New EP IMPROMPTU by Bruno Sanfilippo

Hypnos artist and friend Bruno Sanfilippo has just released a new EP called Impromptu. Everything we’ve heard by Bruno has been worthwhile, so we hope everyone will at least give this a listen. Official announcement, followed by Vimeo and SoundCloud embedded samples, below.

Finally available Bruno Sanfilippo’s first EP IMPROMPTU.

More information:

We firmly believe instrumental music can lead the soul into a sacred intimacy state.

Sincerely, the ad21 team.
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Ambient Atmospheric – Electronic Music

WVKR Radio’s Scott Raymond Plays Caul and Lena CDs

On his May 27 show, Scott Raymond played a track from the new Caul CD and another track from Lena’s CD-single “Alchemy of Fingers and Dark.” Thanks, Scott.

Secret Music Playlist, 5/27/2012

Artist Song Album

Jack Hertz Moments Between Time

Craig Padilla Sensual Beauty THe Heart Of The Soul
Wes Willenbring Consequences Of Recklessness Weapons Reference Manual
Solyaris Waves Of Wanderer Wanderer

Shane Morris & Mystified Jurassic Dawn Epoch
Brian Parnham Eroding Shore See None, Hear None, Speak None
Caul Just One Autumn For Ripe Songs Let The Stars Assume The Whole Of Night

Northern Valentine Last Train, 3:00 AM Ribbons

Duet For Theremin And Lap Steel Marker Duet
Roy Arne Knutsen White Carpet Pt.1 Silence
Matt Coldrick Crown Violet Selflessness Music For A Busy Head

Lena Alchemy Alchemy Of FIngers And Dark
redfadesbeforeblue Johatu Compendium
Austere Coruscate Music For Seances

Wall Matthews By The Rusty Wall The Dreaming Light
Adam Werner Apprentice Of A Dead Man Apprentice Of A Dead Man
Jennifer Eden Reverie The Road Home
Rich Niebaum Hacky Sack Jig Little Tantrums
Mark Kroos Indigo Child And Grace Will Lead Me Home

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

Urbs Available in Package Deals from AD21

Those of you who read this page at all regularly by now have certainly seen many announcements about Urbs by Bruno Sanfilippo, now available through the Hypnos Online Store.

Of course, we’re aware not everyone wants to order from our store, including those of you who might want the very latest Hypnos CD. This is especially true for those of you in Europe. Well, if you’re interested in getting Urbs directly from the AD21 label, co-owned by Bruno Sanfilippo, they’re offering it as part of a package deal along with a number of other releases on this fantastic label. Here’s their announcement, including a link.

COMBO PACK CDs | Urbs, Bioma plus 18 titles in a special section in our ad21 store. ad21 is the first independent spanish label featuring ambient, electronic, minimalism and contemporary musical forms.
Our mission is to offer our music free of decisions imposed by the modes, commercial interests or any commitment other than our independent artistic creation.
So it’s only thanks to the unconditional support of our listeners & fans, we can continue offering our albums in physical form.

Buying our albums you are helping us to continue releasing our music on CD format.

We believe that the instrumental music can lead the soul into a state of sacred intimacy.

Sincerely, the ad21 team.

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We are

Ambient Atmospheric – Electronic Music