Steve Brand Catalyst and Sunprints Back in Stock

Since we discontinued creating CDR versions of the releases on the Relaxed Machinery label, some of
the label’s artists have created their own CDR editions. Here are two from the always-popular Steve Brand.

Steve brand – Catalyst (CDR)
(Relaxed Machinery section)
(Price: $12.99 CDR)

“Catalyst” – four cavernous, ethereal, sentimental and lilting inscapes timing in at just over an hour. Instruments used on Catalyst include, keyboards textures, shakers, voice, conch, kora, bamboo chimes and field recordings.

Steve Brand says:

Catalyst was started in 2010 and completed in late 2011. 2010 reduces to three, which in a spiritual sense indicates catalyst, fecundity, magic and intuition. 2011 reduces to four, which indicates Earth, groundedness, solidity, calmness and home (which were a welcome respite from the previous years experiences). I was (and am) experiencing all of these, sometimes all at once, and I continue to feel their presence at work in my life. Because of the power of these experiences in my life, I felt compelled to make a group of songs that embodied the feeling and presence of these forces—which I think are powerful tools that can act as a catalyst for growth, meaning and an expanded way of living and being

Steve brand – Sunprints (CDR)
(Relaxed Machinery section)
(Price: $12.99 CDR)

Sunprints is comprised of five quiet, and sometimes intimate, atmospheres focused around nature. Sunprints is dedicated to my mentor, Nadja, and accomplished with kora, zither, kalimba, shakers, bells, cymbals, gongs, conch, bone, cane and cedar flutes, didgeridoo, whistles voice, accordion, gutterphone, field recordings and keyboards. The final track, Sunprints, was created just for this 2012 re-release…. (MORE/BUY)

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