice Caves        Whispered Visions

Loscil                Holding Pattern        Sea Island
Loscil & Fieldhead        Fury            Fury And Hecta
Markus Reuter            Glaus Haus 1        6 Reflections

Kaki King    Old Crow And The Miner’s Daughter    Everybody Glows
Harold Budd            Jane 20            Jane 12-21
Neil Tatar & David Darling    Celebration Of Dudek    Where Did The Time Go
Tom Teasley        The Love Of The Nightingale    The Love Of The Nightingale
Denise Young            Above The Clouds    Passionata
Sara Ayers    Winter And The Sound Of Nothing        Sylvatica

Posted by: “Scott Raymond/WVKR” <newage@secretmusic.net>

Recent Airplay on Star’s End Radio

It’s great to get radio airplay for our music. Star’s End Radio, based out of WXPN in Philadelphia, has been playing some of our latest stuff on recent shows. Our thanks to Chuck van Zyl!

STAR’S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 25 January 2015
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia|99.7fmWXPH HarrisburgPA|90.5fmWKHS
Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2014 – Year in Review Part Four *


SubtractiveLAD – Static Kinetic.The Front – First Steps (self-released)
Alpha Wave Movement – Shanti – Horizons (harmonic resonance)
M Akers – Side A (excerpt) – Bayern (self-released)
Cliff Martinez – Aortic Aneurysm Junior – The Knick (milan)
B Ashra – Uranus – Active Agent of Sound II (klangwirkstoff)
Taylor/Grosse – Jenis Kilat Panas – Tourbillon Solo (palace of lights)
Palancar – Harmonic Motion – Counting Raindrops (earth mantra)
Steve Roach/Jorge Reyes – Temple of Dust – The Ancestor Circle (projekt)

AirSculpture – excerpt – Graveyard Shift (self-released)
Modulator ESP – Part 1 – Beyond the Event Horizon (ethereal live)

Vic Hennegan – Departure – Live at The Gatherings (self-released)
Dave Fulton – Stretched – Of Things Left Unsaid (hypnos)
Berlin Heritage – Somewhere In Between – Phoenix (self-released)
SubtractiveLAD – The Sum of All Parts – Paths (self-released)
Antonio Testa/Michael Toglia – Through the Fire – Forget the Past (hypnos)
K Leimer – Increment – The Grey Catalog (palace of lights)
Tapes and Topographies – Skyway to Terminal – Tapes and Topographies
Janneh – Humajataritee – In Acoustics (self-released)
Ocoeur – Red – A Parallel Life (n5md)

Andrew Heath – Still Point – The Silent Cartographer (disco geko)
Michael Jon Fink – Exit – From a Folio (cold blue)
John Luther Adams – Become Ocean – Become Ocean (cantaloupe)
Thomas Newman/Rick Cox – Ashland Schine – 35 Whirlpools Below Sound (cold

Perceptual Defence/Synromeda – Fear of the Emptiness Space   Fear of the
Emptiness Space (syngate)
Forrest Smithson – Windtap – OOTI (self-released)




Also, here’s the December Top 20 Airplay list:

STAR’S END 1-6AM SatNite/SunMorn 88.5FM WXPN Philadelphia, PA
Top 25 for December 2014 (alphabetical) Compiled by Chuck van Zyl


M Akers – Bayern – (self-released)
Brother Saturn – Tales of Space Exploration 25-34 (We Are All Ghosts)
Mick Chillage – Tales From the Igloo [Retold] (Psychonavigation)
The Circular Ruins – Full Circle (dataObscura)
Dave Fulton – Of Things Left Unsaid (Hypnos)
David Harrow – On Forever Gone (Psychonavigation)
Vic Hennegan – Live at The Gatherings (self-released)
Janneh – In Acoustics (self-released)
Janneh – Padmospheres (Free Floating Music)
loscil – Sea Island (Kranky)
K Markov – The Mist (self-released)
Shane Morris – The Full Moon Series (self-released)
Motionfield – Quiet is the New Loud (Autoload)
Ocoeur – A Parallel Life (n5md)
Palancar – Counting Raindrops (Earth Mantra)
Jeff Pearce – December: Solitude (self-released)
Steve Roach/Jorge Reyes – The Ancestor Circle (Projekt)
Dirk Serries – The Origin Reversal (Projekt)
Skoulaman – Dreaming of the Future Reflecting the Past (self-released)
Simon Slator – Spero (We Are All Ghosts)
Tapes and Topographies – Tapes and Topographies (Simulacra)
A Testa/M Toglia – Forget the Past (Hypnos)
Chuck van Zyl – Rituals (Synkronos Music)
Phillip Wilkerson/Chris Russell – Vague Traces (Spotted Peccary)
Various Artists – BFW Christmas 2014 (BFW)



STAR’S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 14 December 2014
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia|99.7fmWXPH HarrisburgPA|90.5fmWKHS
Host: Chuck van Zyl


Vic Hennegan – Departure – Live at The Gatherings (self-released)
Dave Fulton – Stretched – Of Things Left Unsaid (hypnos)
Berlin Heritage – Somewhere In Between – Phoenix (self-released)
SubtractiveLAD – The Sum of All Parts – Paths (self-released)
Antonio Testa/Michael Toglia – Through the Fire – Forget the Past (hypnos)
K Leimer – Increment – The Grey Catalog (palace of lights)
Tapes and Topographies – Skyway to Terminal – Tapes and Topographies
Janneh – Humajataritee – In Acoustics (self-released)
Ocoeur – Red – A Parallel Life (n5md)

Motionfield – Part 2 – Quiet is the New Loud (autoload)
Palancar – Counting Raindrops – Counting Raindrops (earth mantra)
loscil – Sea Island Murders – Sea Island (kranky)
Reznor/Ross – Empty Places.The Way He Looks at Me – Gone Girl (columbia
Brendan Pollard – Space Junk – Collection vol 3 (acoustic wave)

K Markov – Over the Mist – The Mist (self-released)
Perry Frank – The Dawning – Soundscape Box 1 (tranquillo/psychonavigation)
Frank Klare – Dream – Transcendental Medicine (green tree)

Coemgin Cuil – There Was No Gravity – Murmurations (ambient5)
Chuck van Zyl – Ars Moriendi – Rituals (synkronos music)
Torn Curtain – Dawn – Torn Curtain (ventricle)
Skoulaman – Voices of an Analog – Dreaming of the Future Reflecting the
Past (self-released)

Craig Padilla/Zero Ohms – Dream Travel.Terraforming – When the Earth is
Far Away (lotuspike)
Hollan Holmes – The Farthest Fringes.Earthshine – The Farthest Fringes
A Winged Victory for the Sullen – VIII – Atmos (kranky)
Dirk Serries – Remission              –   The Origin Reversal (projekt)