So far, all news updates and blog entries here have been written by me — that is, Hypnos founder Mike Griffin. Much of the work of actually running Hypnos, including the handling of mail orders, and adding new CDs to our store, is handled by my wife, Lena Griffin.

We’re going to start involving Lena in even more important functions, first of which will be the posting of updates to this blog. In the past, blog entries here said they were posted by the blog user “hypnos” which was the only login we used.

Now, to differentiate blog posts by myself and by Lena, we’ve created two new user logins. At the bottom of each post, you’ll see “Written by mgriffin” or “Written by lenagriffin” to tell you which is which. This should enable more frequent updates to the blog. We’re also going to get Lena more involved in special deals and offers on the Hypnos Online Store, as well as other activities behind the scenes.

I’ll still be very involved with Hypnos, especially in getting new CDs ready to release, but more and more we realize important things aren’t getting done when they should because of how busy I am. Lena will do a much better job taking care of business!

2 thoughts on “Posts by MGRIFFIN and LENAGRIFFIN”

  1. Understood. Glad to have Lena more involved with news posts, sales offers and the like. Thanks to both Mike & Lena for keeping Hypnos going strong for all these years. Hypnos is truly one of the best resources for fans of ambient, electronic, experimental (etc.) music. Keep on keeping on!

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