CD Release: Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows by Seren Ffordd

We at Hypnos are very excited to bring you our first new CD release after an extended hiatus!

Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows is a new long-form piece from one of our favorite Ambient music artists. Based in Wales, Seren Ffordd has previously released many albums on the the Umbra label, several of which were later reissued on our own Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint. He also collaborated with the late ambient master Oöphoi on their album The Martian Chronicles, released by Hypnos in 2011.

Of his latest recording, Seren Ffordd says:

Some music arrives quickly – almost completing itself. However this album has not been like that, taking it’s own time, requiring periods of patience and silent waiting.

The title ‘Dreaming In The Well Of Slow Shadows’ was inspired by the seemingly endless well of imagination out of which we create art, music, ideas, civilisations….The slow depths from which formless and incoherent energies arise and take on shape, form as they are birthed into the world.

It was a number of years before the ‘Well’ first found its voice as the recorded sounds of a visiting friend’s harp playing began to take shape and form in the studio.

The album is composed almost completely from transformed and sculpted harp with minimal addition of other sounds to add to the sonic textures, patterns and shiftings… The album is a long-form single track that moves slowly and deeply while shimmering like a mirage, the textures and tones drifting over time.

Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows is packaged in our new CD release format, a plastic-free eco-wallet, rather than a digital or jewel case.

The Hypnos team hopes you will enjoy this deep and rich soundscape, and we look forward to bringing you more ambient, drone and minimalist recordings in the near future.

Track listing with mp3 sample clips:
Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows is a continuous 75 minute track, so we have provided below representative clips selected from throughout the extended piece.

sample 1
sample 2
sample 3
sample 4

Dreaming in the Well of Slow Shadows is now available at our SoundSwim store for $9.99.

Hypnos Blog and Hypnos Forum Back Online

During the recent move of the domain to a new server, this blog and the Hypnos Forum were both “broken” and inaccessible.

Last week we restored the Forum, but the blog took a bit more work, due to the size of the database. This morning full functionality was restored here as well. Thank you for your patience while we worked through restoring the database backup and re-configuring the WordPress settings. We should have more updates for you soon!

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We’re ready to start getting busy again!

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“Superior Spells” by Sola Translatio on Hearts of Space Radio

It’s always wonderful to get airplay on Hearts of Space, one of the syndicated giants of ambient & space music. The most recent HOS show on July 10 featured “Superior Spells” by Sola Translatio’s Hypnos release, Mother Sunrise.

Our sincere thanks to Steve Davis and Stephen Hill of Hearts of Space radio. Here’s the playlist:


: ATTN: Radio
: 454 Las Gallinas #333
: San Rafael, CA 94903-6812
: U.S.A.
: Phone: 415-499-9901 x28 studio
: Fax: 415-499-9903
: Website:

PGM NOTE : cool electronic waveforms for hot days and balmy nights
FEED DATE : 7-10-15

“Labyrinth of the Unconscious” (edited) < 0:00->6:52 >
: HYPNOSIS; Real Music RM4214; 2014
: Info:;

“Remains” < 6:52->13:34 >
: AETHEREAL CODE; Synphaera SYN01; 2015
— to be released on July 21 —
: Info:;

“Polestar” < 13:34->21:39 >
: BEAUTIFUL BROKEN; Just Music TAO 058; England 2015
: Info:;

“I Can Hear Your Heart” < 21:39->27:58 >
: A GOOD PLACE TO BE; Interchill ICHILL CD 053; Canada 2015
: Info:;

“Angle of Loll” < 27:58->33:50 >
“Catalina 1943” < 33:50->40:24 >
: SEA ISLAND; Kranky KRANK191; 2014
: Info:;

“Albatross” (edited) < 40:24->45:57 >
: BLUE INFINITY; Virtual VL02; England 2014
: Info:;

“Superior Spells” (edited) < 45:57->54:25 >
: MOTHER SUNRISE; Hypnos hyp2130; 2001
: Info:;

“Child’s Play” < 54:25->58:59 >
: A GOOD PLACE TO BE; Interchill ICHILL CD053; Canada 2015
: Info:;

(c) 2015 Hearts of Space


Hypnos Recommends: Bruno Sanfilipo – ClarOscuro

Here’s an item from the AD21 label which we added to the Hypnos Store a while back, but forgot to feature here. It’s by one of our favorite ambient artists, Bruno Sanfilippo.

Bruno Sanfilippo – ClarOscuro
(AD21 category)

(Price: $13.99) “Barcelona-based Bruno Sanfilippo is a classically trained and electronic musician, a composer and a pianist. He has been exploring the borders of minimal piano concepts and electroacoustic music for more than 20 years. His CD series Piano Textures sets him in a tradition of artists such as Harold Budd and Brian Eno, combining slow piano tunes with electronic soundscapes. Now with ClarOscuro he makes his step into modern classical music by presenting his first composition work for piano trio. Most of the nine tracks on the album feature Sanfilippo along with the collaboration of the spanish musicians Manuel del Fresno on cello and Pere Bardagi on violin, while some of the tracks still let the sensitive piano playing stands on its own. With the fragility and beauty of some Arvo Pärt compositions and a high cinematic touch, ClarOscuro brings the perfect soundtrack for an imaginary movie.”…(MORE/BUY)