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Seren Ffordd
Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows

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Of Those Things Left Unsaid

Ice Diving

Antonio Testa & Michel Moglia
Forget the Past

Robert Rich
Trances & Drones

Robert Rich
Sunyata & Inner Landscapes

The Deception of Reality

Bruno Sanfilippo

Seren Ffordd + O÷phoi
The Martian Chronicles

Hypnos Artists - Robert Rich

Perhaps the foremost artist currently working in the genres of ambient, electro-acoustic, and electronic space music, Robert Rich has established a body of work of a diversity and substance unmatched on today's music scene.

Rich, primarily affiliated with the Hearts of Space label and their "dark ambient" sub-label Fathom, has partnered (under the imprint Soundscape Productions) with Hypnos Recordings to release some of his earlier and more esoteric works. While such releases as the recent reissue INNER LANDSCAPES may have a lesser appeal to a wide audience than such mass-market Hearts of Space releases as SEVEN VEILS, many among Rich's most dedicated fans have clamored for a greater availability of his more minimal, ambient works in the style of his classic TRANCES/DRONES.

The Hypnos/Soundscape cooperative plans to release in coming years a selection of deep, smooth and meditative pieces of sonic sculpture, to include reissues of crucial early works, live recordings, and perhaps other of Rich's more unusual and experimental works. This series of releases started with INNER LANDSCAPES, the first CD edition of a dramatically reworked version of an early cassette release. Early in 2000 we will see the first exclusive release of HUMIDITY-3 CONCERTS, a 3-CD collection of a trio of relatively recent (1990's) live concert recordings. More projects are tentatively lined up for next year and possibly beyond, all of which should appeal both to fans of the Hypnos sound, and Robert's own regular fans. Then, in late 2000 or early 2001, the early Robert Rich cassette-only release, SUNYATA, will be released on Hypnos/Soundscape.

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