Relaxed Machinery CDR release – “Landfall”

Just added the latest from the Relaxed Machinery label to the Hypnos Store.

Peter James – Landfall (cdr)
(Relaxed Machinery category)
(Price: $9.99 cdr)

Peter James – April 2012:

“I originally self released the title track of this album in summer 2009, but never really knew what to do with it, once I’d removed it from the track list of “the more I look the less I see”. After some discussions with Geoff Small (who has literally badgered me about sorting this out for nearly 2 years), Steve Brand, and John Koch-Northrup at rM, they finally persuaded me to include it in this 3 track collection.

I’ve always considered landfall to be a part of a journey, not the final part, or the start, just a part of it, so both the other 2 tracks included here are a part of that same journey. Not now. Not then. Just sometime, somewhere, someplace.

I would like to add my heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude to all at Relaxed Machinery for their unwavering and magnificent support of my work over the last few years, and I would most especially like to thank Ann Schmitz for contributing some of her stunningly beautiful photographs especially for this project.”

Track List
1. relocation [7.12]
2. landfall [35.37]
3. separation [17.14]

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Peter James – Memento

Here’s another Relaxed Machinery label release, this one by Peter James. Just added to the Hypnos Store.

Peter James – Memento
(Relaxed Machinery category)
(Price: $9.99 CD)
A placid and beautiful ambient music set based around field recordings, of which Peter James says:
“I have tried to keep all the pieces as simple as the moments they depict, so as not to blur the memories they evoke. It was in fact while I was recording “sometimes we forget” that I finally understood what the phrase “the best temples have no doors” really means for me. So, ultimately, yes, this is a personal journey; but I hope that some new memories are formed, some new places found, real or imagined, that will create a wider sense of travel, even when standing still.”

Link to preview on YouTube

Track List:
1. sometimes we forget [8:17]
2. everything matters [12:37]
3. moments within each moment [21:04]
4. nothing matters [23:12]