Sad News: The Passing of Barry Craig (aka A Produce)

We try to use this page for important announcements, but an event this weekend took us by such surprise we ended up
posting about it extensively on the Hypnos Forum and failed to post it here.

The sad, unexpected news is that our friend Barry Craig, better known as Hypnos artist A Produce, passed away on Sunday the 4th. Many A Produce fans and listeners, as well as fellow artists and friends of Barry, have posted memories, impressions, recollections and tributes here on the Hypnos Forum.

The importance of A Produce to the ambient music scene should not be underestimated. Newer genre listeners who may have been less familiar should read a bit about what made Barry and A Produce special, ranging from his early musical activities before most of us knew him, through his thriving period from the mid-90s to just after the turn of the millennium, up to his most recent reappearance with this year’s collaboration with Loren Nerell, Intangible. We’ve said it elsewhere but we’ll say it again: Barry was one of a kind, and will be terribly missed.

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