Jan 2015 Airplay on WVKR Radio’s Secret Music

Our music has been seeing a lot of airplay recently on Secret Music on WVKR radio. Our thanks to Scott Raymond, host of Secret Music.

WVKR-FM “Secret Music” Top 20 Playlist
January, 2015

1. V/A – Ambient Music to Heal: an Album for Our Wounded Warriors – Wayfarer
2. Loscil – Sea Island – Kranky
3. Emerald Web – Whispered Visions – Finders Keepers
4. Kaki King – Everybody Glows – Short Stuff
5. Dave Fulton – Of Those Things Left Unsaid – Hypnos Recordings
6. Tom Teasley – The Love of the Nightingale – Self Released
7. Harold Budd – Jane 12-21 – Darla
8. Antonio Testa & Michel Moglia – Forget The Past – Hypnos
9. Subradial – Ice Diving – Hypnos Recordings
10. Gleisberg & Grassow – Ad Lucem – gterma
11. Markus Reuter – 6 Reflections – Iapetus
12. Syndromeda – Connected – Syngate
13. Dave Luxton – Remnants – Wayfarer
14. Loscil & Fieldhead – Fury & Hecta – Gizeh
15. Neil Tatar and David Darling – Where Did The Time Go – Tasker Music and Tatar Associates
16. Urenga – Mu – gterma
17. Steve Brand – The Space Between – Relaxed Machinery
18. Seetyca – Lieder Zum Summen – gterma
19. Chris Russell and Eyes Cast Down – Memory Palace – Self Released
20. Denise Young – Passionata – Dancing Horses Music


Secret Music Playlist, 1/18/2015

Artist            Song            Album

Chris Russell & Eyes Cast Down        Afterimages    Memory Palace

Antonio Testa & Michel Moglia    Ipnolulv        Forget The Past
Dave Fulton        Of That Death, This Is Said    Of Those Things Left Unsaid
Subradial            Alpha            Ice Diving

Nerell, Roach & Oken        Zone Patrol        Analogy Vol.1
Craig Padilla            Improbability Drive    Analogy Vol.2
Synth.NL            Synthology        Analogy Vol.3

Boreal Taiga            Conifer Forest        Ambient Music To Heal
Emerald Web            Jupiter Stone        Whispered Visions
Loscil                Sturgeon Bank        Sea Island

Aloof Proof            The Search        Expo One
Alp                Brug            Out And About With Alp

Arcane                Gather Darkness        Gather Darkness
Arcane       Dr.Wutzke’s Psychedelic Wonder Machine    33 1/3 RPM

Matteo Palmer            Campfire Blues        Unreleased
Kaki King            Waltz For The Alone    Everybody Glows
Harold Budd            Jane 16            Jane 12-21
Angels Of Venice        Sad Lisa        Angels Of Venice
Azam Ali            Exaltation        Lamentation Of Swans
Tom Teasley            Seven Sages        The Love Of The Nightingale

Posted by: “Scott Raymond/WVKR” <newage@secretmusic.net>


Secret Music Playlist, 1/11/2015

Artist            Song            Album

Steve Brand        A Thousand Little Wounds    The Space Between

Gleisberg & Grassow        Ad Lucem        Ad Lucem
Urenga                Pacific Waters        Mu (The Lost Continent)

Antonio Testa & Michel Moglia    Madre Tierra        Forget The Past
Subradial            Ice Diver        Ice Diving
Dave Fulton        Of Those Things Left Unsaid    Of Those Things Left Unsaid

Porya Hatami & Looma        Sound To Colour        Synesthesia
Porya Hatami            Spoon            Unstable
Porya Hatami        Sea (The Green Kingdom)        Land Remixes

Vic Hennegan            Paper Rain Drops    Ambient Music To Heal
Dave Luxton            Artificial Life        Remnants
Emerald Web            Ice Caves        Whispered Visions

Loscil                Holding Pattern        Sea Island
Loscil & Fieldhead        Fury            Fury And Hecta
Markus Reuter            Glaus Haus 1        6 Reflections

Kaki King    Old Crow And The Miner’s Daughter    Everybody Glows
Harold Budd            Jane 20            Jane 12-21
Neil Tatar & David Darling    Celebration Of Dudek    Where Did The Time Go
Tom Teasley        The Love Of The Nightingale    The Love Of The Nightingale
Denise Young            Above The Clouds    Passionata
Sara Ayers    Winter And The Sound Of Nothing        Sylvatica

Posted by: “Scott Raymond/WVKR” <newage@secretmusic.net>

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