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Hypnos Artists - Jeff Pearce

Jeff Pearce has quickly established himself as one of the most unique and important artists in the field of ambient and atmospheric music.

His personal approach is to craft rich, smooth, otherworldly drifts of ambience using electric guitars as his only sound source. It is no exaggeration to say that perhaps only Robert Fripp has done as much to advance the art of atmospheric guitar music.

In 1998 Pearce released Daylight Slowly on Hypnos, his fourth album, a collection of and experimental and demo tracks that led to his third album, Vestiges. His collaboration with Vidna Obmana, True Stories, was released in July 1999 on the Canadian label Mirage, and he also performed on Vidna Obmana's last solo release, Crossing the Trail, released on Projekt in 1998. Pearce's track "The Sacred Descent" can be heard on the Hypnos compilation The Other World.

This was followed in early 2000 by To the Shores of Heaven, perhaps his finest and most sonically varied work, which was also his most popular and acclaimed. He followed this with The Light Beyond in 2001 and Bleed in 2002, both on Hypnos. He has also self-released the limited CDR edition, The Summer Solstice in 2003.

A full discography and other information are available at his official web site, linked below.

Visit www.jeffpearcemusic.com