CD Sales: Room40 Label

Here’s another batch of price cuts, this time to the Room40 label category on the Hypnos Store. These are strange, experimental little 3″ mini discs.

Richard Chartier – Current (ltd 3″ cd) ($10.99, was $15.99)
Taylor Deupree – Landing (ltd 3″ cd) ($10.99, was $15.99)
Christopher Willits – Plants And Hearts (ltd 3″ cd) ($10.99, was $15.99)
Tim Hecker – Norberg, Sweden (ltd 3″ cd) ($10.99, was $15.99)

We’ve added these items (and tons of others) to the store’s CLOSEOUT section.

CD Sales: Gears of Sand Label

We’ve done a price cut on the entire Gears of Sand label on the Hypnos Store.

Aidan Baker – Pendulum ($9.99, was $12.99)
Synthetic Block – Escape Velocity ($9.99, was $12.99)
William Fields – Timbre ($9.99, was $12.99)
Ben Fleury-Steiner – As a means through which I can speak ($9.99, was $12.99)
Synthetic Block – Means of Ascent ($9.99, was $12.99)
Aidan Baker – Green & Cold ($9.99, was $12.99)
Pholde – Twttd (cdr) ($9.99, was $12.99)
Cordell Klier – Espionage ($9.99, was $12.99)
Ben Fleury-Steiner – Chroma ($9.99, was $12.99)
Paradin – Coma Digenean ($9.99, was $12.99)
Salvagesound – 12 Reductions (cdr) ($9.99, was $12.99)
Patrick Balthrop – Autopoetic ($9.99, was $12.99)
Encomiast – Transit Bed ($9.99, was $12.99)
Hinsidan – Bleach Dye Yr Heart ($9.99, was $12.99)
Gydja – Machina Mundi ($9.99, was $12.99)
Northern Valentine & P.D. Wilder ($9.99, was $12.99)
Zac Keiller – Unrefined ($9.99, was $12.99)
Stephen Bishop – Cllpss ($9.99, was $12.99)
True Colour Of Blood – All of the True Things I’m About to Tell You Are Lies ($9.99, was $12.99)
P.D. Wilder – F/M ($9.99, was $12.99)

We’ve also added these items (and many others) to the store’s CLOSEOUT section. Check ’em out before they disappear.

Clarifications on Our Summer Sale

A few questions have come up more than once in the course of our summer 2013 sale at the Hypnos Online Store. I’ve answered here and there, sometimes in previous blog posts, sometimes in direct response to email queries, but I thought it might be helpful to answer these things clearly all together.

1. Are coupon discounts “stackable?” Can coupons be combined?

Simple answer: No. You can only use one coupon per purchase, so pick the one with the best discount applicable to your order (if more than one is available at the time). Coupons do, of course, work on top of price reductions, so if a CD was $14.99 a week ago, and is now $9.99 and you can get a 20% off coupon, then you can get it for $7.99 (which is about half off the week-ago price).

2. If an artist or label is on “closeout” does that mean you’re never going to sell that artist or label’s CDs in the future?

Maybe. We’re moving items into the CLOSEOUT area once they’re deeply price reduced enough that we hope to sell all we have remaining, so the process of moving to our new storefront will be easier. Some of those items will make sense to sell in the future, and we’ll bring them in at that time. The majority of items in that CLOSEOUT section, we won’t sell again. If there’s something on that page you want, you should probably buy it rather than assuming we’ll restock it at some point.

If you’re an artist or label who sees your items in our CLOSEOUT section, don’t feel bad. Maybe we just have too many copies, and need to clear some things out. If your music is something our customers want, then we’ll end up selling it in our new store, too.

3. Why should I buy something today that you might sell for less later on?

That’s how closeout sales work. Price reductions are ongoing, so you might wait, but if you wait until something is gone, then you lose. A CD that’s $9.99 today might be $6.99 in two weeks, or we might sell the last copy at $9.99 and never stock it again… then maybe you go to Ebay to get a copy and it’s $16.

Same thing with coupons. We might have a coupon for 20% off a $100 minimum order today, and maybe in two weeks, that same size order gets you a bigger discount. You have to assess whether you’d rather get the items you want, that we’re currently offering for sale, or take a chance that the items will still be in stock, and maybe cheaper, later.

If you write to us in two weeks and say “I saw this new price, or you new coupon, but I paid more two weeks ago. I want a better deal,” we can’t offer you the cheaper, later deal. It doesn’t work like that.

We appreciate everyone’s support, and love selling lots of CDs to all of you. We hope the above questions and answers clarify a few matters.

New Coupon Codes: 15PERCT & TWENTY100

Usually when we release a new CD, we offer it at a discount for the first week to give people an opportunity to pick up the latest Hypnos music at the lowest possible price.

Today’s release day for Trances & Drones by Robert Rich, but rather than discount that great new double-CD by a few bucks, we’ve decide to hand out a couple of new coupon codes:

15PERCT gives 15% off any size order, no minimum.

TWENTY100 gives 20% off orders over $100 minimum.

Both codes are good today and tomorrow (July 9 and 10) only!

Also, it’s worth mentioning we continue adding lots of new items to the store’s CLOSEOUT section… most recently, almost 50 items on the Dark Duck label.

Here’s a direct link to the STOREFRONT.

CD Sale Update

Our summer closeout sale has been a great success so far. Already this morning, we’ve sold out the last remaining copies of another dozen or so CDs. If you see something listed on our storefront that you want, you’d better grab it before it’s gone. Response to the GROOVE LABEL price cuts, in particular, has been fantastic.

Today’s the last day you can use our coupon code JULY4 gives 15% off any order over $50. If you don’t want to spend $50, or if you miss the deadline, we’re still honoring the SUMMER2013 coupon code which gives 10% off any order, no minimum.

Also, remember to check our CLOSEOUTS section, where the latest price reductions can be found, all collected together.