Relaxed Machinery CDR release – “Bloom”

Another new CDR from the Relaxed Machinery label added to the Hypnos Store.

Chris Russell – Bloom (cdr)
(Relaxed Machinery category)
(Price: $9.99 cdr)

Chris Russell – May 2012:

“After “Home” was completed, I felt compelled to go back in a direction that was inspired by nature but unlike the environments I explored on “Frozen” these were warmer and more peaceful zones. The use of field recordings and electronic atmospheres, along with photos taken from many long hikes in the forest, were the visual back drop to the zones I was creating in the studio. The merging of my photography and the music I create is taking me to deeper levels and on this album it went to the macro level. Living close to historic state parks certainly helps me observe the true power of nature, to witness the pure beauty and feel inspired, to be in the moment creating music that demands attention to the world around and within us.

Bloom is a celebration of the awakening and renewal of life..”

Track List
1. dahlia [4:31]
2. orchid [3:59]
3. crocus [6:19]
4. allium [8:46]
5. scilla [4:05]
6. lilac [11:41]
7. phlox [10:50]

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Relaxed Machinery Discs From Zero Ohms, Chris Russell, Lowell Levene-Sims

Thanks for all your support of our $8.99 introductory special on The Martian Chronicles by Seren Ffordd and Oophoi. We’re very encouraged by the initial response, and want to remind everyone that this kind of strong support is the perfect way to convince a small independent label to keep on releasing a certain kind of music. We’ll continue our “week one special” for our future Hypnos releases for the foreseeable future.

In other news, we have a few new items from the Relaxed Machinery label just added today to the Hypnos Store.

Zero Ohms – Worlds, Afterworlds (cdr)
(Relaxed Machinery category)
(Price: $9.99 cdr)
“We constantly stand on a precipice of the unknown without the possibility of reversing. This seemingly unknowable void looms, beckoning. And flight is the only, albeit inadequate, response.”

– Zero Ohms, 22 Dec 2010

Streaming samples including track listing:
1. Translation 28:12
2. This Beautiful Now 17:33
3. Peace of the Pi 10:11
4. Mournful Light of a Gibbous Moon 7:36
5. I Become the Emptiness Through Which the Axle Turns 7:15


Chris Russell – Home (2cdr)
(Relaxed Machinery category)
(Price: $19.99 2-cdr)

Track List:
Disc 1
1. Welcome 7:32
2. Comfort 7:04 streaming sample
3. Solace 9:58
4. Repose 8:53
5. Glimmer 4:24
6. Thursday 5:15
7. Lull 7:12
8. February 5:34

Disc 2
1. Ethereal 9:25
2. Horizon 7:15
3. Dusk 7:09
4. Gloaming 5:12
5. Monday 6:30
6. Eventide 8:27
7. Specter 6:30
8. Together Again 7:16 streaming sample


Lowell Levene-Sims – A thing of Beauty (cdr)
(Relaxed Machinery category)
(Price: $9.99 cdr)
“A Thing of Beauty to an Object of Regret” is the follow up to the 2005 solo bass release “…from the bitter winter”… a critical and independent success. From being a front page feature on CD – winning acclaim as a superlatively inventive minimalist basswork and selling over 10,000 copies through touring and minimal online outlets.

Track List:
1. Aerial Momentum 3:53
2. This is Not a Warning 6:39
3. Fear Creates Danger,Courage Dispels It 5:19
4. Transmigration 17:21
5. Perseverance 3:15
6. Coil 5:04
7. So Good to Have Known You 4:08
8. At Rest Beneath the Sand 10:39
9. Disengage 5:19…