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Hypnos Artists - Rod Modell & Michael Mantra

Imagine it's 4 a.m., and you are sitting alone under a pier at a beach. Sounds of voices float down from above you, and crashing waves form a background in the darkness. Though there is little you can see around you, the sounds give you a sense of your surroundings. The voices murmur quietly, and you feel pleasantly alone, secure in a private place. The binaural "brain tuning" techniques employed in this recording induce a strange, but calming psychological effect... sort of relaxing, but also sort of mind-bending.

Rod Modell
Modell, as half of Waveform Transmission, also released a project on Silent, entitled "v 1.0-1.9." On Sonic Continuum, Modell played keyboards, and is credited with "project assembly, editing and mastering." In early 1999, Modell released his first solo CD on Italy's Amplexus/Lunar label.

Michael Mantra
Mantra is credited with "source material, Tibetan singing bowls, and Mantras." He is best known for releasing Sonic Alter in 1994 on the Silent Records label, and is considered an expert on "brain tuning" and binaural beat technologies, having written articles for such journals as "New Science News."

Rod Modell and Michael Mantra's first collaboration is also the first release by either artist on Hypnos Recordings. Comprised of two 35-minute pieces, Sonic Continuum works best at low volume, especially when played while sleeping or relaxing. These long, slow-moving pieces work their way into the background of your awareness, and create a shift in your sense of where -- and when -- you're listening.