Hypnos Winding Down

Today we’re announcing that Hypnos Recordings will be winding down and ceasing operations at the end of 2023. This was a hard decision, but we had to be honest with ourselves that we no longer have the time to continue the hard work of operating a record label and mail order business. It’s better to wind this down properly, and we’re beginning that process now. The Hypnos Forum has been shut down, as it had become increasingly difficult to deal with intrusion from spammers and hackers.

We are very proud of all the music we have helped release out into the world, and all the listeners, recording artists and their music we’ve brought together.

You can still continue to order music from our Soundswim store through the end of the year, and the music will be made available through other outlets thereafter. Our store will offer discounted CDs until we’ve been able to close everything out, so stay tuned here on this blog, or join our email list if you want to get updates about special deals.

We sincerely thank everyone who went on this journey with us, including listeners, recording artists, music reviewer and resellers.


Mike and Lena Griffin

Hypnos Recordings and Soundswim

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