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Jeff Greinke - Wide View

TRACK LISTING (with MP3 sample clips)
Wide View mp3 download
Glide mp3 download
One September mp3 download
Submerge mp3 download
Interlude mp3 download
Cloudburst mp3 download
Slow Circles mp3 download
Bounce mp3 download
Last Wavemp3 download

Purchase direct for $8.99


"Jeff Greinke is regarded as one of the forefathers of the modern ambient/atmospheric genre. Classic Greinke releases such as Lost Terrain and In Another Place inhabit an original, evocative, sonic territory unique in ambient music--somewhere north of the fourth world. Now, with his newest CD Wide View, Greinke has taken his sound into an entirely new context. In doing so, he has created a unique album in a catalog of unique albums, as well as a sterling example of what ambient music can achieve. The first impression I had when listening to the CD was how composed it sounded when compared aside past ambient releases by . On the surface, the sound palette is somewhat traditional; with electronic strings and piano, all drenched in reverb. In fact, this release has a classic quality to it--the type of early ambient flavor we had come to expect from a Harold Budd or Brian Eno album during the seventies. This comparison is valid and appropriate. But make no mistake--this is not a rehash of triumphs from other artists' catalogs. Greinke takes the lead of past masters and imbues their spirit with a musicality all his own. A close listening to Wide View will reveal the signature sounds we expect from Greinke, all in an extremely subtle and restrained fashion. This is an album that will open to the listener gradually, with repeated playing. As with past Greinke works, Wide View inhabits a rain-soaked atmosphere; but it is also one of stunning cloud banks, with their silent movement across panoramic skies (as depicted in the cover art). The themes of light and shade are explored in an extremely personal way--always a quality of the best ambient/atmospheric music. These soundscapes reach the stratospheric heights, but are never too far away from earthly repose. Undoubtedly, the listener will come to associate this CD with their own unique emotional landscape; one they will gladly return to time and again--whether it be wistful memories of past times or diaphanous flights of pure imagination.

I think it's needless to say that I give this CD my highest recommendation. Here, Greinke is at his most self-possessed; creating a work of utmost beauty and nuance, while still retaining his trademark sonic ingenuity. It uses traditional instrumentation as a tasteful adornment to the electronics; creating an intoxicating blend. Wide View will remain a distinctive mark of a composer at the height of his talent. It stands easily alongside classics of the genre."
-- © Brian Bieniowski


"Even after a coule of listens, I can tell that this is clearly my favorite Jeff Greinke CD. I see the comparison with Harold Budd to a point (what sounds like electric piano on some tracks), but some of the patented Hypnos "dark ambience" is still much in evidence. A well balanced listen from start to finish. Thanks guys."
--Gordon Danis on the Hypnos Forum


"Liquidly spreading lows and stringy tendrils slowly undulate across the opening track, taking the Wide View of unearthly panoramas. The diaphanous activities of Glide are simply exquisite in their faintly trickling/sweeping streams. One September is subtly radiant with twinkling, glowing and oozing tones. With brass, woodwind and string sounds, orchestralesque Cloudburst hovers in multi leveled instrumental drones which never really "burst". Delicate piano notes are sparsely distributed across the gently warbling sheens of Slow Circles. Entering on shimmering resonance, Last Wave (10:27) writhes in prolonged movements which seem to swallow the skies, as occasionally ivories glint... just beautiful. Nine pieces in 48.5 minutes offer a Wide View of Jeff Greinke's sonic world shaping talents; even when working with earthly instrument sounds, the newly derived forms are appealingly contoured. Just plain lovely environment-filling music."
-- © David J Opdyke


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