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Urbs Reviewed by Sonic Immersion

Bert Strolenberg has just posted this review of Urbs by Bruno Sanfilippo, the most recent Hypnos CD release. Access the review page directly here.

On “Urbs”, Bruno Sanfilippo introduces the listener in the amazing world of city soundscapes and its vast array of noises. Bruno tried to merge this mysterious alchemy from a punctual approach, discrete in elements and discourses.

“Urbs” offers a spacious, mysterious and above all hypnotizing sonic ride through the multiple dimensions of inner city life in four lengthy tracks. Don’t think this is kind of background music as the gliding and gradually shifting effect of noises and field recordings melted together demands focussed listening.

I’m personally not too amused by the occasional, slightly distracting experimental cracks and noises as employed in “Chaotic Order” (with its 25-minute duration the longest track on the album).

Fortunately, a sense of harmony and stillness slides back on “The Gray Umbrella”, in a way slightly approaching Vangelis “Bladerunner” atmosphere.

All in all, “Urbs” makes an intense listening experience.

Many thanks to Bert for the review!

More info / buy direct for $12.99

So Far Everybody Loves Urbs

Many of our listeners are just receiving their recent orders generated during our special Urbs offer. Also, we’re still sending out promotional copies to radio DJs and music reviewers, so we’re just starting to receive initial responses to this release.

So far, everybody loves it!

Here’s a quick selection of comments we’ve received so far.

“It looks like Hypnos hit the bullseye with this splendid release. It’s already among my top favorites. Bruno’s best by far IMHO…. This music deserves a mountain of praise. Congrats to Hypnos for such a memorable release.”
(comment from customer Joe Pe via email)

“The debut CD on Hypnos by Spanish ambient maestro Bruno Sanfilippo could not possibly be any more impressive. In fact, to these ears it is one of the finest discs Hypnos has released in the last 15 years.”
(first two lines of review by Hypnos Forum member Drone On, complete review here)

Urbs is stirringly challenging and refreshing, carefully sculpted and fused into amazingly homogeneous structure, with strong attention paid to every detail. This album delivers enormous amount of spectacular listening moments and transports each listener into magnificently immersing urban environments. Bravo to Bruno Sanfilippo, bravo to Hypnos!!!”
(excerpt of review by Richard Gurtler, complete review here)

BUY URBS! Our special “week 1″ price offer is over (even after we extended it a second week) but you can still purchase Urbs for the regular price of $12.99.

Urbs $8.99 Intro Special Ends

We extended the $8.99 intro special for Urbs longer than usual, and have switched the price back to the regular long-term price of $12.99.

The intro special deal continues to be a success, and we want to thank everyone who took advantage of the deal. Remember, by supporting small labels like Hypnos, you enable us to keep releasing CDs in a world where more and more labels go download-only. We really appreciate every one of you who purchases our music. Thanks!

Urbs Available in Package Deals from AD21

Those of you who read this page at all regularly by now have certainly seen many announcements about Urbs by Bruno Sanfilippo, now available through the Hypnos Online Store.

Of course, we’re aware not everyone wants to order from our store, including those of you who might want the very latest Hypnos CD. This is especially true for those of you in Europe. Well, if you’re interested in getting Urbs directly from the AD21 label, co-owned by Bruno Sanfilippo, they’re offering it as part of a package deal along with a number of other releases on this fantastic label. Here’s their announcement, including a link.

COMBO PACK CDs | Urbs, Bioma plus 18 titles in a special section in our ad21 store. ad21 is the first independent spanish label featuring ambient, electronic, minimalism and contemporary musical forms.
Our mission is to offer our music free of decisions imposed by the modes, commercial interests or any commitment other than our independent artistic creation.
So it’s only thanks to the unconditional support of our listeners & fans, we can continue offering our albums in physical form.

Buying our albums you are helping us to continue releasing our music on CD format.

We believe that the instrumental music can lead the soul into a state of sacred intimacy.

Sincerely, the ad21 team.

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