Weekly Sale Item: Perihelion

Our sale item for this week is Viridian Sun’s “Perihelion,” priced at just $5.99 through April 13th.


Following solo releases by both members (synthesist & Hypnos founder Mike Griffin, and guitar experimentalist David Tollefson), sonic adventurers Viridian Sun follow up their daring, acclaimed debut, SOLAR NOISE. PERIHELION goes in a slightly new sonic direction, but retains the intuitive, improvisational approach. The focus remains on creating highly visual and evocative soundscapes, an ever-evolving construction of loops and drifting background textures, both hypnotic and beautiful.


“…my fave release so far from Hypnos. Just excellent.”
–John C. Smith, freelance reviewer

“Definitely the best thing on Hypnos yet.”
–Robert Rich, recording artist

“Mike Griffin and David Tollefson each have credible solo careers yet first came to our attention as the duo Viridian Sun. The word ‘perihelion’ means the point of an orbit closest to the sun. Perihelion, the new Viridian Sun CD, transports the listener to the center of some unexplored system to witness this moody soundworld making its closest approach.”
–Chuck VanZyl, Star’s End Radio, WXPN, Philadelphia

“First of all, the cover is as usual striking and unique, with the ‘trademark’ look of Hypnos. I’m really really enjoying this one. The vision has expanded and the brightness introduced, from the low and subterranean droning structures, you both have realized another brilliant collection of eerie and trance-inducing atmospheres. Perihelion is a strong and very cohensive album which cuts through, blends and corresponds with the perception of the listener. Equally strange, surreal and dense [as the debut Solar Noise] but it’s this album which sets the unified harmony in focus and states with sound what the Hypnos label actually stands for. Exceptional and fascinating.”
–Vidna Obmana

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Weekly Sale Item: Sub.Terra

This week’s sale item comes from the days of the Hypnos/Foundry partnership:
“Sub.Terra” is an experimental compilation featuring Interstitial, Vidna Obmana, Saul Stokes, M. Bentley, and Vir Unis, and we’ve low-priced it at just $4.99 through April 6th.



The latest release from Foundry Records, “sub.terra” is a fascinating compilation based around the concept of creating a series of pieces using only a trumpet as source material. the artists all started with a set of trumpet recordings and from there processed and treated the tracks until they came up with the works contained herein.

and a very impressive collection of works it is! featuring tracks by Vir Unis, vidnaObmana, Saul Stokes, Michael Bentley and Interstitial, “sub.terra” provides not only an excellent group of challenging pieces, it also serves as an introduction to some of the best artists in the field of electronic music today.

with each of the artists contributing their own interpretations, each adding their own particular sounds and flaours, “sub.terra” crosses a range of styles and ideals. from the dark drones of Interstitial, through the percussive groove of Vir Unis, the space and movement of vidnaObmana, the hypnotic chilled electronics of Saul Stokes, and the dark deep-space explorations of Michael Bentley, “sub.terra” is an excellent collection, and well worth checking out. –rik maclean – ping things


This release from features 61 minutes of collaborative electronic ambience.

The project was initiated by Interstitial (aka John Koch-Northrup), who created a basic theme that was then provided to a selection of notable ambient synthesists who elaborated on the original template.

The CD begins with Interstitial’s original theme. An assemblage of ethereal tonalities congeal to generate a distinctly subterranean harmony of subtly varying textures, often pitching shrill enough to emulate horns echoing from cavernous strata.

Then Vir Unis (aka John Strate-Hootman) applies whispering beats and a dreamier sense to the caverous reverberations. While those beats start out as barely noticable, their soft patter rises to more definable status, evoking an anticipatory tension to the mix. Soon, the rhythms evolve into an engaging enhancement that rivals the basic template for the audience’s attention.

The next track finds VidnaObmana embellishing the template with ghostly undertones that accentuate the echoing quality of Interstitial’s melody, changing the mix into a haunting procession through underground tunnels.

Then Saul Stokes takes a shot at mutating the basic theme, transforming Interstitial’s caverous mood into an interstellar medium full of twinkling stars and breathing nebulae. Rhythms emerge to attribute more body to the infinity, and those tempos continue to grow, overwhelming the underlying structure.

Which leads to a remix by Michael Bentley (aka eM), who dissembles the template into quite a different sonic creature. Textures become more elongated, creating a more suspenseful ambience punctuated by horn-bursts of utmost clarity. The introduction of quasi-radio emissions render the piece into a pulsating deconstruction.

The finale belongs to Interstitial, who blends elements from all these collaborators together to produce a magnum opus of ambient proportions. (While the basic template and the other remixes are between 8 to 11 minutes long, this piece clocks in at over 16 minutes.) Expert manipulation infuses aspects from each earlier treatment into the basic theme, producing a lush track that flourishes with variations while taking a more introspective tact. –soniccuriosity.com

We’re down to just a single case of these now, so grab one soon, before they’re all gone!

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Newly Arrived: Lammergeyer and Robert Davies from Dataobscura

We have the latest new items from the Dataobscura label newly added to the Hypnos Store.

Lammergeyer – Between the Lines (Dataobscura category)

(Price: $13.99 CDR) “Lammergeyer returns with a precious collection of what could be called minatures. Eighteen tracks of inventive and often visceral ambient electronica that varies from achingly beautiful to enigmatically intimate and experimental. Expect both a delicacy and lyricism, plus an underlying sensibility that gives to the tracks the sense of listening to a single undulating storyline.” …(MORE/BUY)

Robert Davies – Forgotten Harbors (Dataobscura category)

(Price: $13.99 CDR) “Davies is an artist on a mission. His music delves into an almost mystical encounter with very particular, secluded and intimate recesses of nature. Deeply involved and seriously consistent, Forgotten Harbors continues the exploration.”…(MORE/BUY)

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CD Sale: Diophantine Label

We’ve done a price cut on the entire Diophantine label category on the Hypnos Store.

Birds of Tin – Altarwise (now $7.99, was $11.99)
Kirchenkampf – Babel (2CD) (now $10.99, was $15.99)
The Oratory of Love – Meditatio (now $7.99, was $11.99)
The Infant Cycle – The Sand Rays (now $7.99, was $11.99)

We’ve also added these items to the CLOSEOUT section of the store.

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20MAR2014 gives 20% off purchases over $100.

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Weekly Sale Item: Echoes of Polyhymnia

This week we have our all-female Hypnos compilation, “Echoes of Polyhymnia,” on sale for just $5.99 through March 30th.


Polyhymnia was one of the Muses of Greek myth, specifically the Muse of sacred hymn. Echoes of Polyhymnia compiles music in ambient and related genres composed and recorded exclusively by women. This genre is so male-dominated generally that we had a lot of fun gathering interesting ambient sounds, including some works that have one foot in ambient territory and another foot in one of several different, related genres. It covers styles and flavors as diverse as ambient, drone, glitch, vocal collage, goth and electronica.

Hypnos manager (and artist) Lena Griffin curated this specially-themed compilation which gathers an assortment of ambient & atmospheric sound works from around the world. This project reveals a totally new angle on ambient music, more diverse and wide-ranging than all previous ambient compilations from Hypnos. Ranging from ethereal to dark to pretty to spooky to melodic, we think this album displays a solidly worthwhile musical and soundscape content beyond just the curiosity and “I’ve never seen that before” factor of the theme.

“The nine Muses struck up a lifestirring melody. Polyhymnia, nursingmother of the dance, waved her arms and sketched in the air an image of a soundless voice, speaking with hands and moving eyes in a graphic picture of silence full of meaning.” –The Dionysiaca of Nonnus

“A wonderful compilation from Hypnos, featuring women in ambient music. Highly recommended.” –Scott Raymond, WVKR-FM

“My compliments for /echoes of polyhymnia/, great album!” –Dennis Koepper, Databloem

What ties these ten tracks together is the fact that all of this are by female composers. Some of them operate in the strict Hypnos field of ambient music, such as Kristin Miltner, Margaret Noble, Sara Ayers, Gydja, Amanda Volta (though quite dark there), K. Cornelius (with too much reverb). The exceptions here are made by Stelleria Fennica, whose pieces has some ethereal singing (think Hyperium’ ‘Heavenly Voices’ series), the marimba and glockenspiel minimalism of Clarissa Barba and the treated piano of Rose Bolton. Lena Griffin’s piece for heavily treated viola might pass on as true Hypnos music too, but its so dark that it falls outside the well-known paths too. These four tracks make the difference here, but throughout it was a most enjoyable compilation, with many interesting names to watch out for.” –Frans DeWaard, Vital Weekly