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Martian Chronicles Airplay June 10, WVKR Radio

Thanks again to Scott Raymond, WVKR radio’s “Secret Music,” for his ongoing support of our Hypnos CD releases.

Secret Music Playlist, 6/10/2012

Artist Song Album

Markus Mehr Komo In

Groupthink Region Of Mirrors Take To The Trees
Aetopus Shifting Between Empires
Dave Luxton In Through The Wires Singularity In Sound

The Winterhouse This Land Drifts Into Silence Winter Gardens
Seren Ffordd & Oophoi Blue Fire The Martian Chronicles

Ben Kettlewell Strings In The Wind Retrospective
Steven Lance Goodbye, Our Sun Fringe Runner
Mark Mahoney & Michael Peck To Look Up In Awe Mindshed

Kyle Bobby Dunn An Evening With Dusty Bring Me The Head Of…
Seaworthy Creaking Panels West Bellows And Breath
Marcus Fischer Constant Collected Dust

Jeff Pearce Harbinger Texture
Thom Brennan Part 2 Stories From The Forest
The Tenth Planet A New Low The Tenth Planet

Adam Howe & Adam Werner The Unspoken Unspoken
Niyaz Sosin Sumud
Adam Hurst Incantation Obscura
David Temple Brown Eyes Arrival
Kelly Sciandra Someone Like You In Session
Isadar Active Imagination Reconstructed

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524



June 3 Martian Chronicles Airplay on WVKR

More airplay from Scott Raymond at WVKR radio. Thanks Scott!

Secret Music Playlist, 6/3/2012

Artist Song Album

Greg Haines Azure Digressions

Seren Ffordd & Oophoi Canals The Martian Chronicles
The Winterhouse The Depths Of Winter Winter Gardens
Strom Noir In All The Wrong Places Standing Out Against The Sea

Kyle Bobby Dunn The Calm Idiots Of Yesterday Bring Me The Head Of…
Seaworthy Below The Windswept Field Bellows And Breath
Marcus Fischer Constant Collected Dust

Todd Fletcher Monterey Cypress Take To The Trees
redgreenblue Power Of Wind Take To The Trees
Aetopus Wending Between Empires
Dave Luxton Upon The Deep Singularity In Sound

Ben Kettlewell Kanji Retrospective
Steven Lance Our Gods Are All Dead Fringe Runner
Mark Mahoney & Michael Peck The Pale Blue Dot Mindshed

Mara’s Torment Loss Secret Music
Vidna Obmana Part 1 Phrasing The Air

Adam Howe & Adam Werner Rise Of The Phoenix Fire Unspoken
Niyaz Mazaar Sumud
Adam Hurst Hidden Door Obscura
David Temple Eternal Summer Arrival
Isadar Summer Nights Reconstructed

If you’d like to order The Martian Chronicles

Purchase The Martian Chronicles for $12.99 on the Hypnos Online Store

Bert Strolenberg Reviews The Martian Chronicles

Thanks to Bert Strolenberg of the review site SonicImmersion.org for this new review of The Martian Chronicles by Oöphoi and Seren Ffordd.

The Martian Chronicles is a 74-minute longform album inspired by Ray Bradbury’s short science fiction story by the same name. It is the first collaborative album between Oöphoi (aka Italian drone expert Gianluigi Gasparetti) and Welch soundscape composer Seren Ffordd (aka Andy Benford).

What we got here is a deep and immersive work of cinematic ambient that took about three years in the making. The seven tracks feature vast, dark and slow morphing drone textures along field recordings and percussion, making up an intense trip into a mysterious and alienating world with psychedelic edges.

The Martian Chronicles is a spacious recording meant for deeper and focussed listening, that seems to submerge the listener even more when heard with a good pair of headphones. If you’re into dense ambient art works with both subtle changes along fine environmental sounds, this quality album is for you.”

Review by Bert Strolenberg

Purchase The Martian Chronicles for $12.99 on the Hypnos Online Store

Two Reviews of The Martian Chronicles by Seren Ffordd and Oophoi

Our second-to-newest Hypnos release, The Martian Chronicles by Seren Ffordd and Oophoi, has received some positive reviews. If you’d like to order the CD, you can follow the link at right (just click on the cover), or go here.

Two drone purveyors are unlocking the gateway of the Void, enter now!!!

Seren Ffordd, in Wales based drone master, has released since 2006 several albums and EPs on Oöphoi’s Umbra and Penumbra labels. Now teamed with the Italian drone king for their first collaborative work, “The Martian Chronicles”, on Hypnos, where both artists have released several albums (Seren Ffordd on Hypnos Secret Sounds). Sculpted during 2006-2009 and inspired by Ray Bradbury’s short science fiction story from 1950, “The Martian Chronicles”, released in October 2011 and packaged in attractive 4-panel digipak, is an adventurous and deep sonic exploration merging the talents of Andy Benford aka Seren Ffordd and Gianluigi Gasparetti aka Oöphoi. Nearly 15 minutes long overture, “The Long Years”, opens this grandeur voyage with colossally deep drones with invading bells, gongs and extraterrestrial-infused rumblings and resonations. A truly immense soundwalls designed for all aficionados of ultra deep, massive ambience, magnificent!!! With the next, again 15-minute composition, we dive straightly into a chasmic void. “Dead Cities” are painted in the first half with extremely freezing drones and mechanized breathings climbing into the throne of drones, while in the second half the breathings slowly dissolve and some, rather distractive and ominous effects step into the fore and color this ultimate giant drone wizardry. This is stunningly stellar and powerful sound sculpting evoking wonderful sense of spatial emptiness!!! “Blue Fire”, another longer piece, keeps on the more active, emerging route, where assorted, mostly otherworldly, at times oddly sounding effects and outbursts enrich the drone. Also few recognizable sounds can be heard, for example something like a trot of a horse. “End Of A Changeling” is shorter, eclectic piece featuring extracts from each track, cut and mixed. “Canals” opens with watery and distant storm sounds that support more free floating drifts, quite relieving and relaxing when comparing to preceding adventurous sonic alchemy. The next composition, “Flamebirds Waiting For The Storm”, as its title tells, is flavored with processed bird calls, later the rain and thunder shake the heaven to achieve the most organic environment. Deeply echoed, slow-motion drones with occasional rumblings escape into the darkness of sinkholing “Unremembered” and provide the closing part of this truly absorbing and fantabulous sonic mystery and mastery. “The Martian Chronicles” is purely transcendental listening experience!!! Two drone purveyors are unlocking the gateway of the Void, enter now!!!”

–Review by Richard Gurtler


“‘The Martian Chronicles’ by Seren Fford + Oophoi, apparently inspired by Ray Bradbury’s story collection of the same name, is a haunting and deeply immersive sonic voyage to multiple alien worlds. While certainly evocative of the Martian setting, TMC is just as easily placed closer to home, say, in the romantic lost cities of ancient Mesoamerica or the Central Asian Silk Road; or even within the microcosm of our own minds, in the uncharted bottomless regions of our unconscious, peopled by numinous forces and archetypes, beings as foreign from our normal selves as the remotest galaxies.

Since I’m unfamiliar with Bradbury’s work, I enjoy the music best with a sort of visualization.

For example, as the music starts, let’s imagine ourselves transported to a bleak wind-swept land/mind-scape (Track 1 – The Long Years). In the wind’s furious howls, we make out voices: murmurs(?) or incantations(?) in an unknown vanished tongue.

When the wind dies down and the dust settles, we see the crumbling fantastic architecture of great cities, the ruins of a civilization long forgotten (Track 2 – Dead Cities). As we touch the decaying walls, we feel like walking in a dream or witnessing some secret shamanic vision (Track 3 – Blue Fire). The voices are growing louder; the buildings are taking on a newer sheen. The silent cities are coming back to life!

Night falls; the shadows stretch and disappear into the darkness (Track 4 – End of a Changeling). The weird vision continues, bringing back long-gone sounds and memories, the unfamiliar ghosts of the vanished people (Track 5 – Canals).

Suddenly, our trance breaks. It was just an illusion after all. This world is long dead. Its only inhabitants now are grotesque bird-like creatures that watch us threateningly from the collapsing roofs (Track 6 – Flamebirds Waiting for the Storm).

Yet why do the faces of these beasts bear mournful, almost human expressions? Are they perhaps reflecting on life’s brief span, on the vanity of existence and power, as if too much fallen glory had softened even their brutish hearts? No, the noxious alien atmosphere is just playing tricks on our sensibilities. This world died long ago (Track 7 – Unremembered). If there had been any mourners, they didn’t have long to await their turn.

End of visualization. Well, you get the idea now. ‘Mars’ is not a planet, it’s a state of mind. The setting could really be anywhere strange and special to your imagination. Wherever you find yourself, TMC, this ambient masterpiece, will work invariably well.”

–Review by JLP on amazon.com

Our Sale Ended Too Soon

It appears I mistakenly ended the special $8.99 deal for Seren Ffordd & Oophoi’s THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES too early. Apparently I misunderstood my own email announcement!

For those of you who ordered during the brief period yesterday when I re-set the price from $12.99 to $8.99, we’re reducing your charge by $4 to adjust for this. The price on the store has been restored to $8.99 through today, when it returns to the long-term price of $12.99. Sorry for the error!