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June 2011 News Archive

(all June 2011 news updates are combined to one entry below)

2011.06.24 (later)

Our $8.99 introductory special for INTANGIBLE by A Produce & Loren Nerell ends soon. The offer has been very popular, but tomorrow the price goes back to $12.99.

For a full description, audio clips, or to purchase, follow the link below the image.

A Produce & Loren Nerell - Intangible

Purchase for $8.99 through June 24
($12.99 thereafter)


The main action going on at the Hypnos Online Store involves Intangible,
released earlier this week but we have other good stuff… the new one from Saul Stokes!

Saul Stokes – Sleek Nucleus
(Stokes category)
(Price: $12.99)
Saul Stokes is definitely one of the most popular artists associated with Hypnos (though he
has also released a lot of music for other labels as well). This is Saul’s
first self-released CD, in a distinctive folder-type package, but the music still has that
recognizable “Stokes sound.”

Saul says:
Stokes is pleased to announce the release of Sleek Nucleus. Eight effervescent songscapes
that simply redefine electronic music. Each song is a crafted fusion of contemporary rhythm
and melody sculpted from Stokes’ hand-made electronic instruments. A lasting and unforgettable
electronic album, Sleek Nucleus continues Stokes’ 17 year history of merging sonic innovation
with soulful song composition.

Track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1 every voyage
2 a two sun summer
3 spun into static
4 pocket universe
5 we. are. signals
6 colonies
7 trace the edge
8 electric moment – with variant impact


We don’t release new music on Hypnos unless it’s something we really feel proud of and think our listeners will
enjoy. Even measured against our usual standard, we think this release is special. It’s the first collaboration
between two of our favorite recording artists, A Produce and Loren Nerell.

Of special note here is that although this CD will be priced at our usual $12.99, we’re offering a very special
deal. Now through Friday, only through the
Online Store
, get Intangible for just $8.99.

Artist: A Produce & Loren Nerell
Title: Intangible
Label: Hypnos (digipak CD)

A Produce & Loren Nerell - Intangible

2011. The first collaboration between two artists well-known to
Hypnos listeners and fans of ambient & experimental music in

While Intangible has a meditative and tranquil drifting quality, it also
incorporates more melodic and rhythmic elements than most ambient music of
the present day. Listeners who like their ambience musical will enjoy this as much
as those who like their drones deep and mystical.

Though it’s the duo’s first collaboration together,
both of them have been releasing music for about a quarter century. These guys are
responsible for some of our “Desert Island Disc” listening material here at Hypnos HQ (A Smooth
and Lilin Dewa are both long-time favorites). Often
at Hypnos we try to introduce new, fresh talent to our listeners, but this is a
case of two music-makers who know all the tricks, and yet continue to create
work as vibrant and inspired as anything on the cutting edge.

A Produce has released ten albums, including two on Hypnos (Smile
on the Void
solo, and Altara in collaboration with Hypnos
founder M. Griffin). Loren Nerell has released solo work on Amplexus, Soleilmoon,
and Side Effects, and collaborated with ambient music giant Steve Roach on
Terraform in 2006.

Track listing with MP3 clips:
01 – Intangible – 08:14 – MP3 clip
02 – Planet Atmo – 13:09 – MP3 clip
03 – String Theory – 03:54 – MP3 clip
04 – Area 51.1 – 07:02 – MP3 clip
05 – Lost in Transformation – 09:26 – MP3 clip
06 – Meadow Dusk – 06:11 – MP3 clip
07 – Pot Covers at Dawn – 06:39 – MP3 clip

Purchase for $12.99 on Hypnos Online Store

Purchase for $12.99 on Hypnos Online Store


Some cool new Lustmord stuff, just added to our store.

Lustmord – [OTHER DUB]
(Lustmord category)
(Price: $13.99)
Dub Remix EP of the LUSTMORD album [ O T H E R ] Featuring Adam Jones of Tool. Total Length: 40:12…
Lustmord – Songs of Gods and Demons
(Lustmord category)
(Price: $17.99)
A Collection of previously unreleased material recorded between 1994 and 2007. Includes works recorded for film and video games. Can be considered as ‘Purifying Fire part 2’…
Isolrubin BK – Crash Injury Trauma
(Lustmord category)
(Price: $9.99)
Crash Injury Trauma is a shocking and disturbing album, unflinching and relentless in its fascination with violent car accidents. Tires skid and horns blare, followed by the sickening sounds of crashing metal and shattering glass, screams, sirens and heart-pounding bass. It‚Äôs a cruel, sadistic and horrifying tour de force in the ambient and power electronics genre. B. Lustmord released Crash Injury Trauma in 1993, as a side project, under the pseudonym Isolrubin BK. Following Heresy and The Monstrous Soul, and preceding The Place Where The Black Stars Hang, the album was recorded during what is now considered a pivotal period in the British artist‚Äôs career. Out of print for nearly a decade, this new 2009 edition has been remastered from the ground up, and is presented in completely redesigned packaging…

May 2011 News Archive

(all May 2011 news updates are combined to one entry below)


A new item from Italy just added to the Hypnos store. Don’t judge a book by the cover, or a CD either.

Alison Wait – Dove Esistono Solo I Ricordi
(Miscellaneous category)
(Price: $13.99)
The name and the cover art bring to mind something soft and feminine, yet this is a recording by two male ambient artists from Italy, and
is quite moody and even dark in tone. Packaged in a beautiful, glossy full-color fold-out sleeve similar to a digipak.

“Alison Wait is the gift of the past. Remembrances of long gone days. Childhood memories amplified through the glass of melancholy. A journey hand in hand with what has
been and will never return. Dark ambiences melt with guitars & lush synths – come with us to the place where Alison Waits”…


Here’s the next release in our Hypnos Secret Sounds reissue series of out-of-print Seren Ffordd releases. This time, it’s Floating.

Artist: Seren Ffordd
Title: Floating
Label: Hypnos Secret Sounds
hss32, limited cdr edition of 300

Seren Ffordd - Floating

Floating is the third release in our reissue series of the out of print recordings by Seren Ffordd, an
ambient artist residing in Wales. Originally released in 2006 on the Italian label Umbra (operated by the great
Italian genius of ambient soundscapes, Oophoi) and now out of print, Floating has been reworked slightly
by Seren Ffordd for enhanced sound quality.

We have previously released Arythmia and Stellar Nurseries in this reissue series, and previously
released Seren Ffordd’s album Veils, Shadows on Hypnos Secret Sounds a few years earlier.

Track listing with mp3 sample clips:
1 Floating 70:30
early mp3,
middle mp3,
late mp3

This limited CDR release on the Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint is available for purchase for $9.99


A few new items featuring Mark Spybey (Download, ex-Zoviet France) in his various incarnations and collaborations, added to the
Hypnos store.

Dead Voices on Air – From Afar all Stars Spark and Glee
(Soleilmoon category)
(Price: $14.99)
Digipak Release from Dead Voices on Air, side project of Mark Spybey.

“The 14th album from this fruitful solo project by in-demand collaborator Mark Spybey (Download, ex-Zoviet-France), From Afar is fixated on space and distance. Spybey utilises them
well, setting cryptic layers of sound at seemingly different points ever towards the horizon.”

Dead Voices on Air – Fast Falls the Eventide (2 CD)
(Soleilmoon category)
(Price: $16.99 2CD)
“Blink twice, listen carelessly and you\’ll fail to discern the minutiae Spybey meticulously works into every one of the pieces sprawling across this 2-CD set’s eminent
domain. Spybey works hard at his art so you don’t have to: rather, as the listener, the participant, the absorber, it\’s more important to ignore categorical tags such as industrial, ambient,
soundscape, et al, and instead gorge deeply on a wriggling, sometimes confrontational puzzlebox of sounds erupting from a bevy of mysterious sources.”
-Lens Records…
Gnome & Spybey – Beyond Willie’s Place
(Soleilmoon category)
(Price: $15.99)
Digipak Release. “Mark Spybey’s been having his way with rhythm and noise for so long that the motifs he’s ascribed over the years are practically commonplace
amongst the novice post-industrialist, or hell, the post-whatever. His is a sound that summons any number of nocturnal beasties from the ether. Throughout the last 25-plus years,
he’s plied his trade and remarkable sonic mojo both solo and in the company of many a forward-thinking electronic engineer. His collaborators include cEvin Key, Eric Pounder,
Jean-Yves Theriault, Jarboe, Mick Harris, Martin Atkins, James Plotkin, Mark Nugent, Orphx, Phil Western, David Wright, Zev Asher, Darryl Neudorf, Ryan Moore, Niels van Hoorn,
Kinder Atom, Evolution Control Committee, Chris Connelly and others. It’s as Dead Voices On Air, however, that some of his most startling ideas emerge fully-realized and
fully-armed; of course, to hear Spybey tell it, once art leaves the nest it’s up to (once again) the recipient to assume the role of engager: My work is created in isolation from
external references. That is the ideal I strive for. Only in this way is it possible to allow the listener an opportunity to create their own understanding of the music, or, as the artist
Joseph Beuys once said, One should resort to interpretation only in an emergency.”
-Tourette Records…


A couple of new ones from Rapoon, of of the most popular artists on our Hypnos store. This
Dream Circle reissue is beautiful — a very special package.

Rapoon – Media Studies
(Soleilmoon category)
(Price: $21.99)
Digipak Release. These recordings include the voice of David Icke. They reflect on the role of the media in shaping and informing opinions
(the war in Iraq for example showed the shameless use of the media by a government intent on war whatever the real facts were) and in furthering prejudices
and persecution of those who have differing views and dare to express them . In 1991 Icke was interviewed on a well known prime time chat show with the
sole purpose of public humiliation for entertainment value. There are many instances of the use of media for manipulation and propaganda and many have succumbed
to the pressures when the media has been directed against them by malevolent forces (Dr David Kelly, UN weapons inspector in Iraq) The words of David Icke are
used here in a benign and impartial way. Whatever your views about the thoughts of the man you have to admire his tenacity against the odds…
Rapoon – Dream Circle (Special edition reissue 2010)
(Soleilmoon category)
(Price: $21.99 limited)
Beautifully produced re-issue of the very first RAPOON album from 1992, released shortly after the split from ZOVIET FRANCE; a classic of ethno-ambient industrialism.
Dark, esoteric and dense, with a lot of haunting loops, frightening whispers and subtle trance-inducing rhythms. Though it’s nearly 20 years old, it sounds fresh and actual,
as now the spiral of time made its turn bringing us closer to this point of eternal dream circle, just one level higher (or lower, who knows?) The release limited to 500 copies
comes in a mini LP-like embossed cover with inner sleeve, both printed gold-on-black…