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Hypnos Artists - Sense Project (Robert Logan)

Sense Project is the name of the ambient/soundscape side-project of English electronica artist Robert Logan. Robert's debut album "Cognessence" was released on Slowfoot Records and he followed it with the "Grinder" EP on the same label.

Robert also composed the music for Alex Gibney's Oscar-winning documentary feature 'Taxi to the Darkside' along with Ivor Guest and Philip Sheppard, and created ambient textures and drum edits for the forthcoming Grace Jones album. His collaborations include: Ivor Guest, Sarah Sarhandi, Brian Eno, Tim Simenon, Andrea Black, Snorkel, Philip Shepherd, Frank Byng, Marcel Pusey, Dan Bowskill, Rabbi Yossi Ives, and Natasha England.

BBC reviewer Guy Harden says of Cognessence:
Like Photek before him, Robert Logan has discovered his dark side at a tender age and has found an electronic, yet very deep and curiously moving means of expression. The touchstones are there - Kraftwerk (natch), The Boards of Canada, Eno, Vibert, Photek, but they are really just signposts along the way, showing possible directions that give you a sense of knowing where you are and where you are going...but a journey through Logan's mind is clearly never going to be that straightforward....

The ability to create a dark, brooding ambience is nothing new, but the ability to take this and grow an organic world around it whilst pushing you almost...but not quite...onto the dancefloor marks out Robert Logan as something of a prodigy. Already drafted in to work on textures and beats for the next Grace Jones album, Robert Logan is a man that is already showing a maturity and a musical/textural understanding that many simply never find."

Hypnos is pleased to be involved in the development and exposure of this exciting young artist, and to give outlet to his Sense Project recordings, the first of which, The Sublime was released on Hypnos Secret Sounds in a limited edition 2CD format.