Moving Update

Hello everyone,

After a few months of being stuck in moving limbo, we’ve nearly completed our big relocation and are finally getting settled into our brand new Hypnos headquarters! Our deepest apologies to anyone who’s been stuck waiting for an order this past week while we’ve been in transition, we’ll be getting them sent out to you ASAP. We’ll also be getting back to our weekly sales and special offers again starting next week, so check back soon for details!

We want to thank everyone who’s stuck around and checked in on us during this turbulent time, and we promise that everything will be back to regular business very soon!

-Mike & Lena

2 thoughts on “Moving Update”

  1. Hi Mike and Lena,

    Welcome back. Hope your move was not too difficult… and that your new home is everything you wanted. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of Hypnos Records.

    Steve Davis

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