Caul Airplay, WVKR Radio 5/20/2012

With our last post about airplay on WVKR radio, we realized we failed to mentioned last week’s playlist – Scott Raymond at WVKR radio playing a track from the latest Caul. Our thanks to Scott for helping spread the sounds!

Secret Music Playlist, 5/20/2012
Artist Song Album

Jack Hertz Algae Green Mist

Craig Padilla Spirit Signs The Heart Of The Soul
Brian Parnham Race To The Source See None, Hear None, Speak None
Shane Morris & Mystified Triassic Extinction Epoch

Xan Alexander Call Of The Ancients Into The Unknown
Paul Nagle Salvador’s Alpaca Twilight
Robert Schroeder The Meaning Of Time DMO Vol.3

Caul The Silent Road To Your Pillars Let The Stars Assume The Whole Of Night
Wes Willenberg Scene Missing Weapons Reference Manual
Biosphere Genkai N-Plants

Northern Valentine Thousand Eyes Fin De Siecle
Northern Valentine Ribbons Ribbons
MWVM Gouranga Had Yr Pash

Russell Storey & Rudy Adrian Trilogy 1 Awakenings 2008 Vol.1
Brendan Pollard The Redwood Trail Awakenings 2008 Vol.2

Jeff Pearce The Road And The Wind Provision Series
Don Ross Cup Of Pop Upright And Locked Position
Stefano Barone Chemistry Must Be Respected Danzealtalenanze
Kelly Valleau Anubis Vol.2
Daren Keck The Rain Outside Quiet Hillside

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