New Monos Double-CD From Infraction Label

New on the Hypnos Online Store from the always-excellent Infraction label.

Monos – Age and Transformation / Aged and Transformed (2CD) (Infraction category)
(Price: $17.99, 2CD) In a Stoughton gatefold mini-lp sleeve with matte finish inner sleeves for each disc. 2nd disc contains 40 minute track titled “transformed” that is ONLY available on the CD. Edition of 800.

“Nearly two hours of musical constructions spread across two discs and they are pieces that demand your attention. Intricate patterns are concocted through wrecked strings and the sounds of empty space. It’s like touring the architectural graveyards of the industrial world. Creaking and crawling through time, finding the longest, most difficult paths to explore the past, Monos (aka Darren Tate) aural landscape is a deep and detailed place. Strings feel like they could shatter at any moment. Field recordings are layered and brought to life, unveiling a living, breathing cityscape that exudes a kind of organic urbanism. It all feels so simple yet momentous and beautiful. Wistful chords flow from a Rhodes piano (or maybe it’s an organ… or maybe it doesn\’t really matter), dripping with nostalgic daydreams of life before the fall. Age & Transformation is a grand treatise on all things elemental and industrial and the inherent symmetry between the two.”
-Description by Brad Rose, Experimedia…..
More info / Buy for $17.99 (2CD)

December 2010 News Archive

(all December 2010 news updates are combined to one entry below)


One new addition to the Hypnos Store from Maurizio Bianchi, getting into noisier territory here.

M.B/M.D.T – Genologic Technocide
(Miscellaneous category)
(Price: $12.99)
Latest work by the master of industrial and noise music, Maurizio Bianchi.
With the help of Davide Femia of M.D.T. (Museo della Tortura), these recordings show the most extreme side of M.B., not very much ambient oriented, but a strong industrial noise opera.”…


Everyone loves new CDs, right? Good, because we’ve just added more CDs to the Hypnos Store.
This time it’s a batch of items from a label new to our store, Greytone.

Phragments & Korinth – Mysteries of the Greylands
(Greytone category)
(Price: $12.99)
Digipak. “On this album, Phragments and Korinth have united into one monolithic entity, to produce a common opus. Orchestral choirs, dark ambient and ritual passages create a perfect
cinematic journey over the mysterious Greylands, an archetypal and symbolic travel through the hidden side of the world. All songs are the result of collaboration of the two projects, resulting in a unique narrative
experience. After three years of work, Phragments and Korinth deliver a ripe album — a great journey for the listener.”
From Greytone Records…
SantAAgostino – Operazione Paura
(Greytone category)
(Price: $12.99)
Digipak. “Operazione Paura is a total turning not just for the band but for dark, ambient music and noise, generally speaking. That’s because santAAgostino is like a meteor crashed onto the
Earth disarranging all the balances, rhythmes and cycles. After the crash the planet seems to be perished but, in the inner part, the new fire of life is burning. A brand new energy developed in a new way of living,
of thinking and being. Operazine Paura speaks of the filmic and horrorific fear, mind trap to kill atavistic thoughts and all those mental factors that trapped the man into a selfmade cage in his own mind, through the
mind itself. Operazione Paura is an awl that, slowly but inexorably, drives the listener to a dimension where there is no thought, no images, no more conceptualizing, nothing still exhists: there is just a huge solitary
desert now, where sounds spontaneously flow creating new monster beyond space and time. It’s a place where new divine dynasties born, spreading their seed, in order to bear a brand new reign far from the borders
that we can’t even imagine.”
From Greytone Records…
Trama afonA – Trama afonA
(Greytone category)
(Price: $12.99)
Digipak. “Trama afonA is gathering suggestions from the contemporary quotidian theatre and at the same time from the past, namely the 19th and early 20th centuries. Paying particular attention to
the individual and specific human stories, rather than to History… Focusing on what happens behind the scenes, aside, beneath. Subjects and dynamics less showy, blurred, but not consequently less interesting or
worth caring. Opening doors and drawers using the sole curiosity as tool, walking backwards the traces of memory, wandering amid shades and details given by mystery, decadence, abandon, romanticism‚. Carefully
delving into psychological dynamics. Openly denouncing the social plagues, but often humbly providing just visual and sound suggestions.”
From Greytone Records…
Topografia – Genius Loci
(Greytone category)
(Price: $12.99)
Digipak. “Genius Loci uses deep drones, acoustic instruments, sounds and field recordings registered near the author’s place of living (Jaworzno). The project was inspired by the author’s personal fascination
with the diversity of nature and the philosophy of Schopenhauer, who considered nature to be one of the most primaeval manifestations of a blind and aimless will, a will which we too are a part of.”…
Taphephobia – Access to a World of Pain
(Greytone category)
(Price: $12.99)
Digipak. “The music Taphephobia makes is mostly based on manipulated guitars (except house of memories that is mostly based on sounds). Taphephobia try to get out the feelings he has at the moment
when Ketil compose the music. The idea is to create a atmosphere that is sometimes scary, and sometimes beautiful, like for example a good thriller drama movie. Taphephobia is very skilled to create a cinematic atmosphere
combined with personal feelings like fear, hope, hate, regrets etc‚Ķ The main goal is to make the listener able to dream away with the music.”
-From Greytone Records…
Larva 108 – 99.09 | Inside the Stones
(Greytone category)
(Price: $12.99)
Digipak. “A soundtrack for walking alone through a winter snowstorm or between the trees during a gray day of November. Experimental, electronica, drones creates organic gloomy atmospheres.”
From Greytone Records…
Moljebka Pvlse – Zojo
(Greytone category)
(Price: $12.99)
Digipak. “The Moljebka Pvlse album Zojo was recorded during the Mathias studies at the Royal Institute of Art. He was inspired by the longest night of the year in
Stockholm, the day when there is almost no daylight. His ambition was to make an acoustic album of minimal music without any musical instruments. Moljebka Pvlse setup long nylon
strings across his entire studio at school, which he then plucked and bowed and recorded with his favorite contact microphones on that very night. These recordings became the fundament
of the album and set the tone for the rest of the work.” From Greytone Records…


A couple of new Infraction label items added to the Hypnos Online Store.

Celer – Salvaged Violets (2CD)
(Infraction category)
(Price: $13.99)
New Celer — always popular around here!

Statement by Will of Celer: “In February of 2008, Dani and I recorded, mixed, and completed the music for ‘Salvaged Violets’. The words came as the subject line of a
short poem, sent to me over email, included with an unrelated question. During these weekdays, our working schedules were almost the opposite, but we spoke over
email constantly. Until recently, I did not notice how similar this was to our beginnings, sending letters as we were on different sides of the country. With no conceptual
idea in mind, and since we were apart for so much time during the weekdays, we decided to begin ‘Salvaged Violets’, and see what came of it. Every night when I
returned home, before sleeping, I would spend time working on the music that Dani had worked on through the afternoon, and had left on the desk. Every afternoon,
she would find a different version to work on that I had left, and this continued for some time. When together, we would sip our tea, laugh at silly jokes, cook, watch
television, and so on. There was no need for longing while we were together. There was always laughing, pots and pans clanging, or a muttering television. In forming
‘Salvaged Violets’, we did not mix it in a particular arranged order. It was mixed simply by the order it was first played, compiling many miniature sections rolled into one.
In this case, they were rolled into two. Nothing was discarded, nothing was rearranged. As the sound changed over time, the original form did not. When it was finally
complete, we listened together, for the first time. I remember how familiar it seemed, yet I also felt that so much of it was unknown, and undefined. More than a year
later, in September of 2009, I revisited the recordings for the first time since 2008. At this time, it was being mastered by our good friend Corey Fuller, so I was still
listening to the original. Riding my bike through the endless suburban subdivisions, through the busy downtown streets, I listened repeatedly, for days, over and over.
Something was familiar, but so much I was unable to recall, and yet I was able to relate. I returned home, put my bike against the door, and took my headphones off.
There, in the still silence, I think I understood finally what it was about.” …

Capricornus – Halation
(Infraction category)
(Price: $11.99)
Some nice new minimalist stuff from Infraction. Reviewed by Alan Lockett for
“Halation gives off a flat-on-back eyes-to-skies drowsy air with its long drawn out tone-rays. Highly amorphous in strategy, a purist ambient Enovian ethos a la
Thursday Afternoon may suggest itself. On occasion, clusters of notes flicker within the freefloating drone, mirroring the eponymous halation effect – transient
morning brume, or light refracted through water vapour rendered blurred.”
Issued in a 4 panel digipak, limited to 500 copies….


More Herion “Out and About” here. Today I posted the latest Hypnos podcast, which is entirely devoted to a feature of this
very fine album.

Herion - Out and About

Link to the podcast.

If you enjoy the podcast, please consider buying the CD
here for $12.99.


Following on from yesterday’s posting of reviews for the new Herion CD, Out and About, I wanted to include two less formal evaluations from people
who loved the album.

“‘I wanted to make sure I gave this album a number of spins before commenting, plus its always a strange balancing act to review a CD on label, when you yourself are on the label as well, but anyway…in simple terms, I freaking love this cd. It is one of the few new ambient albums in the past 3 or 4 years to truly grab my attention and excite me.

When I hear discs like this I start feeling like ambient/space/electronic music is actually vital again.

OK so why?

Well for me this disc combines 3 key elements that I find essential for me as both a musician and a music fan.

1. The music acknowledges tradition

In other words, this CD moves back to and hints at the paradigms set up by early EM pioneers like Eno. It also hints at older minimalist classical works like the old school electronic music practice of not creating electronic music with synthesizers, but instead using electronics and effects to make acoustic instruments sound electronic.

It moves nicely beyond the stereotypical drone and reverb drenched “same old same old” that has been dominating our genre for the better part of the decade.

All of this to say that this CD has a healthy dose of retro coolness to it without being copy catish, and that is what makes it sound fresh and modern.

2. It’s real

Again, I love the fact that these are real acoustic instruments for the most part.

This also means that microphones and “air” where involved. This was a recording project, not simply an in the box capture and render project. For me this adds a vibe and space to this album that would not be possible with soft synths, loops and or samples. Not that those types of records cant be done well, it just allows this one to be set apart into a different sonic landscape.

Also, these are real players/musicians and as such this album has a language to it that would have been harder to achieve with programing, again another one of its unique points for me.

3. Tradition be damned

Similar to part 1, but this is just a good cd of (capital M) Music that happens to be ambient and spacious with twinges of processing and treatments, rather than being an ambient or space music album.

Ok, so is it perfect? I am not saying this is the greatest album of all time or anything like that, but man is this a breath of fresh air and nice new avenue for Hypnos and our genre in general.

I know nothing about the musicians on this recording, but Nice Job guys!!!”

–Comments by Paul Vnuk Jr. on the Hypnos Forum


“Loving this CD! Really great piano work.”

–Chris Zainea via Facebook

Thanks to Paul and Chris for their comments. We like to pass along reactions from listeners, not just reviewers, some of the time.

Order Out and About for $12.99


We’re starting to see reviews and radio airplay for our new release by Italian trio Herion. If you’re persuaded to
order that very fine CD, go here.

Herion - Out and About

“‘Out and About’ is the debut release of the Italian trio Herion, and at the same time also marks the first release in digipak format on the Hypnos label.
The members of the ambient-glitch project Herion are Emanuele Errante (composer of the peculiar album ‘Humus on Evan Bartholomew’s Somnia label),
Enrico Coniglio (Aqua Dorsa project collaborator with Oophoi for the album ‘Cloudlands,’ he also released ‘Sea Cathedrals’ solo on Silentes), and Elisa
Marzorati. Next to synthesized sounds and patches, the musicians also implement field recordings, guitars, harmonica, melodica, bells, gong, rainstick and
piano on ‘Out and About.’ These versatile elements make the sonic outcome venture in more acoustic territory while remaining comfortable, highly moody
and atmospheric. It’s an introspective and rather melancholic affair though, as the instrumental music slowly progresses in a classical, minimal but also
blissful manner. The sensitive undercurrents within the ambient compositions make it even more intimate, evocative and reflective. This is music for the silent
hours deserving close listening. The beautiful art of ambient music already has many expressions, ‘Out and About’ adds another dimension to it.

–Reviewed by Bert Strolenberg,


“Probably there aren’t many groups on Hypnos: this ambient label usually releases albums by artists who work alone on their electronic, ambient music, but Herion is a group, a trio from Italy, with as its members Emanuele Errante, Enrico Coniglio and Elisa Marzorati (the latter of whom I never heard). Two firm names from the strong Italian ambient scene. The instruments at their disposal includes not just things with keys and knobs, but also field recordings, guitars, harmonica, bells, gong, rainstick, piano plus a guest role on some of the pieces by Piergabriele Mancuso on viola (or perhaps all tracks?). This gives the album a great quality, breaking away from the traditional ambient music, and expanding into the world of classical music with all these acoustic instruments. Especially the violin plays a strong role in defining that classical sound. The music here is pretty strong. Definitely moody and atmospheric, but also quite warm and acoustic. I was reminded of the CD by Modern Institute on Expanding Records (see Vital Weekly 518), which was also, curiously enough, Italian. A highly refined work.”

–Reviewed by Frans DeWaard, Vital E-zine

September 2010 News Archive

(all September 2010 news updates are combined to one entry below)


New releases and re-stocks from the always excellent Infraction label, just added to the
Hypnos Store inventory.

Concert Silence
(Infraction category)
(Price: $13.99)
Concert Silence is a collaboration between Charles Buckingham and Matthew Cooper, currently both residing in Portland, Oregon. An ongoing
conversation between the two began in 2004 when they met over a shared interest in live sound manipulation. 09.22.07 was the first major outcome of
discussions regarding symbiotic cultures and their implications to music. A live performance set up was designed, allowing each player to have equal input
and manipulation control, (which can be seen in a diagram within the artwork of the album)….
Concert Silence – Rain Furniture
(Infraction category)
(Price: $13.99)
With Rain Furniture, Charles Buckingham and Matthew Cooper wanted to explore a new and different musical territory than previously traveled, while still using the audio set up from 09.22.07. As a companion piece to the full length, Rain Furniture engages a more raw energy….
Ben Fleury-Steiner – Keep a Weather Eye Open
(Infraction category)
(Price: $13.99)
From the inset,Tender is the opaque morning the scene has been set on Keep a Weather Eye Open into a Bryars-esque dip into the sunken Titanic. Gently clattering china on a slow drop to the bed of the ocean, faint light filtering through. The band plays on, the notes become submerged & eventually a hymnal drone emerges repeating over and over in slow cycles. This is not the end however, as unlike the ill-fated Vessel of Sleep, this work re-emerges to the surface and into hazy light.
Roughly 2 years in the making, KAWEO is presented in a digipak with a 12 page color booklet in an edition of 900 copies. KAWEO was mastered by Robert Rich…


Just got a cool new item, an Ambient Temple of Imagination release on the Plague label, added to the
Hypnos Store today.

ATOI – Ambient Temple Of Imagination
(Plague category)
(Price: $13.99)
Limited edition, housed in A5-jacket. Over 70 minutes of ritual kabbalistic trance. ATOI member Seofon says: It’s the ATOI disc that I’ve always
wanted to see released. Featuring Johannes Ayres (IAO Core), Joshua Maremont (Thermal), Stephen Kent, Roy Robinson (23 Degrees), vidnaObmana and
Mark Wayne (E.A.R.)…


We just received a bit box of restocks from the Dataobscura and Blue Oasis labels, as well as one new item, now available on the
Hypnos Store today.

Nunc Stans – We Leave Without Speaking
(Blue Oasis/Dataobscura category)
(Price: $13.99)
We Leave Without Speaking is a single, 72 minute piece of expansive and deeply involving atmospheric ambience that wanders an enigmatic world of its own making, seamlessly flowing through a variety of rich sonic palettes and absorbing soundworlds. A work of considerable beauty, with an underlying sense of forlorn isolation and longing. A mature and sophisticated continuation of the Nunc Stans legacy.
Performed by Anthony Paul Kerby, spring 2010, using various synthesisers, guitar, treated piano, field recordings, and digital processing…

January 2010 News Archive

(all January 2010 news updates are combined to one entry below)


Streaming ambient radio station Stillstreams has made Hypnos their featured label for
the coming month. Links here:
Stillstreams and
Stillstreams label feature.

We thank Stillstreams for the support and hope listenres will check it out.


More imports added to the
Hypnos Store, this time
the First Fallen Star label.

Aspectee – Morben
(miscellaneous category)
(Price: $12.99)
Influenced by the human condition and the human experience, by humanity’s fortune and misfortune, the soundscapes of Aspectee’s Morben are varied, ranging from ambient to dark ambient to experimental, though the sounds remain forever blackened, and the moods heavy. Presented to you in digipak format, limited to 500 copies….
Innfallen – Three Days of Darkness
(miscellaneous category)
(Price: $12.99)
Intended to capture in sound the immense fear, but also the great hope, of those hiding indoors during this time, Innfallen offers their vision of the Catholic prophecy of Three Days of Darkness. Consisting of veteran Doyle Finley (of Invercauld) and talented newcomer Kevin Scala, Innfallen has composed a rich, illustrative tapestry of multi-layered soundscapes that is undeniably the soundtrack to this frightening prophecy….
Karsten Hamre – Through the Eyes of a Stranger (CD + DVD)
(miscellaneous category)
(Price: $12.99)
Format: CD in a DVD case. Karsten crafts desolate dark ambient sound structures, ornamented by sampled sounds and experimental textures. The end result of this process is an experience categorized perhaps too simply as dark ambient, though it more closely resembles a dark soundtrack to a movie, or to a life – as seen through the eyes of a stranger… Presented in a DVD case with professionally pressed CD and professionally printed artwork, limited to 1,000 copies. The first 500 copies are presented in a 2-disc DVD case with a professionally pressed bonus DVD (PAL format, may not play in NTSC players), also titled Through the Eyes of a Stranger, that takes the viewer on a visual journey of imagery used for live performances….
Dense Vision Shrine – Time Lost in Oblivion (CD + DVD)
(miscellaneous category)
(Price: $12.99)
Format: CD in a DVD case. Building upon a solid foundation of dark ambient, Dense Vision Shrine also employs sampled sounds and sparse rhythm to carefully design the listening experience of a realm where time itself has stopped, of a blackened voyage into oblivion.

Presented in a DVD case with professionally pressed CD and professionally printed artwork, limited to 1,000 copies. The first 500 copies are presented in a 2 disc DVD case with a professionally pressed bonus DVD (PAL format, may not play in NTSC players), also titled Time Lost in Oblivion, that takes the viewer on a visual journey of imagery used for live performances….


Here are some new ones in the
Hypnos Store
from Eternal Pride, a relatively new Russian label.

Atomine Elektrine – Archimetrical Universe
(miscellaneous category)
(Price: $12.99)
Archimetrical Universe showcases Peter Andersson’s dissection of the sky, a caeserean section that births massive, geometrically perfect sonic diversions, all spheres and angles, burnished metal dreams and pristine sonic caresses that reconfigure sound into smooth surfaces. To counterbalance the exactness of the sonic development, light rhythms emerge and huge slabs of disrupting tones puncture. Quite possibly Peter\’s finest release yet!…
A Challenge of Honour – Ashigaru Revealed
(miscellaneous category)
(Price: $12.99)
Dedicated to warrior√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s traditions of medieval Japan. Graceful and epic cocktail of atmospheric neoclassical passages, Japanese drums and rhythms….
Desiderii Marginis – Years Lend a Golden Charm
(miscellaneous category)
(Price: $12.99)
To gain a deeper understanding of what is, it is necessary to examine what was √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú to go to the sources and the origins. With the emergence of this brand new offering by Desiderii Marginis, Years Lend a Golden Charm, we are invited to experience the very birth of what is now a well established and worldwide recognized project within the dark-ambient industrial scene. The contents of the new album is made up of some 73 minutes of material from the first three tape releases from 1993. Highly sought after by collectors but only available in a mere dozen of handmade copies, these songs are now finally made available to a greater audience. When you listen to the music with the knowledge that hindsight brings – it is obvious that these are the roots and the foundations, not only of the first full length album Songs Over Ruins, but of every successive release up to the latest Seven Sorrows. In 1993 there was no set course, no long term plan √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú and still, maybe it couldn√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t have turned out any other way?…
Aghast – Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis
(miscellaneous category)
(Price: $12.99)
Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis is dark and gloomy ambience, played in a classical dark wave vein. Minimalism in musical content, compensated by spooky and ice-cold vocals that will haunt you. Macabre enchantresses in lovely disguise will seduce you to end your life and take you to their ghastly realm from which you will never rise. Hear gods cry and angels fall. Listen to the horror and beauty. Let Aghast bewitch you!…


Our friend John Koch-Northrup (jkn for those of you on the Hypnos Forum)
recently started his new label Relaxed Machinery which
just put out its first release, which is available for download elsewhere… but if you want a CDR
copy, it’s available exclusively through the Hypnos Store.
Not only is Relaxed Machinery a label to watch, but the first release is by the always-strong Steve Brand,
whose work we’ve released twice on our own Hypnos Secret Sounds.

Steve Brand – Circular Scripture (cdr)
(Relaxed Machinery category)
(Price: $9.99 cdr)
The first release by the new Relaxed Machinery label,
available on CDR only through the Hypnos store. Steve Brand is an artist who has come on strong in a hurry,
releasing a lot of great work on the Hypnos Secret Sounds label, AtmoWorks, and now Relaxed Machinery…


Just received a couple of nice reviews of the new Viridian Sun album Infinite In All Directions and
thought I’d post ’em together here.

“Roughly ten years ago, the Hypnos ambient
label was a ‘magical’ discovery for me: I had progressed from the
obligatory, lyric ridden rock-n-roll of my generation into the obscure & somewhat marginalized musical
world of King Crimson, Robert Fripp, David Bowie & Brian Eno.

I knew who the Who were, as well as Led Zeppelin, the Stones and the
plethora of New Wave & Punk bands (B-52’s, Elvis Costello, Talking
Heads, the Police, the Human League, etc) that dotted the Club landscape & drove my frenetic, female
pursuing college lifestyle.

And then I happened upon that magical Hypnos link purchasing A Produce’s Smile on the Void.

Getting a small cardboard parcel from this ambient focused Oregon label is always a thrill for me
because of what I know awaits me inside: yummy treats for my bud-plugged ears And, nearly ten years
later, one of my ‘stocking stuffers” this Christmas was “Infinite in all Directions” the third studio
album by Viridian Sun, a band consisting of Hypnos founder Mike Griffin & partner in sound David

The album’s seven tracks, clocking in at just around sixty-three
minutes, are a gritty, grainy collection of electronic ambience &
drone-scaped, ethereal goodness — playing off morphed/processed bass
&electric guitar as well as percussion & voice (not that you’d recognize any of the preceding in their
final state), the listener is at once transported into a systemic sound world, leaving one looking for
said world’s limitations or edges… and finding them not.

I’ve already earmarked 4 of the 7 tracks for upcoming mixes.”

–Reviewed by G.A.B. on

“Although Hypnos may not seem to appear as prolific as they used to be, its always good to see their releases. M. Griffin, responsible for the label, doesn’t set out to innovate the world of music, but has carved out a niche of his own, which he likes to explore, either through his own music or that of others. Together with David Tollefson he plays music as Viridian Sun. They both take credit for playing guitars, bass, percussion, looping, procession and Griffin also for voice. Not that I detected many voice on here, but no doubt one could say that for guitar, save for some obvious point here and there. Everything they play is transformed into lengthy washes of ambient sound. Like the title suggests about the universe, it can also be said of the music. It expands in all directions, moving slowly, elegantly forward – or backward, or downward, side ways, up, down – and perhaps all of it in the same time. Time? Another relative thing – although I am not educated to say such things that deal with nature, or in any philosophical ways. Seven tracks, clearly apart, perhaps that’s the extent of these things that make them time based. According to the cover, this was all recorded live in the studio, which made me think that these boys should be on the road and play all night concerts, endlessly improvising and exploring the depths of the synthesized ambient music. Warm music in cold days.”

–Reviewed by Frans DeWaard for Vital Ezine

Our thanks to both reviewers for their time and attention. The new album is starting to receive more positive
feedback and radio airplay, and can still be obtained from the Hypnos store for the super-low price of $10.99 —
which means if you haven’t already purchased a copy you should

follow this link.


We just received the newest album from Resonant Drift, and restocked two of the older albums which were
out of stock on the Hypnos Store.

Resonant Drift – The Call
(Resonant Drift category)
(Price: $12.99)
2009. This new one has a beautiful Steve Roach-like flavor, likely due to the duo’s recent study with Roach, as
well as his tweaks and mastering of the final recording. Definitely recommended.

“The Call is the new release from the duo of Bill Olien and Gary Johnson, known collectively as Resonant Drift. Combining synthesizers, guitars, percussion, ethnic instruments and field recordings, this deep and organic release explores ambient and atmospheric territory, and boasts expert mastering and sonic enhancements by Steve Roach at his world famous Timeroom studio.”
-Morpheus Music…


Items still coming in to the
Hypnos Store, this time a few new ones from one of our
favorite labels, Infraction.

Parks – Hidden
(Infraction category)
(Price: $14.99)
Parks is Russian ambient/electronic artist Igor Bystrov who has been working on his craft for nearly 15 years. Hidden may be his most accomplished and varied work to date. Sitting somewhere in the midst of the great 90\’s ambient artists, the (rather) new wave of Russian electronic artists all the while admiring from a distance the Kompakt pop-ambient of this decade – Parks seamless blend of it all has culminated in a brilliant finish. Presented in a 6 panel digipak…
Eluder – The Most Beautiful Blue
(Infraction category)
(Price: $14.99)
“The careful choreography of retreat and remotion is what Patrick Benolkin is about, so you won’t be surprised when walls within and without come down, dissolved by the drift inside The Most Beautiful Blue. Eluder offers here a sonic solution in which thoughts, mirroring the music’s mood movements, may dissolve, float free, and finally submerge, without fear of being taken down.”
-Alan Lockett…
Loren Dent – Anthropology Vol. 1
(Infraction category)
(Price: $14.99)
“This album is like a soundtrack to life itself- one of joy, love, fear, pain, loss, grieving, euphoria and one which transcends time. Wondrous layers of sound are rich and constantly evolving, always emotional and hypnotic. Loren\’s tools are both analogue and digital, and his use of both is a joy to behold.”
-Norman Records…


Happy New Year, everybody, from Hypnos!