May 5 Ultima Fronteira Radio

More Bruno Sanfilippo Urbs airplay, this time from Ultima Fronteira radio , Spain. Many thanks to host Roberto Vales Fernandez for getting the sounds out there.

A Última Fronteira

Domingo / Sunday: 05/05/2013

· Joey Curtin – Can’t Find My Way Home (2011 – Going To California) Mulberry Tee Records

· Yi-Jia Susanne Hou – Schubert – Wilhelmj: “Ave Maria” for Violín and Piano D. 839 (2007 – Fantasy) Ehrsam Productions

· François Couture – Prelude 05 (2013 – Dal Segno) François Couture

· Michael Brant De Maria – The Way Beyond (2012 – Bindu) Michael Brant De Maria

· Martyrs Of Sound – Radhe’s Dream (2012 – Radhe’s Dream) Chaka Groove

· Bruno Sanfilippo – Urban Flow (2012– Urbs) Hypnos Recordings

· Ian Boddy – Sequence In Blue (1997 – Rare Elements) Something Else Productions

A Ultima Fronteira
Roberto Vales Fernandez
Maceira – Vixians, 2
36873 Covelo
Pontevedra Galicia

April 21 Ultima Fronteira Radio

Catching up on a bit of radio airplay… The April 21st Ultima Fronteira radio show featured a track from Seren Ffordd & Oophoi’s album The Martian Chronicles. Thanks to host Roberto Vales!

A Última Fronteira

Domingo / Sunday: 21/04/2013

· Joseph Sullinger – Drawn By The Wind (2011 – Earth Voyage) Soundship Music Records

· Luna Blanca – Desperado (2012 – El Dorado) Richard Hecks

· Seren Ffordd + Oöphoi – The Long Years (2011 – The Martian Chronicles) Hypnos Recordings

· Darshan Ambient – A Letter From Home (2011– Dream In Blue) Lotuspike

· Alio Die – Layers Of Faith (2012 – Deconsecrated And Pure) Projekt

· Mimmo D’Ippolito – Glacial Wind (2013 – Eternal Keys) Mimmo D’Ippolito

· Vangelis – Pulstar (1975 – Albedo 039) RCA Ltd

A Ultima Fronteira
Roberto Vales Fernandez
Maceira – Vixians, 2
36873 Covelo
Pontevedra Galicia

Secret Music Oophoi Tribute

Scott Raymond’s April 14 Secret Music playlist in tribute to Oophoi was especially comprehensive, and included tracks from all four of Oophoi’s solo and collaborative works on Hypnos. Thank you, Scott!

Here’s my playlist for Sunday, April 14, 2013. No show last week, as I had to work. On today’s show, I played several pieces featuring Gianluigi Gasparetti, aka Oophoi, who passed away earlier this week. A great talent gone too soon.

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

Secret Music Playlist, 4/14/2013

Artist Song Album

Oophoi Drifting Into Blank Space Athlit

Celer A Small Push Into Exile Without Retrospect, The Morning
Max Corbacho Web Of Eyes The Ocean Inside
Eyes Cast Down Expanse Of Heart The Separate Ones

Paul Vnuk Jr. & Oophoi Distance To Zero I Distance To Zero

Rene Splinter Lemniscate Singularities
Picture Palace Music Fiery Fountain Of The Stars Indulge The Passion
Bertrand Loreau Mini Mood Nostalgic Steps

Darwin Raymond A Summer Embrace Somewhere The Sun Shines Brightly
Mirror To Mirror The Store Body Moving Slowly
Cousin Silas & Empty Whale Sensing Change Silas & Friends Vol.1
Jack Hertz & Cousin Silas Nagual Jaguars & Shamen

Seren Ffordd & Oophoi Blue Fire The Martian Chronicles
Oophoi The Last Farewell Time Fragments Vol.2

David Van Tieghem Even As We Speak Thrown For A Loop
Glenn Main Echoes From The Past Ripples
Remy & Synth.NL Traffic Cones Primitives

Nebulae Enlightenment The Path Of White Clouds

Caul on April 14 Ultima Fronteira

Caul’s latest on Hypnos, Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night, receives airplay on Ultima Fronteira radio in Spain, hosted by Roberto Vales Fernandez.

A Última Fronteira
Skype: roberto.vales

Domingo / Sunday: 14/04/2013
* Evan Wish – Tara (2010 – Forget – me –not, blue) Evan Wish
* Yi-Jia Susanne Hou – New Face Of My Motherland (2008 – You Can Never Have Too Many Suites) Ehrsam Productions
* Clifford White – Luna (2012 – Ascension II. The Healing Touch) MG Music Ltd.
* Thierry David – A Long Crossing (2012 – Stellar Connetion) Real Music
* Justin Vanderberg – From Below (2011 – Synthetic Memories) Spotted Peccary Music
* Gentoo– Anyuta (2013 – Sirens) Simulacra Records
* Caul – Radiance Falls (2011 – Let The Stars Assume The Whole Of Night) Hypnos Recordings
* Takashi Suzuki – Episode 2 (2012 – Cycle) Calm Records
* Peter Mergener – Electronic Movements (1997 – Instinctive Traveller) BSC Music

A Ultima Fronteira
Roberto Vales Fernandez
Maceira – Vixians, 2
36873 Covelo
Pontevedra Galicia

Oophoi Tribute on Sunday Evening Sinewaves

Due to the recent passing of Gianluigi Gasparetti, better known as Oophoi (see previous news item), several radio stations have played some of his music. Perhaps the most interesting and original idea comes from Darren Bergstein, host of Sunday Evening Sinewaves, in which he plays only artists/groups whose name begins with “O,” in tribute to Oophoi. A couple of Hypnos items are included. Thank you, Darren.

SUNDAY EVENING SINEWAVES / with Darren Bergstein / 6-9 EST/US
Playlist for April 14th

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> This week: “The Story of O” (playing artists/groups beginning with that letter) & in the middle hour: a tribute to Oöphoi.

ARTIST | “Track title” | Album | (Label)

OPUS III “I Talk to the Wind” Mind Fruit (EPM)
OMNIVORE “My Wiggly Tale” One Giant Leap (Interactive)
PAULINE OLIVEROS “Reverberations” Ghostdance (Deep Listening)
OMICRON “Tranquility Base” Acrocosm (Instinct Ambient)
OPIK “Chimera” Opik (Concrete)
OMENYA “Where the Temple Stands” Kali Mantras (Soleilmoon)
OBERMAN KNOCKS “Degonnt Type Runners” Beatcroff Slabs (Aperture)
SEIGEN ONO “Caramba” Nekonotopia Nekonomania (Made to Measure)
ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER “Russian Mind” Rifts (No Fun)
OCTOSCOPE “Intergalactic Clouds of Orange” Octophobic (Hypnotic)
PATRICK O’HEARN “The Illusionist” Eldorado (Private Music)
OÖPHOI “On Wings of Light” (excerpt) Athlit (Hypnos)
OÖPHOI & TAU CETI “Chryse Planitia” Celestial Geometries (Arya)
OÖPHOI “An Aerial View (excerpt)” An Aerial View (Glacial Movements)
OÖPHOI “Tramonto in Sila” Arpe di Sabbia (Nextera)
OÖPHOI & PAUL VNUK JR “Distance to Zero I” (excerpt) Distance to Zero (Hypnos)
OÖPHOI “Samtenbardo (excerpt)” Bardo (Electroshock)
OÖPHOI “Diaphanous Shadows” Mare Vaporum (Practising Nature)
OPIUM “Eternity” The Reborn of the Rebel Angel (Hic Sunt Leones)
OTARION “Die Meere” Es Werde Licht (Manikin)
OM “Peace of Mind” Instant Enlightenment (C&S)
OXYD “Frozen” Astral Border (Aliens Production)
OPEN CANVAS “Spice Caravan” Indumani (Waveform)
O YUKI CONJUGATE “A Darker Belief” Peyote (Multimood)
ORBITAL “Kein Trink Wasser” Snivilisation (FFRR)
ORACLE “Tree” Tree (Swim)
ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK “Bunker Soldiers” Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (Virgin)

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