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Darren Rogers - The Alternate Realms

Artist: Darren Rogers
Title: The Alternate Realms
Label: Hypnos Secret Sounds

Darren Rogers - The Alternate Realms

2007. The Alternate Realms is a fantastic, sonically diverse, cinematic journey, and servers as a great introduction for Hypnos listeners to this talented artist. It's the debut release on Hypnos Secret Sounds by Darren Rogers, who has previously released a number of recordings both solo, and in collaboration with Rigel Orionis. The Alternate Realms is a visual, thought-provoking journey through varied sound-worlds. It's part ambient atmsopherics, part deep and somber space music.

"...this is an awesome release, folks!"
--Jim Brenholts, on the Hypnos Forum

Track listing, with MP3 clips:
1. Still of the Night
2. Slow Realization
3. Shimmering
4. Ancient
5. The Alternate Realms
6. Stranger in a Strange World

Purchase direct for $9.99


"...this is an awesome release, folks!"
--Jim Brenholts, on the Hypnos Forum


"I've heard Darren Rogers' music before and enjoyed it, but his new album is a lot deeper and spacier than I've heard from him. A great new sound for him."
--Scott Raymond, WVKR radio


"The Alternate Realms is Darren Rogers's first solo release on the Secret Sounds sub-label of Hypnos. Apparently referring to the world of dreams it takes us on an intense journey through atmospheric soundworlds. A common stylistic aspect is the use of rising and falling washes reminiscent of Larry Kucharz's Ambient Blue Washes, but the difference is that Darren uses a greater palette of sounds on each track.

Appropriately enough “Still of the Night” opens with the insectile evening music of chirping crickets and other unseen creatures. A wind chime gently blowing in the breeze is also heard before soughing and variously textured smooth waves come in as though the listener has dropped off into the world of sleep and dreams. These waves move in such a way as to be almost melodic.

In “Shimmering” the atmosphere becomes denser and dark as spooky washes and ghostly noises toy with the imagination. Like the world of dreams the impact of the sounds is at a deep level of the mind which responds instinctively. Continuing the eerie and unsettling atmosphere is “Ancient” where the sounds conjure up an image of a gloopy or liquid environment, and strange noises like primitive animals are heard from many directions.

The final track “Stranger in a Strange World” subtly mixes light and dark elements. At the start gently resonating glacial washes give way to glowing glassy ones. A short interlude of found sounds such as leaves being trampled and a bird's cawing lead into a shrouded passage of indistinct sounds which finally opens up to a glistening aural landscape.

Somehow The Alternate Realms isn't quite a coherent atmospheric work, perhaps because it seems to focus a little too much on sounds rather than how less sounds can be used to the same effect on the listener. Nevertheless it's well worth checking out."
--Reviewed by Dene Bobbington, www.meliflua.com