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Dave Fulton
Of Those Things Left Unsaid

Ice Diving

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Forget the Past

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Robert Rich
Sunyata & Inner Landscapes

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The Martian Chronicles

A Produce & Loren Nerell

Hypnos Artists - Dave Fulton

Dave's most recent Hypnos-related work is The Range, a collaboration with Giles Reaves released on the Hypnos/Binary sublabel in April 2007. The release will be supported by a loosely-scheduled mini-tour of sorts, including performances at The Gathering in Philadelphia, and an Echoes Living Room Concert, as well as local shows in Portland and elsewhere. Details of these shows will be listed on the Hypnos News page.

Dave Fulton contributed the track "Floating in Two Thirds" to the Hypnos compilation Weightless, Effortless. Fulton's first solo CD release Hard Particles is now available on Eurock Records, but he is best known as part of the group Dweller at the Threshold, which has released two albums:
No Boundary Condition (1996) and Generation/Transmission/Illumination(1998) and their third album Ouroborus was released on Hypnos/Binary in 2001.

Recently, Fulton collaborated with Hypnos founder & Viridian Sun member, Mike Griffin. Their first CD titled The Most Distant Point Known was released on Hypnos in 2000, and its follow-up Imprint came out in 2002.

Dave Fulton email (fulton@hypnos.com)

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