Caul on April 14 Ultima Fronteira

Caul’s latest on Hypnos, Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night, receives airplay on Ultima Fronteira radio in Spain, hosted by Roberto Vales Fernandez.

A Última Fronteira
Skype: roberto.vales

Domingo / Sunday: 14/04/2013
* Evan Wish – Tara (2010 – Forget – me –not, blue) Evan Wish
* Yi-Jia Susanne Hou – New Face Of My Motherland (2008 – You Can Never Have Too Many Suites) Ehrsam Productions
* Clifford White – Luna (2012 – Ascension II. The Healing Touch) MG Music Ltd.
* Thierry David – A Long Crossing (2012 – Stellar Connetion) Real Music
* Justin Vanderberg – From Below (2011 – Synthetic Memories) Spotted Peccary Music
* Gentoo– Anyuta (2013 – Sirens) Simulacra Records
* Caul – Radiance Falls (2011 – Let The Stars Assume The Whole Of Night) Hypnos Recordings
* Takashi Suzuki – Episode 2 (2012 – Cycle) Calm Records
* Peter Mergener – Electronic Movements (1997 – Instinctive Traveller) BSC Music

A Ultima Fronteira
Roberto Vales Fernandez
Maceira – Vixians, 2
36873 Covelo
Pontevedra Galicia

Reviews of Let the Stars Assume… by Caul

A couple of new reviews just in for the new Caul album Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night on Hypnos. The reviews are by Morpheus Music and Sonic Curiosity.


Melodic brooding ambient with occasional beats.
Let The Stars Assume The Whole Of Night is not one of those ambient albums of drifting, minimal drones or spacey expanses and tribal beats. Actually Caul here reminds me of some of the experimental music of the early 1980s on labels such as 4AD – individual in nature and quite personal; unfettered by genre limitations; dark and mysterious; more guitars than most ambient. Opening with mournful cello strains and strummed chords, A Clear Eye Loves The Shadows As Well nicely sets the tone for the album: melodic and harmonious yet restrained and simple. Track two opens with a light beat and the kind of baleful bassline that would be at home on many a goth-oriented 80s piece developed with delicate chiming tones, and lazy electric guitar. At times prowling through shadows and cinematic in scope; sometimes isolationist and bleak with haunting mechanics and sonic disturbances; sometimes nostalgic and dusty with reverb, sombre piano phrases repeating and evolving. This is a unique album, carefree and confident in its expression.

Let The Stars Assume The Whole Of Night is a tidy digipack presentation of two panels; disc held in a plastic grip on the rightmost panel. Artwork is a grainy still life photograph of wooden boards, folded drapes and thorny twigs cast upon with stark shadows. A flat black border running horizontally along the top crosses both front and back when opened out. The rear mirrors the front cover in a more subdued, ghostly hue of pale green. Track titles with times alongside are here. Inside the left section provides minimal information: brief credits, contact details and thanks. The inner imagery is of a more abstracted nature – corrosive colours and ragged textures – intriguing shapes.


Caul has been around since the mid 90s delivering quite a range of limited-number self-released albums as well as collaborating with other like-minded souls. This latest offering is on the Hypnos label and contains twelve shady compositions of ethereal, ghostly beauty. The tracks are all relatively short, most around the four minute mark. Titles well reveal the tenor of the music We Are Like Heartless Shadows; She Is Holy To Those Who Are Lost Or dead; Bells Ring Softly In The Twilight Air… You can explore the album further at the Hypnos website and at Caul’s own official site – both offering sound samples and Hypnos displaying the cover art both insdie and out.”

Morpheus Music /

“Caul is Brett Smith.

A variety of instruments are employed in conjunction with electronics to generate soothing tuneage.

In one track, piano delineates passages of delicate resonance. In another, guitars establish a mildly bouncy mood. One piece flourishes with cerebral cellos, while another utilizes the darker timbre of bass in tandem with crisply twinkling keyboards to create a gentle flow. Another track combines soft violins with heavenly chorales to achieve a celestial demeanor. While another piece takes a dark turn with remote percussives, grinding guitar chords and ominous tonalities, all of which accomplish a pensive mood more than any sense of dread.

While electronics are definitely present (often in a subtle fashion that serves to mesh everything together) their presence is generally too subliminal to clearly detect.

Despite their versatility, these compositions share a common temperament of pensive melodies. The music is somber, but not dark; relaxed, but not drab. No matter what you want to classify it as, though, the end result is satisfying, rewarding the listener with a pleasant sonic environment. Since the tracks are all short, the type of pleasantness changes in definition but remains constant in its lilting result.”

–Review by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity

Purchase for $12.99 on Hypnos Online Store

Three From Hypnos on Star’s End 2012 Best Show (Part 1)

On Part 1 of Star’s End Radio’s show recapping the best releases of 2012, three Hypnos CDs received airplay (along with lots of other great stuff). Our thanks to Chuck van Zyl, Star’s End host — the support is appreciated.

STAR’S END 1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning Playlist for 1 January 2012
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia|99.7fmWXPH HarrisburgPA|90.5fmWKHS Worton/BaltimoreMD|
Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2012 – Year in Review Part One *


Robert Schroeder – Esthetique – Esthetique (spheric)
Dan Pound – Life Stages – Cocoon (self-released)
Liquid Stranger – Cyra – Cryogenic Encounter (interchill)
Superpitcher – Jackson – Pop Ambient 2012 (kompakt)
Berlin Heritage – Spectral Enso – Land of the Rising Sun (spheric)
Mark Harris – Softly Lies Sleeping.In Slow Motion – An Idea of
North/Learning to Walk (n5md)

Synk24 – Sequor – Comfortable Void (ultimae)
Marconi Union – Always Numb – Different Colours (just music)
Gentoo – Light – Light EP (simulacra)
Forrest Fang – Tailing Wind – Animism (projekt)
Bruno Sanfilippo – The Grey Umbrella – Urbs (hypnos)
Strom Noir – Poppy Seeds – Standing Out Against the Sea (dataObscura)
Seren Ffordd/Oophoi – Unremembered – The Martian Chonicles (hypnos)
Loren Nerell – Persistence of Dream Imagery – Slow Dream (projekt)
Caul – Oblivion and Holy Drunkenness – Let the Stars Assume the Whole
of Night (hypnos)

Glenn Main – Floating.Outward Bound – Ripples (ad music)
loscil – Fifth Anchor Span – Sketches from New Brighton (kranky)
Parallel Worlds/Dave Bessell – Heterodyne – Morphogenic (DiN)
The American Dollar – Faces in the Haze – Ambient Three (yesh)
The Circular Ruins – Q.E.D. – The Birth of Tragedy (dataObscura)
Darshan Ambient – The Immense Window – Falling Light (lotuspike)
BT – Our Dark Garden – If the Stars Are Eternal
Mike Wall – Reflections – A Time for Healing (self-released)

Wave World – The Desert Riding the R’yad – Hieroglyphs (virtual factory)
JR Plankton – Regen – Neon (karaoke kalk)
Alio Die – Layer’s of Faith – Deconsecrated and Pure (projekt)
Porn Sword Tobacco – Painting World War 3 – Lost in the Humming Air (oktaf)
Amalaise – Ancient Astronauts – Twinning Pools (slobor)
The Tangent Project – Signals in Between – Fuse (self-released)

Phillip Wilkerson – Among the Nebula – The Stars and Afterward (self-released)
Air – Moon Fever – Le Voyage Dans La Lune (emi)
Nunc Stans – This Forgotten Place – Peninsula (dataObscura)
Amongst Myselves – Greybox Shadow.Bay of Dreams Ambient Landscape and
Space (self-released)
Sam Rosenthal – Rae – The Passage (projekt)
Pjusk – Granitt – Tele (glacial movements)
Cygna – Broken Dream of a Little Snail – Greenosophy (ultimae)
U Schnauss/M Peters – Underrated Silence – Underrated Silence (bureau)

Let the Stars Assume… on WVKR Radio Top 25 of 2012

Scott Raymond, host of WVKR radio’s “Secret Music” show, has just released his annual top 25 list for 2012. Caul’s Hypnos release Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night is on the list. Our friend Jeff Pearce’s album In the Season of Fading Light tops the list, and though this isn’t a Hypnos release (Jeff self-released it), I had the pleasure of helping Jeff with layout on this one.

Our thanks to Scott Raymond for this, and congratulations to Caul, Jeff Pearce, and everyone else on the list.

WVKR-FM “Secret Music” Top 25 Albums of 2012

1. Jeff Pearce – In the Season of Fading Light – Jeff Pearce Music
2. Various Artists – The Gathering – West River Records
3. A Viberatto – B – King Of Beasts
4. Thought Guild – Third Voyage – Harmonic Resonance Recordings
5. Thomas Ronkin – Precursors – Periphery
6. Parallel Worlds and Dave Bessell – Morphogenic – DiN
7. Alexander Turnquist – Like Sunburned Snowflakes – VHF
8. Merge – Secret Life Of Machines – Self Released
9. Dead Can Dance – Anastasis – Pias Recordings – Diquela
10. itsnotyouitsme – everybody’s pain is magnificent – New Amsterdam
11. Shane Morris and Mystified – Epoch – Lotuspike – Spotted Peccary Music
12. Various Artists – Manikin Records Second Decade – Manikin
13. Ramp – Steel And Steam – Doombient
14. Various Artists – Take To The Trees – Sound For Good
15. Ben Kettlewell – Retrospective – Lyrebird Media
16. Broekhuis, Keller & Schonwalder – Level Four – Manikin
17. Symmetry – WMD – Self Released
18. Forrest Fang – Animism – Projekt
19. Icebreaker – Apollo – Cantaloupe Music
20. Steve Roach – Quiet Music: The Original 3-Hour Collection – Projekt
21. Sundog – Insofar – Editions Penguin Cafe Ltd.
22. Loreena McKennitt – Troubadors On the Rhine – Quinlan Road-Universal Music
23. Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo – Frontiers – DiN
24. Caul – Let The Stars Assume The Whole Of Night – Hypnos
25. Cyber Zen Sound Engine – Cooperation – Self Released

Three Caul Tracks on Hearts of Space 10-26-2012

There are several great, long-standing radio shows featuring the kind of music Hypnos releases. We appreciate all of them, yet airplay on the syndicated Hearts of Space show seems to be hardest to come by. We’re very pleased to see three tracks (opening and closing the show) from Caul’s album Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night on the latest Hearts of Space.

Our thanks to Stephen Hill and Steve Davis of HOS radio, and congratulations to Caul for this big chunk of national airtime!

PGM NOTE : an ambient noir journey for Halloween
FEED DATE : 10-26-12

“We Are Like Heartless Shadows” (edited) < 0:00->4:19 >
: Info:;

“Midnight Rider” < 4:19->9:43 >
: THE FEAR INSIDE; Blue Hush Productions [no catalog #]; 2011
: Info:

“Serge P.” < 9:43->16:09 >
: CARYOTYPE; Signature SIG 11005; France 2000
: Info:;

“Stark Realizations” (edited) < 16:09->21:07 >
: THE FEAR INSIDE; Blue Hush Productions [no catalog #]; 2011
: Info:

“Dying Pulsar” < 21:07->25:44 >
: PALE BLUE DOT; Astral Plane [no catalog #]; 2011
: Info:

“The Tower by Night” (part) < 25:44->32:25 >
self-published [no catalog #]; 2012 — download only
: Info:;

“Resplendent Descent” < 32:25->41:21 >
: THE LIGHT THAT BENDS; Sonarweb Communications SCCD8; 2011
: Info:

“Eden in Shadows” < 41:21->48:15 >
: THE EDGE OF A FAIRYTALE; Spotted Peccary/Wanderings
SPM-1604; 2009
: Info:;

“Bells Ring Softly in the Twilight Air” < 48:15->54:28 >
“A Clear Eye Loves the Shadows As Well” (extended) < 54:28->58:59 >
: Info:;

(c) 2012 Hearts of Space