Hypnos Store Add: Loren Nerell – Slow Dream

Another in a new batch of releases from the Projekt label.

Loren Nerell – Slow Dream (Projekt category)
(Price: $13.99) Intangible by A Produce and Loren Nerell has been our most popular item this past year. New from Nerell and the Projekt label is his solo album Slow Dream. Loren Nerell creates a masterful release of deep ambient with Slow Dream, field recordings from the world of sleep. On his seventh solo release, Nerell’s four lengthy tracks are all-encompassing sonic environments primarily forged from extremely processed location recordings made during his trips to Bali. Rich drones and shimmering highlights skirt over the organic textures, processed and layered into subtle, delicate resonant spaces. Glowing, amorphous drifts of sound create the impression of traveling along the supple contours of subterranean passageways. This slow dream takes ethereal shape as an exotic but compelling atmosphere that hovers between the waking and sleep state. When experienced at a lower volume and left to repeat play over the course of a few hours, the transportive effect of this soundscape is especially powerful and mind-altering…..
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Now Available: Deconsecrated and Pure by Alio Die

One of several new Projekt label releases available from Hypnos this week.

Alio Die – Deconsecrated and Pure (Projekt category)
(Price: $13.99) New from the Projekt label and the Italian ambient master Alio Die. Deconsecrated and Pure is an evocative liturgy from the realm where electronic music meets acoustic drones, found objects, sacral voices and field recordings. The processed traditional instruments and natural textures float alongside rich electro-organic drones, creating a perfect introspective soundtrack with a medieval and sacral atmosphere. Serene and meditative textures combine in a chorus of circular and interwoven sounds, reflecting the harmony of the cosmos as an opus of inner stillness.

Marvelously floating and hauntingly expressive, Deconsecrated and Pure feels like a liturgical poem within an archaic mausoleum distorted by time…..
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Now Available: Forrest Fang – Animism

One of several new Projekt label releases available from Hypnos this week.

Forrest Fang – Animism (Projekt category)
(Price: $13.99) New from Forrest Fang and the Projekt label. On his ninth album, Animism, Chinese-American musician Forrest Fang creates a diverse musical style that fuses timeless Fourth World acoustic instruments with a modern fractal ambient sound. Inspired by the ancient belief that all living and inanimate forms possess a spirit or life force, Fang has composed eight pieces that radiate with energy and warmth.

Besides acoustic and electric violins and mandolins, he embellishes his atmospheric textures with melodies and polyrhthms from stringed and percussion instruments such as the Turkish lavta, Peruvian bandurria, Filipino kulintang, Mexican cantaro and Balinese kendang. Animism is a celebration of life’s internal rhythms and their ultimate path to rest….
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Hypnos Store Add: Structures From Silence by Steve Roach

Continuing the latest set of Projekt label restocks on the Hypnos store…

Steve Roach – Structures From Silence (reissue) (Projekt category)
(Price: $13.99) Remastered Roach classic with beautiful new cover artwork.

“This recording is a soothing, enveloping soundscape, ideal for quieting the mind and calming the body. The gentle ebb and flow of warm synthesizer textures are based on the rhythm of breathing, and entrains the listeners’ own respiration to its serene pace. It’s useful for setting a tone in a room, for aiding in meditation, for easing the transition to sleep, but it’s also sensually pleasing.”
–Review by New Age Voice Magazine
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Now Available: Back to Life by Steve Roach

In addition to several Projekt label restocks this week, we also have a few of their new ones recently added.

Steve Roach – Back to Life (2CD) (Projekt category)
(Price: $17.99, 2CD) New from Steve Roach and Projekt. Back to Life is a masterful expression drawing from the realm of Steve Roach’s mythic imagination: an enveloping experience of vast beauty and mystery. These harmonically rich, multi-layered pieces breathe with an elemental ebb and flow; with the 2-CD Back to Life, Steve achieves a new pinnacle within the ambient line of his oeuvre. The vitality on display within Back to Life owes a lot to Steve’s fresh approach towards production, sound and creative inspiration, the result of a period of personal changes and the yearning to forge deeper into his evolving sound. After “hitting the reset button on the foundation of my life beyond music,” Steve returned to the studio with a vibrant energy and focus. Even the most spiritual and mysterious creations are marked by sensations of weightlessness and an airy, shimmering translucent tonal palette. Although foremost a soundscape-oriented work, rhythmic pulses are frequently embedded deep into the structure of the surrounding atmospheres. Serene yet suspended drifts and propulsive dynamics merge into a single texture. Back to Life is a soundworld where rhythm and textures become one; the potential for complex interrelations has significantly increased….
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