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Hey all, we’ve got some great items by AMIR BAGHIRI on sale for you right now, but only through November 2nd!

AMIR BAGHIRI BLUE BOX COLLECTION (4CD) — was $17.99 – marked down to 12.99
blue box

Says Amplexus:
Incredible! Over 280 minutes of new magnificent sounds from Amir Baghiri This limited edition box set contains 4 brand new albums: CITY – LIVE – NIGHT – SLEEP. The music is more rythmic on the album CITY with industrial noises, and slower ambient on SLEEP, from movement and chaos of a city to deep meditation. Another time the great Amir (also with the help of many friends) shows all his power on creating magic atmospheres that head you in an unforgettable trip. The 4 CDs are packaged in a clear big jewel box with a 16 pages booklet with full notes and photos. Limited to 600 copies.

YALDA — was $9.99 – marked down to $5.99


Yalda is the Persian name for the darkest and longest night in the year, it is related to a celebration night with old Persian ceremonies. This music on this cd is mostly very rhythmical, many hot grooves, with a lot of agressive hand played percussion and other Middle-east ethnical instrumentation like rababa, oud and ney. A new trip in the mystic and hidden world of the modern experimental Middle-east soundworlds. Near eastern desert ambience and nature atmos was recorded by amir baghiri on a sony dat station at the different places in asia & north africa between 1998-2002

FOREVER — was $9.99 – marked down to $5.99

On the wing of a new chapter in Amir&Stefano`s musical career the SEAMUS carries us to their latest sounds-statement to the mystical side of our industrial world. In the musical labyrinth of the SEAMUS project ,the fractal grooves continually changing themselves from each sound colour into another one …and all that with Amir`s excellent balance between the dynamic elements and morphing atmospheres , between emotional energies and spiritual experiences . Refined and elegant electronic music, discreet rhythmical and pleasant movements, blended to cosmic-ambiental suspended sonic landascapes, bass lines, sequencers parts, voices, radio meddles, ambient distant noises, whispers, soft melodic elements… A moving and variegated sonic trip around a limitless electronic universe… Guest Artist: Christian Fuess (all vocals) Photos: Stefano Gentile Artwork: Akifumi Nakajima / G.R.O.S.S

EXOSPHERE — was $9.99 – marked down to $5.99

Released on Amir Baghiri’s own “Blue Box” imprint of the Databloem label.
A mixture of masterful, spooky alien soundscapes and fluid textures by one of ambient music premier electro-tribal sound designers.” -CD Baby

A BRIEF HISTORY OF LIGHT — — was $13.99 – marked down to $9.99
brief history

“On “A Brief History Of Light” Amir Baghiri and guests mix mesmerizing floating textural electronica and high tech chill-out/down tempo music.” -CD Baby

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