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Hypnos Artists - SOLA TRANSLATIO (Alio Die + Opium)

Italian ambient sound master Alio Die (best known for his previous collaborations with ambient & experimental artists like Robert Rich & Vidna Obmana), and younger Italian newcomer Opium, collaborate under the project name Sola Translatio on their first project for Hypnos, Mother Sunrise.

Combining an entrancing mix of natural recordings (water, wind, soil, forest) and electronic textures, Mother Sunrise conveys a descent into the natural world at its grittiest, most organic, and most truly "alive."

Usually ambient & atmospheric music is primarily electronic, or perhaps utilizes guitars or other acoustic instruments, with electronic treatments. While this recording does integrate such conventional instrumentation in part, it derives its truly unique flavor through the liberal use of natural "location" atmospheres (recorded in the Far East as well as Italy), as well as organic percussive elements.

Opium is a newcomer, mostly unknown in the ambient & atmospheric music scene, but Alio Die (especially through his excellent collaborations with ambient stars Robert Rich and Vidna Obmana, but also through his proprietorship of the Hic Sunt Leones label on which most of his solo material has been released) is one of the increasingly respected & beloved artists of our genre. Taking a truly unique and personal approach to this work, Alio Die arrives at a sound which is distinct -- truly rich, complex, and substantial enough to bear repeat listening.

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