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Hypnos Artists - Vidna Obmana

Vidna Obmana is Dirk Serries, an ambient/space musician from Belgium. His work touches on a wide range of moods and textures, and he is widely recognized as one of the most significant artists working in this field. Many listeners became familiar with his work following his three collaborations with space/ambient pioneer Steve Roach, but Vidna Obmana's solo releases such as THE RIVER OF APPEARANCE and CROSSING THE TRAIL left no doubt that he was himself an artist of the highest rank.

Vidna Obmana has released over two dozen CDs on a variety of labels. On the Hypnos label alone, he has released the following CDs:

Landscape in Obscurity
The Surreal Sanctuary
The Contemporary Nocturne
Soundtrack for the Aquarium (2CD)
An Opera For Four Fusions Works (4CD, released in 4 parts over several years)