Now Available: Forrest Fang – Animism

One of several new Projekt label releases available from Hypnos this week.

Forrest Fang – Animism (Projekt category)
(Price: $13.99) New from Forrest Fang and the Projekt label. On his ninth album, Animism, Chinese-American musician Forrest Fang creates a diverse musical style that fuses timeless Fourth World acoustic instruments with a modern fractal ambient sound. Inspired by the ancient belief that all living and inanimate forms possess a spirit or life force, Fang has composed eight pieces that radiate with energy and warmth.

Besides acoustic and electric violins and mandolins, he embellishes his atmospheric textures with melodies and polyrhthms from stringed and percussion instruments such as the Turkish lavta, Peruvian bandurria, Filipino kulintang, Mexican cantaro and Balinese kendang. Animism is a celebration of life’s internal rhythms and their ultimate path to rest….
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