Secret Music Oophoi Tribute

Scott Raymond’s April 14 Secret Music playlist in tribute to Oophoi was especially comprehensive, and included tracks from all four of Oophoi’s solo and collaborative works on Hypnos. Thank you, Scott!

Here’s my playlist for Sunday, April 14, 2013. No show last week, as I had to work. On today’s show, I played several pieces featuring Gianluigi Gasparetti, aka Oophoi, who passed away earlier this week. A great talent gone too soon.

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

Secret Music Playlist, 4/14/2013

Artist Song Album

Oophoi Drifting Into Blank Space Athlit

Celer A Small Push Into Exile Without Retrospect, The Morning
Max Corbacho Web Of Eyes The Ocean Inside
Eyes Cast Down Expanse Of Heart The Separate Ones

Paul Vnuk Jr. & Oophoi Distance To Zero I Distance To Zero

Rene Splinter Lemniscate Singularities
Picture Palace Music Fiery Fountain Of The Stars Indulge The Passion
Bertrand Loreau Mini Mood Nostalgic Steps

Darwin Raymond A Summer Embrace Somewhere The Sun Shines Brightly
Mirror To Mirror The Store Body Moving Slowly
Cousin Silas & Empty Whale Sensing Change Silas & Friends Vol.1
Jack Hertz & Cousin Silas Nagual Jaguars & Shamen

Seren Ffordd & Oophoi Blue Fire The Martian Chronicles
Oophoi The Last Farewell Time Fragments Vol.2

David Van Tieghem Even As We Speak Thrown For A Loop
Glenn Main Echoes From The Past Ripples
Remy & Synth.NL Traffic Cones Primitives

Nebulae Enlightenment The Path Of White Clouds

Caul on April 14 Ultima Fronteira

Caul’s latest on Hypnos, Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night, receives airplay on Ultima Fronteira radio in Spain, hosted by Roberto Vales Fernandez.

A Última Fronteira
Skype: roberto.vales

Domingo / Sunday: 14/04/2013
* Evan Wish – Tara (2010 – Forget – me –not, blue) Evan Wish
* Yi-Jia Susanne Hou – New Face Of My Motherland (2008 – You Can Never Have Too Many Suites) Ehrsam Productions
* Clifford White – Luna (2012 – Ascension II. The Healing Touch) MG Music Ltd.
* Thierry David – A Long Crossing (2012 – Stellar Connetion) Real Music
* Justin Vanderberg – From Below (2011 – Synthetic Memories) Spotted Peccary Music
* Gentoo– Anyuta (2013 – Sirens) Simulacra Records
* Caul – Radiance Falls (2011 – Let The Stars Assume The Whole Of Night) Hypnos Recordings
* Takashi Suzuki – Episode 2 (2012 – Cycle) Calm Records
* Peter Mergener – Electronic Movements (1997 – Instinctive Traveller) BSC Music

A Ultima Fronteira
Roberto Vales Fernandez
Maceira – Vixians, 2
36873 Covelo
Pontevedra Galicia

March 2013 Radio Top 20, Mystic Music

Here’s the March 2013 airplay Top 20 list for Mystic Music on — our thanks to host Eric Meece for playing Urbs by Bruno Sanfilippo (along with lots of other great stuff) during March.

1. Ken Elkinson – Music For Telecommuting Volumes 1 & 2 – Early Morning / Late Morning – August Son Productions
2. Max Corbacho – The Ocean Inside – ad21 Music
3. Robert Carty – Beautiful Depths – Deep Sky Music
4. Various Artists – Doomsday and Brimstone – Sound For Good
5. Altus – Excursion Two – Earth Mantra
6. Ishq – Timelapse in Mercury – Virtual Space
7. Altus – Excursion One – Earth Mantra
8. Steve Roach – Dynamic Stillness – Projekt
9. Bruno Sanfilippo – Subliminal Pulse – Lotuspike – Spotted Peccary Music
10. Erik Wøllo – Airborne – Projekt
11. Various Artists – All is Calm 2012 – Free Floating Music
12. Craig Padilla – The Heart Of The Soul – Spotted Peccary Music
13. Spheric Lounge – Session 10
14. Andrew Lahiff – The Constant Horizon – Self Released
15. Magnetic Wind – 11 – Self-Released
16. Robert Carty – Ecoroots – Deep Sky Music
17. Timothy Wenzel – A Coalescence of Dreams – Self Released
18. (val)liam – Early Reflections
19. Bruno Sanfilippo – Urbs – Hypnos Recordings
20. Thom Brennan – Mountains

Caul Airplay, WVKR Radio 5/20/2012

With our last post about airplay on WVKR radio, we realized we failed to mentioned last week’s playlist – Scott Raymond at WVKR radio playing a track from the latest Caul. Our thanks to Scott for helping spread the sounds!

Secret Music Playlist, 5/20/2012
Artist Song Album

Jack Hertz Algae Green Mist

Craig Padilla Spirit Signs The Heart Of The Soul
Brian Parnham Race To The Source See None, Hear None, Speak None
Shane Morris & Mystified Triassic Extinction Epoch

Xan Alexander Call Of The Ancients Into The Unknown
Paul Nagle Salvador’s Alpaca Twilight
Robert Schroeder The Meaning Of Time DMO Vol.3

Caul The Silent Road To Your Pillars Let The Stars Assume The Whole Of Night
Wes Willenberg Scene Missing Weapons Reference Manual
Biosphere Genkai N-Plants

Northern Valentine Thousand Eyes Fin De Siecle
Northern Valentine Ribbons Ribbons
MWVM Gouranga Had Yr Pash

Russell Storey & Rudy Adrian Trilogy 1 Awakenings 2008 Vol.1
Brendan Pollard The Redwood Trail Awakenings 2008 Vol.2

Jeff Pearce The Road And The Wind Provision Series
Don Ross Cup Of Pop Upright And Locked Position
Stefano Barone Chemistry Must Be Respected Danzealtalenanze
Kelly Valleau Anubis Vol.2
Daren Keck The Rain Outside Quiet Hillside

First Caul Airplay – Scott Raymond, WVKR

We’re starting to see airplay from the latest Caul CD, Let The Stars Assume The Whole Of Night — here’s Scott Raymond’s WVKR playlist as proof. Our thanks to Scott for the promotion.

Secret Music Playlist, 5/13/2012

Artist Song Album

Broekhuis, Keller & Schonwalder The Streets Of Culemborg Level Four

Biosphere Sendai N-Plants
Wes Willenberg Dreams And Schemes Weapons Reference Manual
Caul Radiance Falls Let The Stars Assume The Whole Of Night

Robert Schroeder Wonderland DMO Vol.3
Paul Nagle Twilight Twilight
Xan Alexander Gate To The Unknown Into The Unknown

Northern Valentine Rue D’Auseil Fin De Siecle
Northern Valentine Night Bloom Ribbons
MWVM Trowelling Had Yr Pash

Shane Morris & Mystified Cambrian Explosion Epoch
Brian Parnham Head In The Sand See None, Hear None, Speak None
Craig Padilla Sense Of Wonder The Heart Of The Soul

Max Richter The House Of Visual Transference Sequences 25
Ashok Again To Ricochet Sequences 24
Cosmic Hoffman The Gate Of Lahore Sequences 21

Don Ross Stop Driving, Start Playing Upright And Locked Position
Stefano Barone Madrid Danzealtalenanze
Kelly Valleau The Unforgiven Vol.2
Daren Keck Tired Limbs Quiet Hillside
Wall Matthews Silver Stars In A Black Sky The Dreaming Light
Michael Logozar The River Time
Mark Viator Hawaiian Sunrise Oasis Ambient Vol.XI #3