Now Available: Deconsecrated and Pure by Alio Die

One of several new Projekt label releases available from Hypnos this week.

Alio Die – Deconsecrated and Pure (Projekt category)
(Price: $13.99) New from the Projekt label and the Italian ambient master Alio Die. Deconsecrated and Pure is an evocative liturgy from the realm where electronic music meets acoustic drones, found objects, sacral voices and field recordings. The processed traditional instruments and natural textures float alongside rich electro-organic drones, creating a perfect introspective soundtrack with a medieval and sacral atmosphere. Serene and meditative textures combine in a chorus of circular and interwoven sounds, reflecting the harmony of the cosmos as an opus of inner stillness.

Marvelously floating and hauntingly expressive, Deconsecrated and Pure feels like a liturgical poem within an archaic mausoleum distorted by time…..
More info / Buy for $13.99

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