Where Do We Spread the Word?

Whenever we have something worth sharing here at Hypnos – a new Hypnos release, or CDs by other labels recently arrived at the store, or some other kind of news – we try to mention it in multiple places to make sure everyone who might be interested gets the news.

With our announcement last week of the special deal on Urbs, despite having mentioned it several times here, a number of our regular customers ended up saying they weren’t aware of the deal until I sent out the email newsletter.

I thought it might be a good idea to let everyone know the various places where we make announcements, so those of you who are interested can get the news on the newest releases and best deals while the information’s still relevant.

Hypnos News Blog
– That’s what you’re reading right now, and it’s our main, centralized location for announcements. Bookmark this page and check back often!

Hypnos Forum – This is our online discussion area, with contributions from a variety of listeners, music-makers, and others interested in the ambient music scene in general. We check in here most days, usually more than once, but the best reason to visit and post here is the large number of enthusiastic and knowledgable people you’ll meet here. It’s a great place to ask for recommendations and read about what others are listening to.

Facebook – News posts from this blog are announced on Facebook, so following or “liking” Hypnos on Facebook is a great way to make sure you see all our posts here.

Twitter – As with Facebook, we cross-post announcements from this page to Twitter, so either Twitter or Facebook will work equally well for letting you know something new has been posted here.

Hypnos Email Newsletter – We don’t send out email announcements for every post here, just the major stuff like a new CD release, or a big sale. Still, it’s convenient to stick your email address in here and get announcements of this kind right to your inbox. We have about 1,200 subscribers, and for each one that drops off we seem to get about two new ones. Who says email is old tech?

You can also find links to our Facebook and Twitter presences under “Follow Hypnos” on the right sidebar of this blog. You may need to scroll down a little to see it… though of course if we change “themes” in the future this information may be in a different place. Look for the “F” or “T” logos, or just follow the links above.

See you online!