Textura Reviews Numina’s Deception of Reality

This just in – a review from Textura.org of the latest on Hypnos, from Numina:

“Judging on the basis of The Deception of Reality, Numina’s deep ambient is about as deep as ambient gets. American ambient composer Jesse Sola takes the listener on a seventy-five-minute journey through the outer reaches of space on his fourth Numina release on Hypnos and his first since 2007’s Shift to the Ghost. Though five tracks are indexed and titled, the material plays like an uninterrupted travelogue of epic proportion and immersive character. As a purely listening experience (and played loud enough for maximum impact), the material exudes a grandiose quality and registers as the sonic equivalent of a towering classical architectural structure.

The Deception of Reality carves out an immense reverberant space within which radiant synthetic elements resound and where impenetrably dense textures form backdrops to shimmering electronics and serpentine melodic patterns. Percussive strikes intermittently emerge, though they have less impact in this context when the non-percussive elements are already pitched at such a high level. Long swaths of synthetic sounds stretch across the vast spaces and ethereal choral voices occasionally surface, too. The intensity level remains feverishly high throughout the opening parts, “The Illusion Transmission” and “Our Elegant Experience,” which makes “In Cerulean Haze” all the more appealing for providing a ten-minute interlude of relative placidity and quietude. The nearly twenty-minute “Empire of Nothing” perpetuates that serene state in its swirls of washes and softly whistling tones, after which the luminous “Translunary Return” provides an equally soothing resolution to the project as a whole. That the album is heavily synth-based is borne out by sleeve info
that lists the synthesizers (eight by my count) that Sola used to generate the tracks’ sounds. Production details aside, The Deception of Reality clearly suggests that lovers of deep ambient will find Numina’s material satisfying in the extreme.”

–Reviewed by Textura.org

Our thanks to the crew at Textura!

Deception of Reality Review by Sonic Immersion

Here’s a nice new review of Numina’s latest on Hypnos, The Deception of Reality. The review is written by Bert Strolenberg for the Sonic Immersion review site.

“From the labels notes on Jesse Sola’s concept release “The Deception of Reality” I learned it’s about introspective escapism while balancing light and dark themes, with the music transporting the listener to wherever they wish the music to take them.

Jesse’s previous two albums already opened the doorway to a much deeper and darker-flavoured sonic environment, something that nicely continues on the five lengthy, uninterrupted pieces on this 75-minute album. We’re talking about spacious, slighty melodic but overall expansive soundscapes here that venture into alternate realities with lots of mystic caverns and longform dwellings into the vast unknown.

Besides occasional undercurrents of mourning and melancholy, Numina’s expressive, constantly evolving and overall emotive textures paints beautiful pictures, all fitting in a grand, transparent design. I though can imagine the drifting flow making up the rather Roach-oriented 19-minute “Empire of Nothing” may be a bit too minimal for some. Fortunately, the smooth, warm and dreamy waves of the final track “Translunary Return” again pull things in a different direction.

All in all, if you love imaginary and in-depth ambient soundscape music, the excellently mastered “The Deception of Reality” won’t disappoint the least.”

–Reviewed by Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion

Our thanks to Bert for this review.

Buy the CD for $12.99, or read more, or hear clips.

Oct 14, 2012 Playlist, Scott Raymond WVKR

The latest Secret Music playlist from WVKR radio includes airplay of a track from Numina’s latest. Thanks to host Scott Raymond for featuring this.

Here’s my playlist for Sunday, October 14, 2012. Enjoy!

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524


————– Enclosure number 1 —————-
Secret Music Playlist, 10/14/2012

Artist Song Album

Softbase Journey 1 Sojourn

Igneous Flame & Ensueno Lightstorm Pandora
Sebastian Plano Living The Arrhythmical Part Of Hearts
Dan Pound Way To Ecstasy Return To Other Worlds

Bryan Carrigan Balloons Passing Lights
Bryan Carrigan Red Moon Focus
Bertrand Lodeau Welcome To The Show Journey Through The Past

Paul Sutin Passione Magica Seraphim
Merl Saunders Blues From The Rainforest Blues From The Rainforest
Stairway Aquamarine Moonstone
Shayla Mirage Vision Seeker

Jason Sloan Pulsar Fall Of The Fifth Sun
Andrew Lahiff Faraway Coastlines Inner Worlds Returning
Alpha Wave Movement Cliff Dwellers Dominion Eolian Reflections
Numina In Cerulean Haze The Deception Of Reality

Arcane Storm Force Glow
Uwe Reckzeh Waiting Steelness Mirror Images
Graham Getty Part 4 The Lattice

Jeff Pearce Autumn & Regret II In The Season Of Fading Light
Ed Gerhard Rye Whiskey Mash There And Gone
Montana Skies Classical Gas Cello Guitar Fusion
Kevin Keller Innocence The Day I Met Myself
Jill Haley Floating In The Narrows Zion And Bryce Canyon Soundscapes

Star’s End Airplay Top 20 for Numina, Sept 2012

Another monthly Top 20 airplay list featuring Numina’s latest – from yet another of our favorite radio shows of all time, Star’s End in Philadelphia, hosted by Chuck van Zyl.

Many thanks, Chuck!

STAR’S END 1-6AM SatNite/SunMorn 88.5FM WXPN Philadelphia, PA
Top 20 for September 2012 (alphabetical) Compiled by Chuck van Zyl


Ian Boddy – After the Rain – DiN/DDL
The Circular Ruins – The Birth of Tragedy – dataObscura
Divine Matrix – Atmospheric Variations – AD Music
Mark Dwane – Archives 2 – self release
Paul Ellis – I Am Here – Lotuspike
Hammock – Departure Songs – self released
Bertrand Loreau – Journey Through the Past – Spheric
Maculatum – The Nameless City – Malignant
Cliff Martinez – Arbitrage – Milan
Mum – Early Birds – Morr Music
Northcore – Desatero – Spotted Peccary
Numina – The Deception of Reality – Hypnos
Steve Roach – Stormwarning – Projekt
Terje Rypdal – Odyssey – ECM
Howard Shore/Metric – Cosmopolis – Howe
Sonogram – Apparant Microdots – Simulacra
Sphare Sechs – Tiefschlaf – Malignant
Trinity – Music for Angels – AD Music
Philip Wilkerson – Highlands – Free Floating Music
Philip Wilkerson – Complex Silence 23 – Tree Trunk


More Airplay for Numina’s Deception of Reality

Here’s another instance of airplay for Numina’s latest album, The Deception of Reality — this time, our thanks go out to Scott Raymond of WVKR radio.

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524


————– Enclosure number 1 —————-
Secret Music Playlist, 10/7/2012

Artist Song Album

Numina Empire Of Nothing The Deception Of Reality

Bertrand Lodeau Moog On The Moon Journey Through The Past
Bryan Carrigan Circle Of Sound Focus
Bryan Carrigan The Flickering Passing Lights

Dan Pound Sorcerer’s Chamber Return To Other Worlds
Igneous Flame & Ensueno Fiat Lux Pandora
Sebastian Plano Homage To A Soul The Arrhythmical Part Of Hearts

Vicki Richards Earthwalker Temple Dwellers
Rasa Samsara Union
Michael Pluznick Savannah Dance Where The Rain Is Born
Kate Price Siuil A Ruin Deep Heart’s Core

Arcane Acts Of Mass Quarantine
Uwe Reckzeh Always Sunday Mirror Images
Graham Getty Part 5 The Lattice

Paul Ellis She Who Watches I Am Here

Alpha Wave Movement Full Moon At Window Arch Eolian Reflections
Andrew Lahiff Sanctuary From Modern Dreams Inner Worlds Returning
Jason Sloan 3330 Khz Fall Of The Fifth Sun

Jeff Pearce Harvest Prayer In The Season Of Fading Light
Ed Gerhard Three Quarter North There And Gone
Montana Skies Message In A Bottle Cello Guitar Fusion
Kevin Keller Searching The Day I Met Myself