Updated Listing: Alio Die & Opium project Sola Translatio

Still working on updated listings for some of our earlier releases to include more information, reviews, and MP3 sample clips.

The latest comes from Mother Sunrise by Sola Translatio, the collaborative project of Alio Die and Opium, released on Hypnos in 2001. You can now find additional information as well as a full set of MP3 sample clips, both on the CD’s listing on the main Hypnos web site and the Hypnos Online Store.


Sola Translatio (Alio Die + Opium) – Mother Sunrise – Informational Listing

Hypnos Store Listing – Mother Sunrise for $11.99

If you’re not sure you want to visit the links but still want to hear samples, here’s a track listing with MP3 sample clips:

Track Listing:
1 Superior Spells
2 Sadness and Armony
3 Mother Sunrise
4 Awaken Spirits
5 Lullaby for the Desert Moon
6 Entrance Through a Self-Portrait
7 Floating Energies
8 Undercurrent in Castevoli

Some of the best music on Hypnos came out years ago. If you missed some of our earlier releases, please give these samples a listen.