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Seren Ffordd
Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows

Dave Fulton
Of Those Things Left Unsaid

Ice Diving

Antonio Testa & Michel Moglia
Forget the Past

Robert Rich
Trances & Drones

Robert Rich
Sunyata & Inner Landscapes

The Deception of Reality

Bruno Sanfilippo

Seren Ffordd + O÷phoi
The Martian Chronicles

Hypnos Artists: Bruno Sanfilippo

Bruno Sanfilippo (b.1965) Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1988 he graduated from the Galvani Conservatory [Buenos Aires] with a degree in musical composition [piano]. He has lived in Barcelona, Spain since 2000, where he founded the label ad21music. Since then he has contributed to several compilations and also collaborated on projects with Byron Metcalf, Mathias Grassow, Max Corbacho and Alio Die (Stefano Musso).

Sons of the Light (1991), ad21music
The New Kingdom (1995), ad21music
Solemnis (1998), ad21music
Suite Patagonia (2000), ad21music
Visualia (2003), Neuronium Records
Indalo with Max Corbacho (2004), ad21music
Ad Libitum (2004), ad21music
Anthology 91-04 (2005), Neuronium Records
InTRO (2006), ad21music
Piano Textures (2007), ad21music
Ambessence Piano & Drones (with Mathias Grassow) (2008), ad21music
Auralspace (April 2009), ad21music
Piano Textures 2 (2009), ad21music
Cromo piano & drones (with Mathias Grassow) (2010), ad21music
Subliminal Pulse (2011), Spotted Peccary
Bioma (with Max Corbacho) [2011] ad21