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The Martian Chronicles

Hypnos Artists - Jeff Greinke

Jeff Greinke has established himself, during a long career, as one of the most important figures in ambient/atmospheric and experimental electronic music.

He has released almost twenty albums on a number of different labels worldwide. Two of his most recent releases include Places of Motility (1998) on Hypnos, and in 1999 on Hypnos, Lost Terrain, a reissue of one of his finest works. He also contributed the track "Humid," on the Hypnos compilation The Other World. Most recently he released Wide View, a new work on Hypnos.

A full discography, images, and audio clips are available at his official web site, linked below. Recently, Greinke and three other artists founded a new label called First World Distribution, to release their own music and that of like-minded others. Early releases include works by Greinke solo and with Anisa Romero, Trey Gunn, Bill Rieflin, and others. Visit the FWD web site at the link below.

visit the Official Jeff Greinke web site
visit the First World Distribution web site