Revving-Up In Time For Spring

Even a relatively non-serious illness can be a significant obstacle if it hangs on long enough. Here at Hypnos HQ, new plans, promotions and CD projects have all been on hold since late November. I know there are several CDs people are anxious to hear, and the artists in question have been waiting patiently.

This week we’ve submitted the first of three pending CD releases, Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night by Caul, to the pressing plant.

We’ll have more preview information on all our upcoming releases soon. We’ll also be catching up on posting a backlog of reviews of Hypnos CDs, as well as other general news and information.

The good news is that this somewhat unpleasant winter is almost behind us, and we’re ready for a much more pleasant 2012 beginning with the upcoming spring. Stay tuned!

The News Has Officially Moved!

Effective today, our old Hypnos news page ( will not be updated.

Please visit to see Hypnos news and updates. Also, see yesterday’s post if you’re interested in following us on Twitter and Facebook (both of which will automatically show any posts to the blog). Thanks!

The Old News Has Been Shifted

I’ve finished moving across the old news posts from the Hypnos News page to this new blog. I realize most people aren’t visiting to read “old news” but I didn’t want to shut down the old news page (which included archives going back to when I first started posting news online in 1999) until this was done. Some of the formatting is weird, but it’s good enough for searching and reference.

News posts will commence on this page in 2012, and we’ll have this blog set up for RSS feed and auto-announcing through Twitter and Facebook. If you haven’t already found Hypnos on these social networks, you can find us here: