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The Martian Chronicles

Hypnos Artists - A Produce

A Produce utilizes both electronic and acoustic instrumentation to create atmospheric and evocative sound environments.

He recently released Smile on the Void, his first solo album of new material in five years, which followed his first Hypnos release Altara, a collaboration with Hypnos founder M. Griffin.

Visit the "Official A Produce Web Site", located at http://www.hypnos.com/aproduce

A Produce discography

(CDs on Trance Port unless otherwise noted):
"The Clearing" (vinyl LP) 1988 (out of print)
"Migration" (w/ Pierre Lambow) 1990 / "Viva L.A. II" (Italy) (out of print)
"Dragon's Breath" (w/ Pierre Lambow) 1991 / (Objekt) (out of print)
"Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo" 1992 (out of print)
"A Smooth Surface" (EP) 1994 (out of print)
"Land of 1000 Trances" 1994
"White Sands" 1995
"Inscape and Landscape" 1996
"Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo" 1997 (special edition)
"Altara" (with M Griffin, on Hypnos) 1999
"Smile on the Void" (Hypnos) 2001

A Produce email (trancept@aol.com)