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Hypnos Artists - M. Griffin

Mike Griffin is a visual artist and writer who inexplicably came under the spell of the notion he should record the noises he makes with electronic instruments and tape machines.

As founder of the Hypnos Recordings label, he is allowed to give free reign to these unfortunate notions.

He's also a member of Hypnos duo Viridian Sun. He released a collaboration with A Produce, entitled Altara, and two collaborations (The Most Distant Point Known and Imprint) with Dave Fulton of Dweller at the Threshold, on Hypnos. His latest projects are a pair of deep drone recordings, Sounds are Hidden Inside Objects and I am breathing dreams out of the air, a minimal ambient album based on recordings of bass guitar, The Pulse Meditations, and his long-in-the-works 2nd solo album, Fabrications.


Solo (as M. Griffin):
Sudden Dark, 1997
Sounds are Hidden Inside Objects, 2005
I Am Breathing Dreams Out of the Air, 2005
The Pulse Meditations, 2006
Speaking From the Dream (cd single), 2006
Fabrications, 2008
Aether Space 1, planned

As 1/2 of Viridian Sun (with David Tollefson):
Solar Noise, 1997
Perihelion, 1999
Live, Paris Theater, 2005
Infinte In All Directions, 2009

With A Produce:
Altara, 1999

With Dave Fulton:
The Most Distant Point Known, 2000
Imprint, 2002