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Martian Chronicles on WVKR June Top 20

Lots of recent airplay from Scott Raymond on WVKR radio’s “Secret Music!

WVKR-FM “Secret Music” Top 20 Playlist
June, 2012

1. Various Artists – Take To The Trees – Sound For Good
2. Ben Kettlewell – Retrospective – Lyrebird Media
3. Kyle Bobby Dunn – Bring Me The Head Of Kyle Bobby Dunn – Low Point
4. Adam Hurst – Obscura – Self Released
5. Adam Howe and Adam Werner – Unspoken – Self Released
6. Mark Mahoney and Michael Peck – Mindshed – Ethereal Live
7. Niyaz – Sumud – Six Degrees Records
8. David Temple – Arrival – Self Released
9. Seren Ffordd & Oöphoi – The Martian Chronicles – Hypnos Recordings
10. Dave Luxton – Singularity In Sound – Wayfarer
11. The Winterhouse – Winter Gardens – Dataobscura
12. Marcus Fischer – Collected Dust – Tench
13. Steven Lance – Fringe Runner – Self Released
14. Strom Noir – Standing Out Against The Sea – Dataobscura
15. AeTopus – Between Empires – 12Ton Productions
16. Seaworthy – Bellows And Breath – Preservation
17. Greg Haines – Digressions – Preservation
18. Steve Brand – Subtle Movements Inside – Relaxed Machinery
19. Markus Mehr – In – Hidden Shoal
20. Isadar – Reconstructed: Solo piano – Mainya Music

Urbs and Martian Chronicles on Star’s End Radio

This weekend’s edition of Star’s End radio featured a couple of recent Hypnos releases (along with lots of other great stuff), Urbs and The Martian Chronicles. Our thanks to Chuck van Zyl for the airplay!

STAR’S END 1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning Playlist for 17 June 2012
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia|99.7fmWXPH HarrisburgPA|90.5fmWKHS Worton/BaltimoreMD|
Host: Chuck van Zyl


‘ramp – Track for Michael Hoenig (excerpt) – Manikin Records Second
Decade (manikin)
The Tangent Project – Origami – Live 2010-2011 (self-released)
Dave Luxton – Data Ghost – Singularity in Sound (wayfarer)
Takashi Suzuki – Episode 5 – Cycle (calm records)
Uma – Thirst for Light – Meeting Unknown (self-released)
Sigur Ros – Valtari – Valtari (xl recordings)
Retina.it – Freezng the Fourth String – Descending Into Crevasse
(glacial movements)
Erik Wollo – Pastorale – Images of Light (wanderings)
Pragledren – Slower Motions – Slower Motions (dank disk)

Redshift – Redshift – Redshift (distant sun)
Node – Propane – Node (deviant)
Tangerine Dream – Invisible Limits – Stratosfear (virgin)
Berlin Heritage – Spectral Enso – Land of the Rising Sun (spheric)

Anthony Rother – Parts 1 2 3 4 5 – Elixir of Life (fax)
The Tangent Project – Red Tape – Fuse (self-released)
Chuck van Zyl – Desolate Consort.Stories in Stone.Momento Mori –
MemorySpace (synkronos)

Bruno Sanfilippo – Urban Flow – Urbs (hypnos)
Shane Morris/Mystified – Jurassic Dawn – Epoch (lotuspike)
Forrest Fang – Sleeping Snakes – Animism (projekt)
Strom Noir – Poppy Seeds.Standing out Against the Sea – Standing Out
Against the Sea (dataObscura)
Groupthink – Absolute Doubt – Of Microscopic Origins (periphery)

The Winterhouse – Solitude – Winter Gardens (dataObscura)
A Winged Victory for the Sullen – A Symphony Pathetique – A Winged
Victory for the Sullen (kranky)
Alio Die – Obliterated Alcove – Deconsecrated and Pure (projekt)
Seren Ffordd/Oophoi – Blue Fire – The Martian Chronicles (hypnos)
Steve Roach – Where Rasa Lives – Back to Life (projekt)



Interested in buying those CDs? We’ve got ’em.

More info / buy Urbs for $12.99

More info / buy The Martian Chronicles for $12.99

Martian Chronicles Airplay June 10, WVKR Radio

Thanks again to Scott Raymond, WVKR radio’s “Secret Music,” for his ongoing support of our Hypnos CD releases.

Secret Music Playlist, 6/10/2012

Artist Song Album

Markus Mehr Komo In

Groupthink Region Of Mirrors Take To The Trees
Aetopus Shifting Between Empires
Dave Luxton In Through The Wires Singularity In Sound

The Winterhouse This Land Drifts Into Silence Winter Gardens
Seren Ffordd & Oophoi Blue Fire The Martian Chronicles

Ben Kettlewell Strings In The Wind Retrospective
Steven Lance Goodbye, Our Sun Fringe Runner
Mark Mahoney & Michael Peck To Look Up In Awe Mindshed

Kyle Bobby Dunn An Evening With Dusty Bring Me The Head Of…
Seaworthy Creaking Panels West Bellows And Breath
Marcus Fischer Constant Collected Dust

Jeff Pearce Harbinger Texture
Thom Brennan Part 2 Stories From The Forest
The Tenth Planet A New Low The Tenth Planet

Adam Howe & Adam Werner The Unspoken Unspoken
Niyaz Sosin Sumud
Adam Hurst Incantation Obscura
David Temple Brown Eyes Arrival
Kelly Sciandra Someone Like You In Session
Isadar Active Imagination Reconstructed

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524



Hypnos Store Add: Dreamfields by Oophoi & Paul Vnuk Jr.

Newly added to the Hypnos store, Dreamfields by Oophoi & Paul Vnuk Jr. It’s a sequel of sorts to the highly regarded and critically acclaimed album Distance To Zero released in 2006 on Hypnos, this time released on the Czech label Nextera.

Paul Vnuk, rican synthesist, percussionist and sound designer, also known from tribal ambient duo Ma Ja Le with Christopher Short, reveals:

“For me the story of Dreamfields starts before our [Gigi’s & my] first collaboration Distance to Zero. Back in 2005 I sent Gigi a CD of loops improvised in my studio on a Lexicon Jamman and a Boomerang looping pedal. Part of those even included my then 8-year-old son reading improvised poetry. These loops were meant to get the ball rolling on our collaboration, but rather than using these loops at the time, Gigi instead sent me back a set of all new tracks that were inspired by my loops. I then added my parts and that became our 1st album. Then in 2009, unknown to me he went back to those original loops and blended them into his alchemic audio processes and created a whole new musical work. I then spent parts of 2010 and 2011 overdubbing further additions, crafting a final mix and a master. Dreamfields is a deep collaboration made up of many layers. I see it as a great sonic painting that contains a nice balance of our individual voices as well as some new sonic landscapes that neither of us expected and I am very proud of the result!”

More info / Buy for $13.99

June 3 Martian Chronicles Airplay on WVKR

More airplay from Scott Raymond at WVKR radio. Thanks Scott!

Secret Music Playlist, 6/3/2012

Artist Song Album

Greg Haines Azure Digressions

Seren Ffordd & Oophoi Canals The Martian Chronicles
The Winterhouse The Depths Of Winter Winter Gardens
Strom Noir In All The Wrong Places Standing Out Against The Sea

Kyle Bobby Dunn The Calm Idiots Of Yesterday Bring Me The Head Of…
Seaworthy Below The Windswept Field Bellows And Breath
Marcus Fischer Constant Collected Dust

Todd Fletcher Monterey Cypress Take To The Trees
redgreenblue Power Of Wind Take To The Trees
Aetopus Wending Between Empires
Dave Luxton Upon The Deep Singularity In Sound

Ben Kettlewell Kanji Retrospective
Steven Lance Our Gods Are All Dead Fringe Runner
Mark Mahoney & Michael Peck The Pale Blue Dot Mindshed

Mara’s Torment Loss Secret Music
Vidna Obmana Part 1 Phrasing The Air

Adam Howe & Adam Werner Rise Of The Phoenix Fire Unspoken
Niyaz Mazaar Sumud
Adam Hurst Hidden Door Obscura
David Temple Eternal Summer Arrival
Isadar Summer Nights Reconstructed

If you’d like to order The Martian Chronicles

Purchase The Martian Chronicles for $12.99 on the Hypnos Online Store